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    I used to use gouache alot. It's a cool paint, not quite water color but not quite acrylic.

    Also @chris g I love your batgirl. the expression on her face is awesome
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    I've got dry prints! To the scanner!
    I can't believe the drying time on this Fabriano paper, it's been consistently warm round here and about half a dozen prints still aren't dry after ten days
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    @imaginarypeople: I really love that it is the antithesis of oil in terms of speed. It felt a little closer to drawing and less like painting because I wasn't standing around waiting for a layer of paint to dry. Edit: Also, no solvents that make me nauseous.
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    I did a photo transfer project with some pics to took of old arcade machines




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    @Cara: I'm really liking the transfers. Granted I might be a little biased as I have done both polaroid and solvent transfers, but these are really cool - especially using an old window as your surface/frame. It will display and hang beautifully. I'm curious about which process you're using to do the transfers.
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    Acryllic Gel Medium with my inkjet printer, printing on card stock