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    Hey guys!

    My name's Quinton Miles. Last month, I launched a new, free digital comic series with artist Andres Quezada, Nathan Lumm and MaGnUs over at my new website and just wanted to get the word out. Here's a quick synopsis on the series, entitled TEMPLATE:

    "TEMPLATE is an action thriller with cyberpunk flair. Centering on a private security organization called Oversight, the story chronicles their attempts to make the perfect android soldier. When the first attempt fails, they speed up plans to try again under the assumption they learned from their mistakes. It is at this point that the main character, Beta, is created. Over the course of the series, her development is followed as she explores her own personality and discovers what she can and can’t do not being in full control of herself."

    Again, this is entirely free, and you can even download each week's edition if you want. If you do like it, all we're asking is that you spread the word. Here's a link to the series page, where you can catch up on the first month:


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    Time for a bump!

    TEMPLATE's been running four months strong, and now we're looking to collect the entire first story arc in a trade paperback. We've recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to do that, and if funded, the book will be printed and released to retail via Ape Entertainment. Here's the link to the campaign:

    TEMPLATE, Volume 1 on Kickstarter

    Thanks, and we hope you guys will want to help out!
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    • CommentTimeAug 19th 2013
    If no one is responding to your post, bumping isn't going to help. We're a discussion board, not free advertising.
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    • CommentTimeAug 19th 2013

    Join the community, Quinton. It'll take some effort but it'll be worth it in the end, I promise. :)
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    Are you looking for feedback, or just distribution?
    I'll give some brief feedback, which may help explain why no-one's playing:
    The Art is pretty, but I read the first two weeks and I have only the vaguest sense of what's going on, and only by the end of the second week did I know which character I was supposed to care about. As a reader, I shouldn't need the synopsis to understand the plot. The plot should unfold and present itself naturally.
    I think you're onto some interesting ideas, but flesh 'em out a bit (and speed up the pace of the narrative). Then ask for money.
    There, I just gave you a bump.
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    it's OK I suppose, at least it's free