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    • CommentTimeMay 1st 2013
    Whoops the end of the month got past me...generally because I was stressing out about it being the end of the month.

    Yeah yeah resolutions are for New Years, to be forgotten within the first week of January.

    But! this year we're trying something different. This time we are - or I am, at any rate - going to check in and stay honest about how this shit is or isn't getting done. The only way to hack a life is to just fucking do it. So goes.

    If you're new to these threads No sweat! Forget about January and New Year's Resolutions and all that crap and demand better of yourself today!

    All in all resolution-y things stayed steady in April as they were in March, which is somewhat disappointing. It's about process, it's about process... *sigh*

    Weight is sticking to 210/211. It's a pain in the ass but to be expected when I can only workout and not really control my food. I was SO close to getting to five days per week but then health up and served me some fantastic shenanigans and my average fell to 4x; good work in the middle of the month with sporadic attendance at the beginning and end. Annoying.

    Almost no Japanese progress. Just nothing. Argh.

    Maintained some reading aloud, but tech issues kept recording from happening. I finished reading a book of high fallutin short stories called The Better of McSweeney's. I got back into the booth at the end of the month with a good session at a workout with Adventures in Voice Acting pro Tony ("Rick Hunter") Oliver. Tonight I go in for a boot to the head with casting director Juan Bagnell.

    Maybe April was good for me in that I didn't get wrapped up in someone else's project for once. Saying no and stepping aside has been a little tough, but I did it. Now I've got to step up to my projects.

    Refreshers: top of the year
    Month One
    Month Two
    Month Three
    • CommentTimeMay 1st 2013 edited
    1. Write the Beer Appreciation book. - Wrote a page!
    2. Lose weight by April. - Didn't happen at all. Looks like I might have something that has been slowing down my metabolism. As it is, I've gained. But now that I'm jobless, I'll be taking some of that time to run every day.
    3. Use the slowcooker more. - Still on hold as my slowcooker actually broke.
    4. Make beer. - Ginger Weiss coming up soon now that I'm not spending my free time packing.
    5. Get a part time job. - ARGH FUCK NO. Have some leads though and made my resume look more neato. Am looking in to internships at breweries in NYC though.
    6. Continue to be there for certain people. - It's become one of those "Well, that's up to them now" things.
    7. When growing season hits, ROCK THAT GARDEN. - Hop rhizomes in the mail and tomorrow I'm buying seeds. This weekend I'm gardening.
    9. Try and get out a bit more. - Actually doing well with that! Cooking classes, the odd movie, an event...feeling good about that.
    10. Look in to what is needed to start a bar. - On hold while I look for work.
    11. Drinking. We're cutting that down significantly. - Doing well with that.
    12. Counselling. Get it. Sort that fucking head out. - Guy who does intake is on holiday now. But when I DO get through that my doctor has insisted that I be put in the "at risk" category".
    13. Be as awesome, strong and amazing as you know you are. See yourself as others, especially POS, see you. - NOPE.
    14. Keep doing Thirsty Wench stuff. - Soon! Taking this week to look for work, unwind and catch up on posts. I was given the office's mini fridge, so now I have a review bottle fridge in my room, which has about 25 bottles in it. so far. The fun t hing about cutting back on drinking is that the collection just piles up so I'm never really short on beer. But anyways, posts coming soon.
    • CommentTimeMay 1st 2013
    I haven't checked in yet but I am doing well. This year rather than starting a resolution of getting rid of something unhealthy I have decided for it to be mentally beneficial. So, for 2013, I have decided to read 12 novels. I know that doesn't sound tough but over the past 10 (before now) I only remember reading about 4 books, cover to cover. To date I have read 5 books. Gun Machine, The Inner Circle, Love is Strange, The Human Division, and Agent to the Stars. I have just started reading Red Shirts today and I am about 60 pages into Eye of the World.
    • CommentAuthorArgos
    • CommentTimeMay 1st 2013
    Get my driver's license. done

    Find a job I can be happy with while keeping in mind that experiencing life is not about having a job. MAYBE. I was offered a temp job at the aquarium today, but they have to get the position approved with the financial dept. first, so fingers crossed. Got a call back from a recruiter the other day about a job I applied for and she said she thought I was a really good fit, but I have yet to hear back from the actual company. Otherwise haven't heard back from anyone else, but I got scuba certified, which certainly helps make me more ecology-job employable.

    Survive wedding planning. done

    Get back to working out once wedding is over. Hahaha nope. I keep thinking about it and planning workouts, but I haven't actually done any yet. It's amazing how hard it is to get back into a workout routine, having stuck to one pretty well before, after taking a workout break. Lesson - don't take workout breaks.

    Pick an artistic skill and work on it. Um...nope. No explanation for that one. I basically need to stop making excuses for myself on this one about how I have no creativity or talent, or how everything requires too much monetary investment to really be good at. Excuses excuses.

    @oldhat - have you thought about adding strength training to your exercising? I found that to really help me with losing weight and maintaining the loss. The loss is slower cos a workout session doesn't burn as much as a good run, but the extra muscle mass is super helpful. I like doing circuits cos going straight from one exercise to another burns more calories in a workout session than resting between every single set (and also reduces the total workout session time).

    @raz - gah, sorry to hear food isn't under your control right now. I know that feeling and really sucks to feel helpless about what you're putting into your body.
    • CommentTimeMay 1st 2013
    @argos, that definitely is something I'll be doing and with my unemployed status, I'll be able to have the time to go back to the boxing gym, where the strength training happens. In the meantime, I'm hoping to do more running just to make it a habit. A while ago it got so whenever I had a bad day or was exhausted, I'd go for a run. That's a habit I'd like to keep doing.

    @Raz, Ahhhh darling. Yeah. I haven't had any control over my eating either, so I get you. Hopefully you'll have chances to be more controlling of things soon. :)
    • CommentTimeMay 1st 2013
    New Number 1) My Own Projects - My alphabet project has been thriving well, aside from a few hiccup days when I forgot to queue up some posts. You can check them out on my site: I need to finalize all the screens together and get started printing it next week.

    Super seekrit Kickstarter project #1 is at the point where I'm waiting for the final build to come in so I can send the 3D image to be printed in stainless steel. I have a meeting with my partner and video guy next week to plot out our video, and once I have the sandstone prototype I can meet with a local NYC casting company to get a quote for a run of 100-200 per my initial Kickstarter goal. It's soooo cloooseee to happening!

    I call this super seekret project #1 because I was just asked about doing a #2 project for this year, only I'd just be doing illustrations for a book idea someone has instead of doing most of the planning/production heavy lifting work. That one wouldn't likely hit until the late summer/early fall, per both of our schedules. I'm giddy at its silliness and hope it'll work out well.

    I wrapped up sterilizing myself - got the imaging done yesterday and I'm 100% baby free from here to eternity. I'm starting to pull together all my thoughts about it and tapping other people who have done it as well to do an article about it, because I'm really intrigued by the experiences and surgery bits of it all. I'm pitching this as an article to a company I highly respect, so I'm hoping it pans out. Otherwise I might try shopping it around before posting it to my site.

    Otherwise, I have a number of projects in the back of my head that I haven't touched yet and am just letting them be gestational babies instead of going crazy planning them. My goal this year is to just focus like a laser on a couple of projects at once so nothing falls to the wayside.

    New Number 2) Draw Something Every Day - Nope nope nope. Haven't drawn a damn thing. Bought all manner of supplies and am suffering from disinterest. Also, I did do that whole "put up an art show with gigantic art work and 5 different parties and coordinating a ton of different things in the space" for two weeks, then proceeded to get sick immediately after for the last week. So, maybe I have an excuse. In any case, need to get back to drawing.

    3) Stop Being Behind the Scenes - I did a successful talk at the NYU program early this month & it felt damn good. The professor said that I should look into giving more talks and we also discussed a bit of where Dr. Sketchy's has been going (or rather, not going) under my leadership, which has been giving me food for thought. I'm back at the class tomorrow for their final presentations as a guest critic, which will be fun. An interview I gave a while back detailing my transition from freelancer to employee with health insurance was published on the Gloss. Shell Game saw me getting out of my skin & dealing with the fact that I need to talk to strangers and present a nice personality, plus handle being in photos and not glaring, which was a slight success - I was incredibly frustrated at things going wrong the first few nights that I needed to handle and was a bit cold/snappy with people. Some of who didn't understand that it wasn't personal to them, some who did. The night after the last opening I cried myself to sleep from the end of the stress/not being sure if I did well. Being able to look back on it all now, I think I did.
    I'm contributing my latest silkscreen to my print lab's gallery show in the space. And all these collaborative projects I'm coming up with with folks should help establish me as a person. I made a pact with a friend of mine that we start posting more to our blogs about our selves and our lives as people, instead of just making it be about the Finished Art so we can become more well-rounded personalities. The world isn't screaming what a narcissist I am when I open up, so far.

    4) Don't Procrastinate Spiral - Looking at my email inbox, I have too damn many emails that need answering/phone calls/setting up. Fixing some o that tonight while I'm dyeing my hair. Sighs&embarrassment.

    5) Keep Traveling - I'm being brought to New Orleans at the end of May as a birthday present/my partnerguything is going down there for a conference so it's affordable. A trip to Montreal is on the books but likely not til July/August. And of course, Maryland is still planned for in September. I can't wait to go to NOLA though - it's quickly becoming my second home and I hope to explore the art scene more.

    New Number 6) Start exercising regularly - I'm trying to join a gym or build up some manner of regiment where I see myself exercising once in a while. My back and neck are finally starting to show signs of wear (and I am investing in a new desk chair & getting a freecycled mattress pad from someone I know) and I think that I could use the discipline of going somewhere and moving my butt. It'd also help me a bit with my constant complaining about my figure, I think. Whooconfidence!

    @Raz good on you for setting your work boundaries to focus more on yourself! buckling down and getting onto the work is another struggle in and of itself, but getting wrapped up in everyone else's stuff is a big enough distraction. you're halfway to where you want to be and I hope that staying clear of that kind of clutter will help you out this month.

    Also thanks for the links to previous months. It's super helpful to pick up from where I last left off.

    @Oldhat mini tasting fridge sounds fantastic. are you posting publicly what's in it so we can all get excited for upcoming reviews?

    @argos good luck with the aquarium job! I loved your old posts & the recent leetle baby sea horse video. i'll keep fingers crossed for you!
    • CommentTimeMay 2nd 2013 edited
    @glu, since you mentioned it, it occurred to me that people would be actually interested in what's in my fridge, so I posted it on the tumblr.

    What's in there:

    St. Ambroise Erable - Maple Ale - McAuslan (Québec)
    St. Ambroise Scotch Ale - Scotch Ale - McAuslan (Québec)
    St. Ambroise 2012 - Russian Imperial Stout - McAuslan (Québec)
    St. Ambroise 2012 - Vintage Ale - McAuslan (Québec)
    Cream Ale - Cream Ale - Cameron’s (Ontario)
    Dark 266 - Amber Lager - Cameron’s (Ontario)
    Bourbon Barrel Aged Deviator - Doppelbock - Cameron’s (Ontario)
    Westvleteren XII - Trappist Belgian Ale (Belgium)
    Ass-Kicker - IPA - Garrison (Nova Scotia)
    (2) Bourbon Barrel Dragon’s Milk - Russian Imperial Stout - New Holland (Michigan, USA)
    Puddle Jumper - Rhubarb Hard Cider - Living Sky (Saskatchewan)
    Classic Vienna - Vienna - Bushwakker (Saskatchewan)
    Cheryl’s Blond - Blonde Ale - Bushwakker (Saskatchewan)
    Matilda - Belgian Strong Ale - Goose Island (Chicago, USA)
    Matador - IIPA aged in Spanish Cedar - Flying Monkeys (Ontario)
    Barrel no. 145 2009 Vintage - Sour Ale - Rodenbach (Belgium)

    ...a few missing since I last posted because I decided to celebrate the office move and conclusion.
    • CommentTimeMay 2nd 2013
    I went off the rails wicked bad in April, but I'm getting back on track. I have five or six books loaded on the Kindle (currently reading The Angel of Darkness by Caleb Carr, a sequel to The Alienist, and it's the goods), and I'm going back and outlining the novel just to knock some of the rust off.
    • CommentAuthorsteevo
    • CommentTimeMay 2nd 2013
    I know I'm 5 months late to the party but I could really use a reminder every month of the things I need to improve, so here's my list o' resolutions:
    1) Get back to work on the novel - I'm about 10,000 words into this and it's been sitting around for the last 2 months. I really need to get back into it before it dies the slow death of the forgotten novel.
    2) Do at least one short story every month - I'm about halfway through the one for May already, thanks to a kick in the ass I got a few days ago.
    3) Start exercising more - Looks like a popular one. This is something I've been terrible with forever. I need to drop a bunch of weight that this office job has seen fit to pack on.
    4) Become a better public speaker - I'm lousy at it and I've got a best man speech coming up in July. Terrifying.
    5) Quit smoking - I've been telling myself I'd do this for years. I've been lying for years. Time to step it up and actually quit.
    6) Slow down the drinking - I can't write when I'm drunk. I find this to be a problem for my writing.
    7) Read moar books. - Self explanatory. My tv watching takes up so much more time than my reading. That is an issue.

    That's it for now.

    Best of luck everyone. Thanks for the thread, Raz. It looks like everyone is doing about how I expect to do. Some ups and some downs, but everyone seems to be fairly positive, which is nice. Time to buckle the fuck down.

    PS. @Oldhat - Nice beer stash. I'm psyched to see your opinion on a lot of those.
  1.  (11065.10)
    1. Get better at drawing full scenes, from various different angles.
    2. Succeed at making drawn characters look the age they're supposed to be.

    I'm doing ok at the art plans. I also applied to my old art school. If I get a good scholarship, I'll go back. If not, I'll apply to the University here and try again next year, after improving my portfolio. I don't think I can self-educate as well or as quickly as I want to go on this one. Also, it would be nice to be at least vaguely employable, which a college degree would help with, as would the art sale and internship opportunities they offer.

    3. Reach target weight and get blood pressure in control.

    I'm losing weight at a good rate now. I know the Adderall is helping, and I might not be able to do this without its convenient side-effects, but I've decided to be proud of myself anyway. My blood pressure has been pretty good the last few times we've checked it, too. I've decided to stop losing weight when I reach this target. It'll put me safely into the middle of a healthy BMI range, and I don't actually want to be really thin.

    4. Plan my website for selling prints.

    I made a banner for my future etsy shop.

    5. Learn to drive, get my driver's licence.

    Hey, you know what I did? I saw that it was May 1st yesterday, and read a few pages of the learner's permit manual just so I'd have something to say here.

    New addition - 6. socialize more.

    I don't interact with new people enough. I live in the same house as my best friends, and work at home. I think that's made me lazy about finding more friends and acquaintances. So, that's the plan. I also don't want to be that weird antisocial lady at college. I'll already be twice the age of most of the other freshmen, and that's enough unusual for me.

    Good luck to everyone. And thanks to razrangel for keeping these threads going; it's a brilliant plan.
    @Argos - Good luck on the aquarium job!
    @steevo - Welcome to the party!
    • CommentAuthorArgos
    • CommentTimeMay 2nd 2013
    Thanks guys!

    @glukkake - glad you liked the video! They took like na hour to collect, haha. Also, i have a friend who just got essure about a month or two back, do you want me to connect you guys to talk about the experience? She's been fairly open about it. I've been interested in getting sterilized myself. May I ask which method you used?

    @Steevo - never too late for goals!
    • CommentTimeMay 3rd 2013
    @argos I got essure too! actually, I'd like to know if it was as crap for her as it was for me or if I'm just a giant wimp/it exacerbated my general medical anxiety with it
    • CommentAuthorArgos
    • CommentTimeMay 3rd 2013
    I recall her saying her recovery went well and that the actual procedure wasn't bad at all cos they knocked her out. I don't know specifics, though, I'll get you her contact info.
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    I had two - Lose some weight and don't lose my marbles.

    i so far still have my marbles... and all that extra weight too...
  3.  (11065.15)
    Oh, fuck it, I've well and truly snafu'd this and we're four months in...

    Lose 3 stone - lost half of one, but firmly stuck at 12st 7.
    sell pictures... nah.
    Be more sociable - last time I saw a proper meatspace friend was August last year...

    eh, still got a few months.
  4.  (11065.16)

    - Finish the novel.

    I finished going through the corrections of the editor yesterday, and there were quite a few. It's starting to resemble an actual book, not a mismatched free association of ideas where the timeline is wibbly wobbly timey vimey... This has really taught me that there are editors for a fucking reason, and that self-publishing without an editor just may be a bad idea :) I have until May 17th to do the final read-throughs and content edits, then it's off to language checks to get all the commas in congruences in order.

    - Do another IF-game.

    Waiting for The Goddamn Novel to leave my hands.

    - Get my AESD research diver certificate.

    Going strong. Fitting this in with the dayjob is a fucking chore, but doable.


    - Slow down, fucking finally.

    Last week, for my birthday, I dropped a ton of stuff to do, or actually they were scheduled to stop. I have 1-2 hours more of free time per day now, and it feels fucking glorious. Spending time with the Adventure Girl is not slowing down in the traditional sense, but exactly in the sense that I meant and need :)
    • CommentTimeMay 8th 2013
    STATED GOAL: Sleep 7-8 hours a night

    STATUS: Success (more or less). I was kind of expecting more sleep to be a magic cure to all my ills - which it wasn't - but the odd nights where I've gone back to my old habits with 4 hours sleep have really shown me I'm better off sleeping.

    SUMMER GOALS: 1) Kids' novel (at least a first draft of that idea I had 5 years ago)
    2) An album with songs and not just sounds
    3) Lock in on what/where I'm going to do a Masters degree in next year. (every option just raises more questions)
  5.  (11065.18)
    Well, I actually can say some positive things this time around.

    1) Wii Fit/Health/Weight Loss: Yeah, not so much. If anything, I've gained weight and according to the BMI stuff I'm borderline obese. I'm going to try to focus on eating better and maybe even working out, any hopefully next month I can actually have some good news.

    2) Work on Website/Sell Art: Finally some good news. Prints have arrived, and I have packaged them so they're ready to sell. I already sold 7 to a local business! I have business cards. I have the etsy shop finally up and running. The hardest part is done, and now I just need to focus on fine tuning things and getting the word out that I have stuff to sell. And maybe doing some boring spreadsheet stuff for data collecting. But for now, the worst is over. Yay!

    3) Consistently Clean Apartment: Hahahaha. I really could do better at this. I also really really need to figure out how to change the settings on radiator heaters, because when it is lovely outside, it is (no joke) 90 degrees inside. Like I am going to get shit done in those conditions.

    4) Improve Job Situation/New Job: I have a new job! I gave my two weeks notice for the job of never ending shit and only have to be there for Saturday and Sunday and then I never have to work there again. YAAAAAAAY!! I don't think I have been so happy to get out of job before. Also, as much as the last two shifts might suck, I don't have to care what my boss thinks, or what anyone else thinks, for that matter. FUCK YES!

    5) Work on mental health/be well enough to date: Therapy sessions are going well, progress is being made, and I'm trying to learn how to rewire my brain to manage the depression/exhaustion better. I really appreciate that everything my therapist suggests trying, he backs it up with science and research. As for dating, previous cute guy is fishing on the west coast to make money, so obviously not much is happening there. Okcupid did however send me another profile that had potential and we went on a date yesterday. He'll probably just end up as a friend as he's only here for the summer and he's only going to be in town sometimes since his work takes him all over the state. Eh. I'm not taking the dating thing too seriously right now.

    6) Get my finances back in order: Being related to accountants who happily do taxes for cheap means my saving account is healthy-ish. I'm still not happy with it, but at least I've got a tiny bit of cushion for bad things happening. On the other hand, controlling my inner spend-thrift has been very hard, and my incredibly lack of hours at work (the reason I've been able to get caught up on the small business stuff) means my funds to live on are really really low. Orientation starts Monday, so hopefully the spend/save ratio changes for the better soon.
    • CommentTimeMay 10th 2013
    Oof--I'm six weeks back on my Book A Week resolution.
  6.  (11065.20)
    Finish Game: Still on hold due to art issues, but also because rumour is Google is going to be announcing some game specific APIs (that might make some features that I was going to hold off on until version 3 much easier to implement. i.e. networked multiplayer) at I/O this week.

    Get Job That Pays What I Deserve: Got Job That Does Not Pay What I Deserve, and which I hate more passionately every day. A friend at another company hit me up via LInkedIn and said they may be opening a position that I think will pay me closer to what I deserve sometime in the next couple of months and to send him my resume, which I have done. Really hope something happens with that sooner rather than later, because I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to handle Current Job before I quit or have some sort of breakdown.

    Spend Time With Friends: More success recently. Small WC meet-up happened (I'll try to get those pics up soonish), hung out with Miki and her gent and their circle of friends a couple of times. Also have friends that I hang out with at The Thrilling Adventure Hour once a month. Still not seeing The Person Who I Most Want to See as often as I'd like, though more often than before because I go get lunch at the place where she works once a week, and usually get a hug out of it, which is by far the high point of my week. Figuring out her schedule so I can find things that she would both like to and be able to hang out with me to do is difficult, though (I want to take her to the Cicada Club, but I do not know how to dance, and she most definitely does, and the choice would be annoying her by not dancing, or making a total ass of myself trying).

    Get In Shape: Finally starting to turn this one around. I'm eating moderately better (trying semi-successfully to limit myself to two days with meat a week. Not because meat is bad, but because a lot of the food that goes with it is. Much easier to do this in California, but still not as good as it was when I worked in Agoura Hills instead of Woodland Hills). Running most week nights, gradually getting my range and average pace up, and then doing push-ups after the run. Also going to the beach and swimming in the ocean a couple times a week (after work Fridays and Sunday afternoons, swimming out to the kelp beds and back once or twice. Simultaneously the most fun and the hardest exercise I do, because despite it having been three years this July since I broke it, my left shoulder still tires out quickly and can ache abominably when I push it too much). Planning to add riding my bike down Sycamore Canyon to get to the beach on Sundays this week (assuming that the trail is open after the big wildfire a couple weeks ago), and the ride back up the canyon should prove to be quite the workout.

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