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    @johnjones & @ William "That's how Dad did it, that's how America does it..."
    BIGGER BETTER BOLDER BADDER - that may not be the message of the films, really, but they play on it and enjoy it. I think their thing is always 'Tony's smarter than you, he'll out-think and out-make you' so do that in anyway which makes big ass explosions seem fairly harmless.
    I go with it, it's another universe, it's fun.

    @Vorn - Cloud Atlas was one of my favourite films recently. I've watched it a few times now and really enjoy it. It's a marmite situation.

    Off to see Spring Breakers tonight.
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    @Ben Gwalchmai Hope you'll like Spring Breakers. Even with the eye candy for both sexes, it will either leave you bored or set off your "wrong" alarms quite a few times...yet makes you enjoy it.

    Room 237 is worth a look, especially if you know people who have theories about the "secret meanings" of pop culture artifacts. I couldn't suppress chuckling as the film's five subjects (never seen onscreen) explain how Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining" did everything from act as the director's confession that he faked the Apollo 11 Moon landing to serve as a metaphor for America's wiping out of the Native Americans. By the time the documentary ended, it left me less willing to take certain cultural academics seriously in the future.

    Much Ado About Nothing was Joss Whedon's entertaining modernization of the Shakespeare comedy. Having grown up watching situation comedies, the film reminded me that what Shakespeare meant by comedy was not presenting a joke every minute. Alexis Denisof and Amy Acker were okay making Benedict and Beatrice a feuding duo, but they handled their physical comedy bits much better. Nathan Fillion as Dogberry utterly nailed his character and was outrageously funny whenever he showed up.
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    @johnjones - I didn't think of it as an arms escalation thing until you mentioned that, but you're right. I think it adds to the problem with the last two Iron Man movies is that nothing seems to ever be at risk.
    This should have been the introduction of a major Iron Man foe. I don't feel we got that here especially with the twist reveal of The Mandarin. At first I thought the reveal was kind of funny, but later I thought I would've much rather had a magic vs technology battle between Iron Man and the Mandarin. Maybe some Fing Fang Foom monster action too. I also thought it was disappointing that they totally backed away from Tony's alcoholism. I get it that this is a multimillion dollar Disney property that has to sell toys and Happy Meals and they can't make the character go that dark, but looking at it from a film making standpoint, it doesn't ring true. Especially since Tony is still freaked out about what happened in New York. For the first time, Tony doesn't understand his world. I think that alone would send him back to the bottle. If they had The Mandarin as a real villain with magic at his finger tips, even more so.
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    @William: Welllll, I kinda disagree some with the "nothing being at risk" bit in the third movie. That was actually one of the things I enjoyed about the movie... While Iron Man 2 did have the "nothing feels like it's at risk" stuff past the race track sequence, IM3 upped the stakes.
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    A bit early but here's a heads-up:

    Ben Wheatley's next film, A Field In England is getting an experimental all-format release - theatrical, DVD, VOD - on 5 July.
    After his splendid Kill List and Sightseers, I was sold anyway - curious to see what the multiple-format experiment holds.
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    Really enjoyed Upstream Color, hopefully it won't be as long of a wait for his next movie
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    • CommentTimeMay 9th 2013
    Star Trek - good but not great. Not as epic as it could have been but did a fairly good job of kicking out any elephants in the room with regards to the reboot concept.
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    • CommentTimeMay 12th 2013
    @William Joseph Dunn: The Place Beyond The Pines is a great film, it really is. I wish I could see more like it.
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    I agree on Star Trek. It still seems to have that odd uncertainty about how far apart places are though. For instance it takes them 30 seconds to get from
    within torpedo range of Kronos to within falling distance of Earth?

    I also think they shouldn't have bothered with the
    - it felt like it was in there because it had to be, rather than because it was suited to any of the actors.
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    Is the new Star Trek movie worth seeing in 3D? Will probably go see it this weekend
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    Finally saw Upstream Color and liked it a lot. Felt familiarity with such concepts as worm-based telepathy explained a bit but still had fun piecing together the story.
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    3D Star Trek is just straightforward competent 3D - I can only think of one scene near the start that said "hey look! THREE DEE"; the rest of the time the film just happens to be three dimensional, but doesn't fuck it up.
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    Okay, wow. Just saw The Cosmonaut, and I'm blown away. The film was haunting, evocative and beautiful. The visuals were incredibly beautiful and followed the Soviet film traditions in a wonderful way, the visuals were great, I loved the casting and the acting in general, and the storyline. It went to my top-5 scifi films list.
    • CommentTimeMay 15th 2013
    I second the above recommendation. Definitely not in my top 10, but pretty damn nice anyway.
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    Saw Star Trek Into Darkness twice [once in 2D, once in 3D] aaaaand I can report that 2D's brighter [yup, even with that trailer] and crisper.

    Also, I enjoyed it immensely. Good times.
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    Yeah, I admit, I'm a sucker for that exact style, had my sweet spot poked at pretty deliciously by the film :)


    The Cosmonaut – Beautiful Evocative Art Sci-Fi For And From The Internet Generation
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    Star Trek 2 made Iron Man 3 look like a SyFy original movie. I'm enjoying the alternate universe versions of these characters a lot.
    • CommentTimeMay 17th 2013
    Enjoyed Star Trek an awful lot even if the story was formulaic enough that I got ahead of it frequently.

    I thought they made very good and clever use of the new parallel universe to develop the Kirk/Spock dynamic set up in the first movie.
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    The Cosmonaut film is now available free online!