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    Henry Darger:

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    @Greasemonkey, LOVE Ernst Haeckel. A band I like has merch with some of his illustrations on it.

    Click here for more on the band/more merch. (related)

    Edited to add: <3 Darger. Anyone who doesn't know the story behind Henry Darger should definitely check out that dude's history.
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    @ imaginarypeople - Not sure why Booth's illustrations are more amazing because they are not engravings. Nevertheless, Booth was one of the most influential masters of line and storytelling. Clearly Wrightson was a scholar of Booth and took on many of his techniques(Frankenstein and Silver Bullet being clear examples). Anyone who wants to get better at line drawing and ink would do well to study this man's work. thank you for the post!
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    Aaron Horkey is also a Booth scholar. He does alot of concert posters

    • CommentTimeApr 7th 2013
    I've seen Aaron Horkey's stuff in Hi Fructose before. Or Juxtapoz? I dunno, I've seen it in print. It's goddamn lovely.
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    Grayson Perry's a bit briliant



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    Here is a cool art site with lots of strange art
    a russian artist that uses dead butterfly wings -

    a guy who recreated bag end with 2,600 balloons -

    and here is an artist that paints with his own blood -
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    Gerard David:

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    @ vandalhandle - I love Conor Harrington's work. Good pick!
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    @William Joseph Dunn, I'm lucky enough to pass a few pieces of his each morning on my way to work.
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    You know, I kind of have to wish that the dude who painted with his own blood was painting landscapes or fluffy bunnies.
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    Besides writing kick-arse poetry, William Blake also produced a bunch of awesome and disturbing art:

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    Gerdhard (the guy that did the backgrounds in the Cerebus comics)

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    I'll leave some pretty by Craig Cole to make up for what could probably have been posted in the IDDNTST thread.

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    Cole's stuff is always a visual banquet.
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    Grant Wood: (Check his biography. It's sadly fascinating.)

    (And many thanks to Dorkmuffin for starting this thread!)
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