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    • CommentTimeMar 14th 2013
    You may have listened to The Failed Cities monologues on Variant Frequencies (still available at Podiobooks) or bought a Kindle edition but very soon you'll be able to buy a limited edition hardback of the complete novel. Pre-orders have just started and with only 150 signed and numbered copies we're expecting to be sold out prior to shipping at the end of April.

    No, it's not a graphic novel but if you order now you'll also receive a free eight-page booklet featuring artwork from some of the artists that we used on Murky Depths. You may be familiar with Neil Roberts, from his 2000AD covers, Kev Levell, Huy Truong, Neil Struthers, Donna Evans and Macabu. We commissioned them to give us their interpretation of the eight main characters in the novel.

    The Failed Cities book cover. Art by Scott