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    Star Trek Into Darkness is profoundly dumb.
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    For those who want a hilarious bit of 100% SPOILER-FILLED verbal urination on Star Trek: Into Darkness, io9's Rob Bricken has you covered.
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    Yeah, Star Trek, while inoffensive, was pretty stupid.

    So much just sort of happens without any logic to it or with such a leap in logic that it may as well by magic.

    I've paid for worse movies though, I will admit.
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    @InvincibleM - If you draw a chart from how stupid the first one was to how stupid this one was, though, you can extrapolate that the third one is going to be one of the deepest films ever created.
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    Star Trek is the best spring / summer movie I've seen yet this year. True, it has it's dumb moments but it is a fun, action-pack story.

    The next movie I'm looking forward to seeing is the new Ben Wheatley flick, A Field in England. Haven't seen Sightseers yet but I loved Kill List.

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    was less fun for me than Kill List - though its portrayal of the bleak loveliness of Northern England was marvelous, and parts of the comedy were pitch-black nasty fun, the base concept was just too Mike Leigh-like for me to really get behind.
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    @Cat Vincent

    Hey- thanks for the input. I've got Sightseers on the playlist for maybe this weekend. Might double-bill it with Kill List but that might be too much bleakness.

    • CommentTimeMay 29th 2013
    There's a dark core to Sightseers but tonally it's different to Kill List, which I found almost suffocating. To tack onto @CatVincent's last post, there's a trailer for A Field in England on the Film4 website now.
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    Woah. That trailer...

    yes please. I've loved Michael Smiley in almost everything I've seen him in and Reece Shearsmith has deserved a great role that can prove his chopsworth for some time so let's hope this lives a great and weird life.

    Saw Grave of The Fireflies for the first time recently and cried like a child while watching it - twas worth every tear.

    Off to see Byzantium this week. Will let you know if it bites deep enough.
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    "Grave of the Fireflies" goes into that category of movies I loved but never want to watch again. Same with "Lilja 4-ever" (or "Lilya 4-ever", depending where you live). I know "Requiem for a Dream" goes into that category for a lot of people.
    • CommentTimeJun 1st 2013
    I saw Byzantium last night - it's good, not great, with some very good performances
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    @twentythoughts - With you with all three. I'm good without ever watching Requiem again, it bleached my brain.

    @TF - that's what I'm expecting but I'm intrigued by Gemma Arterton and Sam Riley as actors. They're sometimes amazing, sometimes terrible. I'm hoping this will give them something that proves my theory and I've yet to see the young Saoirse Ronan in something where she has a lead role. Fingers crossed.
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    Ronan, Arterton and Riley are (predictably) great. I don't quite buy Ronan and Arterton as related, looks-wise, but that's a fairly minor concern.
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    I know this is primarily an art criticism thread and the money that movies make should have no relevance in the greater scheme of things...

    But this has been an interesting summer for high-concept. All of the top stars have their own individual high-concept coming out, and there hasn't been a flop yet. Downey scored big with IM3 and Cruise delivered with OBLIVION. GATSBY had more special effects than it ever should have but DiCaprio brought the team home.

    AFTER EARTH underperformed this week, but it should make its money back. The fact that Will didn't take top billing and acted against type was always going to hurt it. If he had made the I AM LEGEND prequel instead it would have banked.

    WOLVERINE and ELYSIUM are slam dunks for Jackman and Damon.

    THE LONE RANGER looks atrocious, but we'll see. It has a very low common denominator. Depp picked the wrong year to gamble.

    WORLD WAR Z will answer the question of whether there's a market for PG-13 zombies. Some of the set pieces are reportedly amazing. If Pitt fails to get anybody to care, well, that's what happens when you start filming without a script.

    Overall, though, this is a big win for movie stars, who just a couple years ago looked like they might go extinct.
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    Su Friedrich is an avant-garde filmmaker who, along with other artists, moved into New York City's Williamsburg district in 1989. When Mayor Bloomberg's people rezoned Williamsburg in 2005 to encourage lots of development, Friedrich filmed what happened next over the next few years. GUT RENOVATIONS is the result. It's a documentary gliding among snark, mournfulness, and very in-your-face anger towards the greedhead scum that destroyed Friedrich's old neighborhood. The trailer is here.
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    @ Oxbrow & TF - agreed with both you. I thought the young chap, Caleb Landry Jones, was electric too.

    Its problems are also what make its greatest strengths: it's an iceberg of a film.
    Mythos, new broods, new luscious understandings and perspectives on the nature of immortality, new takes on the myth, excellent questions around maternity and paternity, new political & economic understanding of [definitely related to Camus'] the outsider - all in all, very interesting. Certainly the thinking teen's Twilight.

    Just never quite had me hooked enough into it to stop thinking about things outside it.

    @longtimelurker - I'd hold off on announcing a big win, were I you sir. Oblivion was a fairly pedestrian film with every turn it took being flagged about 20 minutes before; After Earth is absolutely painful to watch and I'd really rather kill M.Night Shamealot than watch another of his films; the jury's still out on Wolverine and Elysium - I agree that both look to be potentially brilliant but the advertising campaign for the former does itself no justice and the latter is an unknown; it's possible that World War Z will be the tipping point, with others scraping by as Oblivion did, where we'll be able to see.
    The interesting thing - if we're to talk money for a moment - will be seeing which does well on non-theatrical release when the DVD, blu-ray, digital-downloads are out. I'd be very surprised if Oblivion did anything nearing what Gatsby will do.

    I saw Behind The Candelabra yesterday in a hungover need for something funny and it was beautifully done - damned surprising too. I thought it would be far more focused on comedy but it's entirely tragicomic and beautiful for it. Both leads should get some serious kudos. Soderbergh's final film is fascinating because it underplays all his usual cinematic ticks and tricks - it feels homely and funny and caring. I'm unsure of its reach but its rewatchability is through the roof.
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    @Ben Gwalchmai: Saoirse Ronan in a lead role, you say? Get thee to Hanna, rapidly.
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    Watched "Stoker" tonight. You know, the Hollywood movie directed by Chan-Wook Park. You know, the guy who did "Oldboy", among others. And it really does feel like a movie by him, though with English actors. Which does feel really weird.

    It IS a really weird movie. It's really slow in places - I felt like checking how much time there was left a few times during the movie - but man, does it ever pay off in the end. It gradually gets you used to its weird, symbolic way of showing the main character India's emotions, so that when the big hitters come, if you've been paying attention you Get It so hard.

    I don't regret seeing it, 'cause it stuck with me. But I do completely understand those who simply find it TOO pretentiously arthousey.
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    @ Ben

    I guess I'm just more easily impressed than you are. You are a man of refinement and taste. I paid money to watch PAIN AND GAIN, so that should tell you about my taste (or lack thereof.)

    Purely from a money standpoint, OBLIVION is Cruise's biggest movie outside of his MISSION franchise and WAR OF THE WORLDS. Visually, it is stunning, and his performance is worthy. Don't forget he's playing a pilot in this one, so his fans will buy a copy. No, it won't outsell GATSBY, simply because there are more high school English teachers than wannabe pilots. ;p

    I was surprised that you would call ELYSIUM an unknown. Details have been kept under wraps so as to avoid spoilers, not because of a lack of interest. It's directed by Neill Blomkamp. DISTRICT 9 shored up over 200 mill released in August, without any big names. The audience for this type of science fiction is growing, I think. And the action premise is right in Damon's wheelhouse.

    Do you honestly think a few marketing missteps are going to slow down WOLVERINE?

    Did you hear about Pitt's latest troubles? China won't release WORLD WAR Z without a recut. Talk about a cursed project! I read a theory that it's retaliation for SEVEN YEARS IN TIBET, but that's nonsense. Chinese censors don't embrace horror, and they only allow so many Western films to play, and the competition is crowded this summer.
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    Well damn. Just watched Mary and Max. What a damn atmospheric, excellent and beautiful stop motion animation.