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    I've not been playing along. I think I should try. I've had goals in mind for a while, but not put them down. So. here goes:

    1) Exercise. Get in shape.

    I'd actually been doing quite well with this. Since I got my medication switched off of the nausea inducing Mestinon and started taking prednisone, I'm mush more active. I'd been going to the gym nearly every day, and going for an hour on the stationary bike. Unfortunately, it seems I've had some complications with a UTI, which is a problem with excessive bike riding. It's somewhat demoralizing, as I get so sick so easily, and I'd finally found an exercise that didn't hurt my joints too awfully. I think I need to bring a pillow with me, perhaps. My butt hurts terribly afterwards. HOWEVER, I am rather proud of myself that i've visibly lost weight from going to the gym this past month, ESPECIALLY given that the prednisone causes significant weight gain.

    2) Get diagnosis. Make myself better.

    Yeah, well. That's been on my to do list since 1993.

    3) Draw. Paint. Make physical art. Get opening.

    I actually did get off my ass and make an oil painting. It was originally supposed to be the fellow's Christmas present, but I was sick for all of December with death flu. Then it was going to be a Valentine's Day present, but I went to Detroit. Finally, the change in meds and the call for submissions at the Titmouse connected BunnyCutlet Gallery got me off my ass and painting. I painted my fellow as Jonah Hex (his favorite), only in a retro COBRA commander costume instead, and added Greedo and the fellow from Logan's Run lurking in the shadows. It's not a very good painting, but hey. I did it, and I submitted it.

    4) Perform. Get on stage and/or audio recordings. Somehow.

    I started recording a podcast with a neighbor of mine, but it died in the water. I might try again. However, fate has shined upon me, and I was asked to be part of someone else's podcast for a discussion on Batman TAS. And then i was randomly asked by a fellow from WFMU if I'd be a guest on his show next week. So. That's going well without me really trying at all. Does that count? I'd still like to try getting on stage and in front of people, but being live on air and broadcast around the world is pretty crazy.

    5) Get LASIK

    I wear my eyepatch on my "good" eye because the wonky one with the droppy lid and the turning in and the double blur is actually closer to 20-20 than my "good" eye, which is pretty nearsighted. Glasses AND eyepatch is crazy, so .... I gotta find a way to get LASIK, I think. How, I've no idea.

    6) Find a place to live that suits me / improve where I live now.

    I like my roommate as a human, but I'd like to live somewhere that doesn't feel like PeeWee's punk house. It's just not a good influence on my artistically, creatively, or responsibly. I need to live with people who understand how to clean and care to do it. I need more sunlight. I need to hear trees outside my bedroom window. I need to live somewhere that isn't often filled with cigarette smoke. I want to be somewhere clean and serene and safe feeling. I spend most of my time at home, so that's really important. I'm way to broke to find that at the moment. So, I have at least improved what I've got. I've bug bombed the place, I've cleaned everything, I've rearranged the rooms so that I can lay on the couch and watch TV when I feel like crap, I've made myself an art making space, I've made everything feel more spacious. I was thinking of making flyers of some kind and sending them around all those fancy apartments that are empty all over Manhattan to see if anyone wants a house sitter. I have been trying to brainstorm how I might approach the landlord to ask if I could have access to the backyard so i could fix it up, but I'm not on the lease and my roommate seems really skittish to ever ask the landlord for anything, even things that are totally justified as a tenant.

    7) Lighten my load. Scan, sell, sew, purge.

    I've started sewing my big pile of clothes. It gives me a reason when I want to be outside and have nowhere to go and nothing to do.

    8) Website wrangle and get business cards.

    Slowly, slowly, working on this.

    9) Enjoy living in NYC as much as I can. Get outside before it's too hot. Go to events.

    I've actually been going out a lot for my standards. I went to a comedy show. I saw Boris play thanks to WFMU. I went to a movie. I'll see another movie tonight.

    10) Learn how to actually relax.

    I don't understand how. I always feel guilty for not doing something productive if it's at all possible. Just sitting and watching something is really difficult for me. If it's TV, I feel like I should be doing something on the computer. If it's in person, I feel i'm missing photographic opportunities. If it's radio, I feel I should be cleaning or exercising.

    11) TRAVEL before I lose my fucking mind.

    I've been doing this one AWESOME without trying. I went to Tampa over Valentine's Day weekend, and in August the fellow is bringing me to LA! We'll visit Nevada breifly, hang in LA most of the time, and drive up to San Francisco for a few days. WHOOOOO! I'd really like to leave the continent, but... baby steps I suppose.


    I'm drowning in being poor. I'm constantly stressed about it. I don't know if I can pay my phone bill this month because i spent $15 at the art supply store. After paying my rent and utilities and $20 gym membership, I have less than $70 to live on for the month. The fellow is helping me keep afloat, but that's not sustainable or fair. I get sick so often and so easily and in so many different ways, and I can't make money on the books or I'll threaten my benefits which I'm not willing to do until I really know what is wrong with me. it's a difficult situation. I'm considering busking.

    13) Write. and/or make comics.

    nope. Not written at all.

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.