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    • CommentAuthorMrMonk
    • CommentTimeMay 17th 2013
    There were more people standing on the decks of the cruise ship who couldn't be seen clearly. It would be natural for yet more people to take shelter from the rain, where they might not be seen. 388? There's room in the fleet for a lot more than that. It makes me wonder what happened to all of the people that should have been there.

    "the Pond" Sean may have watched too much PBS or BBCA. He also seems too relaxed and confident, and talks too much. He's a con man.
    • CommentAuthorBerserker
    • CommentTimeMay 17th 2013
    The way Americans come across so far kind of makes me want to step outside and just start randomly shooting people. Which might not actually be a bad thing, but I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to do it?

    I hope there's at least one Yank who doesn't end up being an utter douche-barge in this...
    • CommentAuthorShan
    • CommentTimeMay 17th 2013
    388 people on 33 vessels, that's not many people for each one, especially when the bigger ships will easily need more than 10 people. I'm guessing that must include a lot of 1 to 4 person craft.
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    Anyone else notice Elisa giving away Jackson's name after Sean described him without identifying his name? I suspect that this flotilla group spotted and heard Jackson at a distance without having ever actually talked to him. Maybe I'm just paranoid.
    • CommentAuthorMrBogey
    • CommentTimeMay 18th 2013
    Some Americans call the Atlantic Ocean "the pond" but generally it's people who have picked it up from British lingo.

    A flotilla could have some of its food needs met through deep sea fishing if you've the equipment. Lots of large fish in the ocean that could supplement stocks if you've the equipment to catch them. Water can be caught via rain collection as well. Though if that is a cruise ship that was at sea when the outbreak occurred... why does it have such a small number of people? A cruise ship will typically have a crew of 1000. It will hold a few thousand more. So yea, I'm thinking cannibalism/enslavement.

    As mentioned, the problem with the big ships is fuel needs. You'd need diesel to run those ships and make electricity. Without it, the vital systems that control them will shut down.

    I suppose if you've the inclination, you could try whale hunting. You could eat the meat and reduce the blubber down to an oil that should run some diesel engines. Lotta good that'll do you though if you're a ship of tourists and low-skilled deckhands though. That type of knowledge is lost to most.

    Whether Shakey is right or wrong, the guy is most definitely trying to sell them something.
    • CommentAuthorMrBogey
    • CommentTimeMay 18th 2013
    Oh, and the lifting equipment was a good catch on Shakey's part. Fuel barrels are heavy.
    • CommentAuthorJyve
    • CommentTimeMay 20th 2013
    'The Pond' thing, officers on US cruise ships are overly represented by Brits, especially Captains (the ships are all non-US registered), so the lingo works. Captains, Security Officers Brits, with the muscle east euro/ indian/ Malaysian. Most of the SECOs are ex-Brit coppers who retire to the ships thinking it'll be a nice gig to sail around the world. It isn't, even without Crossed.

    1k crew, 2k passengers, probably less on that if the props are easily visible, but when the Crossed were noticed, the passengers were probably offshore, many non-essential crew too. When the Crossed turned up, drop anchor, push off, and leave the passengers/returning crew on the quay. Then you'd be left with the core engineers working away. Port facilities would have security, enough to stop shambling zombies easily, but not Crossed, so when things kicked off, they'd not have had much chance to re-supply (apart from perhaps fuel barges in the harbour, but it'd be a risky thing to get close, and could imagine the Crossed getting their jollies blowing it all up, so you might have one chance to refuel before it'd not be safe again. This does show that this is global though, or they'd have been able to hide out on any of the Caribbean islands.

    300 though... that's going to be rough to keep 1 cruise ship going, even if everyone has the right skills, let alone all those other vessels we see too.

    Yup, they're stuffed, odd they're even trying to keep those other boats connected up, be easier to lift them up on the cargo vessel and strip them for anything useful before casting most of them aside (keep a few for sorties). Or let them angle away from the main flotilla to get some fishing done.

    Without fuel->power, the bilge pumps are going to be having problems, so... aye, I can see there being 'unwilling' crew below decks turning the hand cranks. We've seen the problems the last few weeks what happens when a cruise ship loses power. This'd be even worse.

    Yup, the foreshadowing is a good one here, they're well and truly stuffed.
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    I'll also throw my guess in that we're looking at slave labor below decks, and the absence of children indicating the work load was too hard for them and they perished. We've all been wrong before, though, so maybe the kids were just eaten!
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    I'm with Shaky on this one. Claiming to not see a Crossed for months is total bullshit. Crossed are not zombies, they can fly planes, drive cars, operate tanks, and sail boats if they had those same skills pre-Crossed.

    Not having any children is a really bad sign. Same with large ships and few people. There was probably a culling of the population through one means or another.

    Also, why would driftfleet leave the Caribbean? There has to be a lot more food and other supplies available, plus a greater likelihood of island communities, than in the middle of the Atlantic ocean.

    My biggest concern if I was Cava is thinking about what that fleet might be running from.
    • CommentAuthorJyve
    • CommentTimeMay 21st 2013
    ewww, just had a terrible thought on why they're looking well fed for such a long ocean journey.
    ewwwwwwww. No kids....

    As to leaving the Caribbean, maybe didn't have much choice, all caught in the currents and water too deep to drop anchor, no fuel for moving around, they all slowly ended up bumping into each other and drifting. If they've only made landfall a short time ago, would explain them not seeing any crossed for months.
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    Call me a skeptical shit, here... but I'm really hoping this story doesn't take a <em>The Walking Dead</em> plot turn, where the focus becomes rivalries between human communities and then we go nearly an entire arc without seeing the namesake monsters that we fear and love. I don't reeeeally think that's where this is headed... but just keeping my fingers hopefully crossed (no pun intended) just in case.

    Also... Si, what the hell, man? It's getting a bit ridiculous how moronic you are portraying Americans. We're not all fat disney land tourists or douche-bag slang talking yanks with white boy dreads!! If this happens 8 or 9 more times, I might start to get offended.
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    So, it's a skip week, yeah? Do we have diary? Link plz, if so.
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    Hey you realize that the majority of Crossed arcs mostly take place in America right? Don't worry bout these Brits mucking about, its all in good fun....unless you lot are read up on the latest Badlands Arc: The Fatal Englishmen?
    • CommentAuthorSlicknick
    • CommentTimeMay 25th 2013
    @ sensorSmoothie

    I was a little disapointed with the very end of the fatal englishmen, I had hoped they were going to go through with it. maybe I am alone with that.
    • CommentAuthorMrBogey
    • CommentTimeMay 25th 2013
    I've got mixed feelings on the ending. Overall a good story but the 4th part seemed a bit incongruous.
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    No I definitely felt the same way too. Just feels like ultimately it may have been the wrong call. Looked like it when they zoomed all over the Crossed crowd uggh, now I'll never see those daisy crowns the same way again. The chemicals are still around and we did get the knowledge that there are around 50 thousand survivors keeping alive but vs almost a million crossed...but I guess the chemical weapons would wipe out most of the survivors too.
    I would like to see a middle east arc though, cause even though they were nuked it was mostly Crossed and would keep the huge hordes of rape cannibals away. That whole area is still teeming with bunkers from the massive amounts of wars that happened, flush with weapon stockpiles and Arabs and Israelis used to seeing hard conflict, and huge stretches of land either dry and inhospitable, or sparsely populated, or covered in land mines and IEDs.
    No doubt that the survivors that made it down to the bomb shelters could effectively be living like what the Englishmen wanted for the UK, a Crossed lethal zone from the Chemical and Nuclear radiation but a still hardened group of survivors with a large amount of experience.
    • CommentAuthorblighty
    • CommentTimeMay 28th 2013
    re: "The Fatal Englishman" I too, was a little disappointed with the ending. After all the runup, it kind of fizzled out. I was expecting to have something happen with the priest and the kids as well. I was hoping they would go through with the plan(to come all of that way, and then just change their minds in a 5 minute discussion?). Hell, if wiping out as many Crossed as possible was the goal, then the main character buggered that too when he "saved" the others. That being said, the art was fantastic, in particular the look of all the Crossed throughout the story(the fishing village Crossed decorating themselves with nets and fishhooks and the ABSOLUTELY INSANE crowd in issue 4).

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.