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    • CommentAuthorgas-plume
    • CommentTimeMay 2nd 2013
    No episode this week ?
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    Check again. It's up.
    • CommentAuthorBig Sven
    • CommentTimeMay 2nd 2013
    (1) so Aoileann's forces took the fort? Cava's screwed.
    (2) The mummy w/ boxing gloves is on the boat. Huh.
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    Can we get a separate thread for episode 24?
    • CommentAuthorOrmsby
    • CommentTimeMay 2nd 2013
    Well, like most of us, I am a huge fan of Crossed.
    I know Shaky says to leave mystery's alone, however, did anyone else notice that Seline isn't a Crossed?
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    Oh snap, is that an immune human psychopaths/Crossed alliance I spot? Who actually like holding hostages rather then just raping/murdering them immediately (which isn't that bad all things considered? I can't handle all of this tribal politics man, although you'd think Aoileann would take advantage of her *semi immunity/ self control* to not have sex with leg bones, but otherwise she's seems okay. Also that Mike Tyson mummy scuba diver is so cool, he's my new favorite character even if he (or she) is a Crossed.
    • CommentTimeMay 2nd 2013
    I guess the trash bag, boxing glove mummy is crossed. There was a chapter in this arc that had an error and was supposed to show the mummy laughing in crossed font but the word bubble was directed off screen. Which has been fixed btw, i believe its chapter 4 of this arc where we first meet him. He shows up again in 9 or 8 and saves viceroy and also picks up one of shaky's letters to Teresa that jasper threw away. Now to see him AND Seline all in the same boat with Teresa? WYWH is my favorite crossed arc. I long suspected trash bag man to be GK, im glad its not....WHERE'S THE CHAPTER 24 THREAD???
    • CommentAuthorDCC
    • CommentTimeMay 3rd 2013
    A guess: she *thinks* she's Crossed--she has the X-shaped scars, and Shakey got the Gamekeeper's blood in her wound. She actually just snapped. The Crossed think she's Crossed too.

    Possibility: she's immune. She hangs around with Crossed--if she weren't immune, she'd have been infected for real pretty quickly. Crossed aren't hygenic.

    (This would fit with the other possibly immune guy--we found out he might be immune, but then oops, Hoduken. This is one mean series--no hope for you.)

    Not necessarily, though. We've seen the odd Crossed with enough self-control to take long-term prisoners for more elaborate games, and to bully other Crossed to go along with actual plans. Starting with Horsecock--who could even order Crossed to stay on guard duty when they wanted to help torture prisoners.
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    @kzootron - Nice catch on the trash bag boxing glove guy being retroactively switched to a crossed, back in chapter 4!! They must have changed that page (Vol. 2, Ch. 4, Pg. 13) recently too, because I remember referencing that issue quite a bit about a month or so ago (while playing detective and trying to put the pieces of this story together) and I remember without a doubt that the crossed word bubble was coming from off-screen. Kind of bogus that they went back and made that edit... makes me wonder that maybe the storyline wasn't as thoroughly planned out from the beginning as I had thought. Or maybe it was an error on the artist's/letterer's end.

    Either way it's a minor and forgivable blemish, certainly nothing I'll get uproared about, but still a great notation. When I saw the trash bag mummy in the boat, I was thoroughly confused to see a boat containing 2 non-crossed (at that point I was thinking that trashbag mummy has never been outed as crossed, and then the hostaged Seline), 1 crossed (the boat's helmsman), and 1 X-crossed Aoileann (still undetermined as to whether she is crossed of just pants shitting crazy.) ANyways... the mystery still continues, but at least I now know that Trashbag mummy guy is a plussie.

    Fuck, maybe he IS the gamekeeper. Who knows what happened after Shaky shot him. Now... on to the ACTUAL Ch. 24 thread...

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.