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    • CommentTimeFeb 20th 2008

    Every day on my walk to work I passed over this river. I have no idea if it had a name, or if it was even man made. I do remember there being a big annual festival when the last natural stream in Seoul begins to run. It was tiny and surrounded by the concrete jungle of the downtown area. Whereas this river had little gardens set up on the step beside the water. During the winter people would brave the cold and come out to tend to their little plots. When summer hit? Ho-ly crap. I just wish this photo was in colour. The soil along the banks was suddenly rich with corn, flowers, cabbage, squash, kohlrahbi and Dai-kon that had probably all been there during the winter, but just not showing it's strength.

    The river itself pulled away from the banks, which is a little confusing to me as I think of Spring as the time of year when the river is going to sweep you off the goddamned planet. The water became a bit less muddy to look at and sometimes you could even hear the cockroaches in the nearest tree singing. Seriously, that was gross. They sound like grasshoppers on steroids.