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    It's once again not Thursday! It's once again not mid-afternoon in London! It's once again not another wrongheaded morning in Mericky! It's still who-the-fuck-knows-when in Australia. It's the day after my birthday and I HATE YOU WITH HUNGOVER PAIN RAYS. Also: it's time for more Crossed Hideosity.

    Episode 46, live and free-to-air.

    Remember: Not safe for work, not safe for minors, not safe for people of a nervous disposition, not safe for Peach Lemonade, not safe for Tribbles, not safe for green-flavoured things.

    • CommentAuthorBig Sven
    • CommentTimeMay 3rd 2013
    So Aoileann's forces knocked over the fort? Cava's not going to last five minutes, particularly if the Scooby Gang is trying to save the Yank. If the boxing mummy is crossed, then it means Aoileann kept Whaley's group alive during the sortie- why? Once she had Shakey's first note, he became dispensible. Or did he?

    Seems like letting the GK spelunk the Nun is not the big way that Shakey failed her, and that there's some bigger act of monumental cowardice and/or indecision yet to be revealed in flashback.

    What a great series!
    • CommentAuthorBig Sven
    • CommentTimeMay 3rd 2013
    Sorry, "Whaley" is the doings of an overactive spellchecker. Should be "Shakey".
    • CommentAuthorShan
    • CommentTimeMay 3rd 2013
    Well ... well done with the surprise ending, didn't see that person turning up again. What would seem an increasingly scary development for the people of Cava is an enemy who can plan and isn't impetuous. Having the restraint to neither kill nor convert a person (and being able to keep everyone in line so they didn't do it either) must be quite a big thing for the Crossed (various higher functioning Crossed have cropped up elsewhere in the other series, so I guess it had to only be a matter of time). The level of ability to plan and play the long game is even scarier, given some of the others can be simply distracted by a car appearing and driving off and then falling for it again a few hours later. I hope we find out what happened in the fortress at some point and see if Shaky was mostly right, wrong or way off base. All in all, excellent can't-wait-for-next-week-story telling.

    Complements for the earlier episode which showed Shaky's standoffs with the Gamekeeper and Jasper intercut with each other, how even though they were somewhat alike in appearance, the way the difference was also shown (one clearly wasn't bluffing, the other was caught out by the fact his 'victim' wasn't going to roll over) was an excellent job by the artist. As has all of it so far.

    Quite decent of the prison guards to at least release the prisoners and give them a chance instead of just legging it from the outside.

    Still wondering who boxing glove guy is. Every time I think of a suspect, they seem to bite it. Mind you, as Shaky doesn't always get it right ...
    • CommentAuthorDCC
    • CommentTimeMay 3rd 2013
    Accidently put this in the wrong thread.

    A guess: the nun *thinks* she's Crossed--she has the X-shaped scars, and Shakey got the Gamekeeper's blood in her wound. She actually just snapped. The Crossed think she's Crossed too.

    Possibility: she's immune. She hangs around with Crossed--if she weren't immune, she'd have been infected for real pretty quickly. Crossed aren't hygenic, and she doesn't seem to be keeping her vow of chastity.

    (This would fit thematically with the other possibly immune guy--we found out he might be immune, but then oops, Hoduken. This is one mean series--no hope for you.)

    Not necessarily, though. We've seen the odd Crossed with enough self-control to take long-term prisoners for more elaborate games, and to bully other Crossed to go along with actual plans. Starting with Horsecock--who could even order Crossed to stay on guard duty when they wanted to help torture prisoners. Though they all had Crosses.
    • CommentAuthorShan
    • CommentTimeMay 3rd 2013
    I thought about that possibility, though when Shaky first sees her in the series in the boat (as opposed to chronologically), that X wound sort of had that scabby Crossed cross look, mind you that could just be normal healing as well. Alternatively, she did go on to be X'd for real and it just happened to do something different and appear along the pre-existing slash marks. After all, people occasionally turn out a little different after being infected, take the Russian in the Badlands series (also scripted by the good folks here).

    Then of course, there's the question mark over the provenance of that leg that she was using, if it was infected or an uninfected victim. I guess we'll possibility find out when we see what happened to her next in Shaky's retelling of events.
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    So the trashbag mummy guy is definitely crossed (decidedly so at a later date by the creators, it seems), as pointed out by @kzootron. Looks like they retroactively changed him to crossed, rather than leaving it up in the air. See <Vol. 2, Ch. 4, Pg. 13> for the revised final frame that has the crossed word bubble coming from the trashbag mummy, rather than off-screen as it used to be portrayed. Whether it was a writing or graphical error, this story kicks so much ass that it's really a minor and forgivable blemish. Still worthy of note, though.

    So trashbag mummy is crossed, but hell... it could still possibly be the GK, right? We're not yet sure what happens after Shaky shot him whilst raping the x-faced nun. Looks like he was hit rather high in the torso, enough to cause him to drop his weapon, but certainly not a center-mass hit. Maybe a ravaged lung. I dunno.

    And how the fuck is Seline still alive?? So many mysteries. Already looking forward to next week's issue!
    • CommentAuthorblighty
    • CommentTimeMay 3rd 2013
    @VoteForDuvall In the discussion after that issue, Si mentioned that it was an error and that the word balloon should have been reversed so that it emanated from the "trashbag mummy"(fantastic name btw).

    The Seline reveal was pretty awesome. When Shakey was laying out what he thought had happened, the only part that seemed wrong to me was that just a hand grenade could blow open the doors as well as vaporize Seline. I just chalked it up to literary license, but it turns out that Si is smarter than that lol. I would say that Shakey's conjecture could still be plausible except that the doors were blown open by organized Crossed under the nun's leadership. It certainly looks bad for the survivors considering that the nun's horde was able to get through the defenses at the fort. Cava does have the fact that you can only land a boat on one stretch of beach. And you have to land far out and walk in as well. It just depends on how large the horde is, if they can get enough bodies to swamp the defenses.

    Considering I have been wrong about everything else, I should hesitate to surmise anything else but: I still firmly believe the nun is Crossed(the rash has just infected the cut the Gamekeeper made). Perhaps when Shakey shot the GK the noise brings Crossed? The problem with this is that I feel like the nun's infection should be due to some "bad joke" of an incident though(like when the little boy got infected from playing with birds). Some especially cruel misfortune.
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    @blighty - Thanks! Must have missed that note somehow.

    I too think the nun is crossed, but I too... have also been wrong in ever speculation thus far. My record suggests that I should just keep my speculations to myself at this point, sit back, and just gawk at the pretty fireworks with a slack jaw. Buuuuut where's the fun in that

    I totally thought that Jasper was bled out and dead for about two issues, not just in passed out in shock... which led to a "WTF" moment when he awoke. Haha. I freaking love this arc.
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    Honestly even if the nun and trashbag boxer were Crossed, I think that the presence of relatively restrained and careful leaders in the Crossed horde adds more to post collapse society and the various tribes being formed. I mean honestly, I know we are supposed to be afraid of how the Crossed are getting smarter, but all that means is they decide not to rape or murder as much as the more feral ones and actually save a few survivors such as that lucky old guy and seline. I think I've been reading too many Crossed Arcs since this really seems much less evil then the standard "all is lost theme" which as an optimist I find intriguing.
    • CommentTimeMay 3rd 2013 edited
    I mean honestly, I know we are supposed to be afraid of how the Crossed are getting smarter, but all that means is they decide not to rape or murder as much as the more feral ones and actually save a few survivors such as that lucky old guy and seline.

    You're not as afraid because, perhaps, you haven't considered the implications. When the epidemic first started, the Crossed were free to glut themselves on rape, murder and suffering like Roman epicures who could devour feasts and them vomit them up to make room for more feasts. Now, survivors are hidden, victims harder to come by, indulgences fewer and further between. Now, if you're a Crossed, you don't just rape/murder/eat a victim. They're something to be savored over time. When you cut a wound into a victim, you make sure its in a less vital place and you wear a condom when you rape them in a wound or natural orifice. You keep them alive and in terror and agony as long as possible, because you never know when your next opportunity for rape/murder/torture will come.

    So, yes, smarter, more patient Crossed are scarier than the regular ones.
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    So far the Crossed have shown a penchant for following leaders. When a particular Crossed is FUN to follow, they're eager to follow plans.

    Think about it. As "fun" as it is to go around just screwing people in their neckholes, eventually they'd get bored of that. So hey, there's this one person that's providing ever new and entertaining stuff to do! Giving fun tasks!

    Like trashbag mummy there. Theoretically, Nun X gave him the task of stalking and protecting the crew from Cava, possibly to see if he could grab one of them alive to do more fun stuff with. Trashbag mummy was totally stoked. A fun game to play! HENH-HENH-HENNNNH!
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    You keep them alive and in terror and agony as long as possible, because you never know when your next opportunity for rape/murder/torture will come.

    The opportunity to rape/murder/torture is only as far away as the nearest human or lower animal, crossed or otherwise. Even if all the uninfected humans are wiped clean off the face of the Earth will there be no shortage of crossed candidates for rape, murder, and torture.
    • CommentAuthorfenrir07
    • CommentTimeMay 4th 2013
    Exit Jasper. Buh-bye *waves hand*...

    Exit Gamekeeper...? What was that a 7,62mm bullet in the back...? Have a hard time seeing him survive that for very long, not like there are many hospitals around. Anyways, I thought Teresa would be the one to finish him off (with a strap-on or somesuch) - but well done, Shakes nonetheless. :-)

    Smarter crossed are probably a must. How else can they over-run Cava? They can't exactly swim there with the killer-currents and all...
    • CommentTimeMay 4th 2013 edited
    The opportunity to rape/murder/torture is only as far away as the nearest human or lower animal, crossed or otherwise. Even if all the uninfected humans are wiped clean off the face of the Earth will there be no shortage of crossed candidates for rape, murder, and torture.

    Well, sort of. In the new Battlestar Galactica there was plenty of algae-based food to eat. However, the meat locker on the luxury ship was one of the most heavily guarded areas in the fleet. Why? Because that was the last meat in the universe, so it became a rare and precious indulgence.

    Sure the Crossed will torture dogs, cats or dolphins, but think about the actions of the very first Crossed we see in Wish You Were Here, the dolphin-raper. Sure, he's having fun violating Flipper, but the second he sees a human victim he's after him like a shot.

    More patient Crossed will be inclined to savor their human meals. They might eventually create human "ranches" to ensure a decent supply of victims.
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    Man, I haven't watched Battlestar Galactica since the good guys had cool hair and the bad guys were robots who talked funny, so that reference went a bit over my head.

    My point remains that even once uninfected humans go extinct, there will be plenty of crossed targets for torture, rape, and murder, because being crossed doesn't exclude anyone from becoming prey.
    • CommentTimeMay 4th 2013
    And my point remains that smarter, more patient Crossed will take steps to try to prevent uninfected humans from going extinct because torturing, raping and murdering humans is far, far more fun to the Crossed than torturing, raping and murdering something else.
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    The smarter and more patient crossed (who are still taxonomically human, just infected) seem to be pretty rare, though, leaving the overwhelming majority of the crossed represented by the more careless and impulsive sort who'll drop whatever they're doing at the sight of an uninfected human and give chase, regardless of the presence of artificial traps and a naturally inhospitable terrain or weather. It's a wonder the crossed haven't been wiped out by now by bacterial/viral/fungal/protozoal/malarial meningitis, really. Chalk it up to artistic license.

    On another subject, I'm surprised that Shaky, Rab, and Don didn't strip Jasper of his clothing and supplies before disposing of his unconscious body. The manufacture of protective clothing must surely be declining during this crossed epidemic. His jacket, sweater, pants, boots, gloves, socks, any supplies in his pockets, and especially his face mask could have certainly been of use to the remaining and better behaved Cava survivors. At least Shaky had the presence of mind to relieve Jasper of that heat-sensing optical device. Rope must also be a precious commodity in this new world, I remember Garth's first Badlands story where the survivors had to sever a thief's achilles tendons because they couldn't spare the rope to tie him up instead, and the Cava survivors sure used a shitload of rope to tie Jasper's hands together!
    • CommentTimeMay 5th 2013 edited
    @voteforduvall, I thought It was your comment about trash bag mummy's word bubble being off screen that first raised the fuss about him being crossed or not, and i honestly believe if it wasnt for you it would of went unchecked cause Si responded right away and said it was a mistake and said that those laughs were supposed to be coming from trash bag mummy in chapter 4. So we know for certain he's crossed. I'd really like to know what point in time the crossed annual was? Did it start after jackson left the sortie with our cava residents? If so... It would mean jackson will be back soon hopefully to give a hand, as our favorite islanders are clearly gonna need it. Also thank you @blighty for loving the trash bag mummy nickname i gave him but im almost certain i stole it from another commenter. Ya know, i'm on garth's new badlands arc and I really like it a lot and it just confirms what i have been saying: NOBODY can write in the crossed universe like Garth and Simon. Just a quick little reference why i say that... Remember in the very first crossed arc where cindy and her son patrick were watching that pack of wolves on a beautifully drawn splash page? I was taken right back to that moment when i saw shaky and the mute watching the northern lights while the mute killed herself, it was a stunning scene in WYWH, and only something that Simon (or garth) could pull off without it being over the top. The fear and threat was still there, but it was peripheral, in those two instances we were shown that in an earth that has been for all intents and purposes turned into hell, there was still some beauty to be found. Simon and Garth NEVER disappoint.
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    Sofia wasn't really mute, just deaf from an injury she sustained during the crossed outbreak. The only mute on Cava was Boy, whose slow onset of the crossed infection was the final straw for Sofia and her deteriorating will to live.

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