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    For what it's worth, I'd just like to add that I'm F**KING TICKLED to see so much love for BIG BLACK.

    Really, in about 3 CDs you can get 99% of what they've done... just dig around a little.

    And, yes, "Songs ABout F**king" is absolutely worth your money. But the damn CD.
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    • CommentTimeMar 14th 2008
    I've only seen their stuff on cassette and vinyl.

    Songs About Fucking is really the one you need to get---their best work.

    As an aside, I met Steve Albini when I did some maintenance on his DSL circuit at Electric Audio. This was a handful of years ago. He's a great guy and if you ever get a chance to read his diatribes on the music industry you might think twice about ever signing a contract. it is.

    He gave me a free copy of 10,000 hz.

    williac--I was at that concert too! I was just wishing beyond hope that the Butthole Surfers would show up.

    BTW, if you're in Chicago you can probably record with the guy for around $2000. He's got the best mics in the business--hands down.
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    • CommentTimeMar 14th 2008
    also... this is kind of stupid, but the minute I thought about Big Black I thought about their cover of "The Model" on SAF. That led me to think about awesome versions of Kraftwerk songs which reminded me of Senor Coconut. If you get a chance check these guys out for sure!

    And another suggestion. Look for The Network-- Hungry hungry Models

    I know I got off subject, but Big Black made me do it.
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    Most of what I would tell you has been said, but I wouldn't write off the early EP's. There's some fun stuff there, and if you get Lungs on vinyl and play Steelworker on 33rpm, it actually sounds pretty cool in a warped way. The vocals aren't even pitched too strangely since Albini's voice was so thin back then. But I'm a bit of a vinyl junky, and not everyone has a record player these days.

    Also, this site is great for reading up on bands/muscians and seeing what they've done

    (of course, if you do want some Big Black on vinyl rather cheap, you could try here

    I assume you're already familiar with Shellac (his current band), but if not, do what you can to see them live.