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    Aw JP, I do wish that I'd not ended up with cancelled days, because I really suspect you are where I was a few years back (before I wised up and stuff and met peeps who introduced me here). Needless to say, me and mine worked it out and it didn't mean leaving or any of that stuff in the end; although admittedly I wasn't the main earner (or any sort of earner at all, frankly) and I'm much happier and more functional now, even if I'm still not much of an earner! It has 'fucked family harmony' to a certain extend, but... its also better.

    But do remember you have small smalls, and that's hard and mind numbing and takes a toll on everyone (and anyone who says otherwise is probably working out of the home fulltime and has a lot of help and childcare and a shit load of money to sort out their needs with). It does get better as they get older, it really does, even when other challenges present themselves.

    When all else fails, there is always beer/gin/wine and whitechapel!
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    I was about to rant and reply, but should we start a new thread?