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    • CommentTimeApr 27th 2013
    I'd actually been thinking of starting another on of these threads for a while, mostly out of nostalgia (did always find it fascinating to see what people carried on them). But, since Warren himself just did a post about such things, I figure now's a good a time as any.
    So, what do you have in your purse/wallet/briefcase/backpack/various pockets on a day-to-day basis?

    Here's mine:
     photo IMG_20130427_110533_zpsaa798241.jpg

    (Clockwise from bag:)
    -The bag was a Christmas gift from a co-worker, Joe Boxer brand, and by chance it happened to be the perfect size bag for me. The main part even has 2 inner pockets- one fits my wallet perfectly and the other fits the phone I bought MONTHS later.
    -Sony Walkman X-Series (the exact same model as Warren, actually. I bought it based on his posts about it) and crappy Samsung headset for phone (not pictured: Samsung Galaxy Nexus, just got a month or so ago... couldn't find my damned camera)
    -Notebook for personal journaling, Batman wallet (contains $4, standard IDs, library card, various savings cards, and a business card for my parents' berry farm)
    -Metal tin (from a box of Sleepytime Tea; it contains Tums, nail clippers, hair elastic, safety pin, and Burt's Bees Replenishing lip balm), ear plugs (in white tube), Advil travel pack now containing generic acetaminophen, leather change purse
    -Sharpie, mechanical pencil, Sharpie pen, and ballpoint (for work), and a sample of Lady Grey Cold-Brew tea (because one day I know I'm gonna forget my lunch and not have cash on me)
    -Cleaning cloth, lip gloss, spare name tag for work, and back-up battery for my Galaxy Nexus
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    hey, I love these threads! I'll have mine up later.
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    Okay, I'm a fucking high maintenance jackdaw, so I am...

    Top left - Lenovo Thinkpad X201t tablet; on top of which are sony digital voice recorder, work crackberry, samsung galaxy S3.
    Center top left - leica dlux4 camera.
    Top right - headsets for crackberry and android (not pictured - shure EC315 earbuds)
    Below left - Lowepro Stealth Reporter bag; very foxed, but they don't make em like they used to, and I can't get another one like it so it limps on.
    Middle - voice recognition kit - sennheiser me3 mic with buddy usb audio dongle.
    Upper right - the drug pouch - paracetomol, pro plus, ibuprofen/codeine, plasters, contact lenses
    Middle right - zippo lighter. Don't smoke, but may, someday, have to set something on fire.
    Lower middle - car/house keys, mini maglite, bluetooth keyboard
    Lower right - moleskine, ancient Rotring quattro multipen, pack of Faber Castell pitt fiber-tips
    Bottom middle - the electronics/bits pouch - memory sticks, ink cartridges for (not pictured) Rotring Newton fountain pen. Usb cables and mini hub. Batteries.
    Bottom right - wallet, containing cash, cards, driving license, stamps
    • CommentAuthorSteve Toase
    • CommentTimeApr 28th 2013 edited

    Forgot to do my pockets, so that would be wallet and inhaler.
    So top right Tamrac camera bag, with space for iPad. Doesn't look too much like a camera bag, rather a slightly bulky messenger bag.
    Top centre Canon 550D with standard lens.
    Top left. Samsung Galaxy S2. This, for me, removes the need to carry an MP3 play and point and shoot camera.
    Centre left prescription O'Neill aviators, just in case it's sunny. Centre cheap pay as you go German mobile for when we're in Munich. Library card. Broken pendant.
    Bottom left. Ropey Samsung earphones. Moleskine reporter's notebook. Three Moleskine notebooks. One for short stories, one for the novel and one for any other random stuff.
    Two wooden pens.
    iPad with Zagg Logitech case/keyboard (As recommended by Mr Ellis)
    • CommentAuthorFlabyo
    • CommentTimeApr 28th 2013 edited
    Man, I couldn't handle having that much weight on me all the time. For me it's just the keys, wallet and phone, hehe. Sometimes my moleskine.
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    I'll do one of these tomorrow. Although I'm looking at the bag that I'm carting around at the moment and going..' have I got enough floor to spread that on?' erk. There are weeks when I go out and about with a tiny bag or a magazine bag, and things in pockets (thanks scottevest!) and there are weeks when its altogether worse/better? and I've got the full range of make up, wallet, rose water, two books, the pretty, the phone, the notebook(s), pens, pencils, microphone (for the phone), power cables for pretty and or phone, a magazine, chocolate, nuts, seaweed (some places I can't be sure to be able to get something to eat that is safe for me), water bottle (usually a bobble), coconut water...

    I think last week was one somewhere in between those. Oh well, if nothing else it will be an exercise in bag clearing.
    • CommentTimeApr 28th 2013 edited
    This comes at a time when my old purse broke and I need to seriously go shopping for a bag that can hold my laptop safely while also looking good enough to go to fancy parties. *Comfortable* computer bags are so utilitarian to a fault - I have a bad back so a lot of fancy bags I can't comfortably carry with my 15" laptop + sketchbook + 5 lbs of drawing materials
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    Heh. It's not too bad, and every time I don't take it with me I see something I want to photograph...
      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
    • CommentTimeApr 29th 2013

    1: My HTC ReZound mobile cellular telephone, with a shell that probably wouldn't stop a bullet, but I wouldn't be surprised if it did. I wear it in my left jacket breast pocket, just in case. Comes with a neat little stand so I can use it as a jukebox. When I'm writing, I use this for music and internet, so I can keep my computer screen focused on just writing.

    2: My leather wallet, for keeping money in. Which is hilarious.

    3: My Leatherman multi-tool. Comes with a blade, a Philips-head and flathead screwdriver, and a carabiner that also doubles as a bottle-opener. The Starbucks I work at is constantly falling apart, and largely thanks to this tool, my co-workers have decided I'm the go-to fix-it guy. "I can fix it!" is a fairly common refrain at work.

    4: Travel bottle of ibuprofen, because I get migraines about every week or so. Next to that, a little tube of Burt's Bees chapstick.

    5: Ubiquitous high-school nostalgia notebook. For writing and sketching in. Has the name "Derek" written along the tops of the paper. I have no idea who Derek is.

    6: Keychain. Includes keys to my car, my apartment, my mailbox, and my family's home in Iowa. Also includes a flashlight and an auto emergency tool, which includes a safety glass shattering device and a seatbelt knife. Also, a butt-ton of coupon cards.

    7: The Vertigo Tarot deck. Because you never know when you'll suddenly need to look and feel like John Constantine.

    8: Dr. Dre's Beats headphones. They came with the phone, but I might have bought them on their own if I'd known how really good they are. I use these for when I'm out walking, or if I'm writing but don't mind being bothered.

    9: Giant fuck-off Skull Candy headphones. I use these when I'm writing and seriously will not want to be disturbed, upon pain of death. They fit much better now that there's almost no hair on the sides of my head.

    10: Cigarettes. Because cancer is sexy. American Spirits black, the Perique tobacco blend. Little cheap-ass lighter to go with it, because all my Zippos are out of fluid.

    11: Pens. Half-dead Sharpie, for gesture-sketching, Pilot pen for inking, some other pen for writing. I go through pens pretty quickly.
    • CommentTimeApr 29th 2013 edited
    @alan tyson....

    Bloody hell...whut??!!

    Heri Mkocha
    • CommentTimeApr 29th 2013 edited
    Britt - it's dead funny you started this, I was thinking of doing a daily-carry photo for a while and then Warren's post popped up..
    • CommentTimeApr 29th 2013 edited
    Daily Carry

    As follows:

    Bag - MFH Molle shoulder bag
    Blue Cotton tote - free with Solipsistic Pop #2
    Micro USB to USB cable
    Barclay's bank online banking security thing
    Hand sanitizer
    Lip balm
    Mini screwdrivers
    Assorted storage media
    Gerber Shortcut multitool (one of many multi tools I own, this is tiny enough to fit in a trouser picket without being noticeable)
    John Player Specials vintage Zippo
    Pilot Frixion pen (I have two of these erasable pens and they are just great)
    Pilot fine liner (blue)
    Black Sharpie
    Samsung Galaxy S2.

    Not pictured - Google Nexus 7 - I've actually lost/mislaid my nexus at some point over the weekend, which is another story entirely

    Also not pictured Motorola RAZRi.

    Also not pictured as well is the 30l backpack that carries a change of clothes etc as most weeknights I don't get home until very late so it's nice to not have to wear my work clothes all day and night.
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This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.