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    • CommentAuthorMisterTibbs
    • CommentTimeAug 11th 2013 edited
    I had posted this in another thread for one page comics, but wanted to share it here as well for a purely artistic opinion as I did it on the ipad and I'm still evaluating it as a quick and dirty art tool.

    Gilgamax Ep1
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    @imaginarypeople - don't know how I missed that one. Really like your work, reminds me of Moebius,
    • CommentTimeAug 11th 2013
    @Paul - Yeah, i went total digital a couple decades ago. This was using Painter X3, with a combination of oils, a watercolour layer to bring up the canvas texture, and a "furry" cloning brush to create that background fringe.
    BTW - loved most everything you posted (as usual) but especially enjoyed the Enemy Below propaganda posters. In the graphic novel i've got bubbling on back burner, the government has replaced fear of terrorists with the Moleman Threat - No Place Is Safe! They Can Strike From Beneath The Ground You Stand Upon! BE AFRAID!!!

    Lots of great stuff as i'm perusing back through the thread to start a bit of catch up, but have to say
    @Hey Apathy! - loving the ridiculously detailed work you were posting. Feels like a colouring book for acid heads.
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    thank you MisterTibbs. Moebius is a big influence
    • CommentTimeAug 12th 2013
    Man, every time I look at this thread I get inspired.
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    Abstract monoprint that absolutely turned out how I expected it.
    • CommentTimeAug 13th 2013

    Broken nose, that's why it's crooked. Friend o' mine/bandmate o' boyfriend's.
      CommentAuthorJack Crowder
    • CommentTimeAug 14th 2013 edited
    @ Ryan S Thomason; I really love that last print.

    Brain Boiling Pot

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    More ipad scribbles.
    The Aromat Canyon from Control:Bleak Pass
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    @jackcrowder - gotta love a brain in a jar, especially when a beautiful woman is pointing a gun at it. Lovely work and cruelly entertaining.
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    @ Jackcrowder - I love the drawn-on-wet-paper look you've got there.

    Meanwhile I did something today I've thought about for years:

    Can you
    what it is yet?
    One in a series of lots. Still thinking of a title.
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    That last photo looks like a tasty marshmallow.
    • CommentTimeAug 17th 2013
    Media: oil and hammer.

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    is that what happens when you combine Gallagher with Jackson Pollock
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    Thanks you guys! Here's one from today:

    • CommentTimeAug 18th 2013

    Lately I've avoided putting up work that is this rough, but I'm working to claw out of a rut and thought about going back to some of the creature feature drawings I squandered most of my teen years on. This is a scanned sketch from yesterday, color manipulated.

    I'm thinking I need to dip into my Dungeons & Dragons addled teenbrain a little more frequently. I may have done enough legit work at this point to haul these monsters out of the category of sophomoric fantasy.

    What I'm saying is these monsters are Juniors at least, maybe Seniors. They'll be graduating soon, unless they decided to double-major too late. Then maybe they've got an extra 3 to 4 semesters. Or more, if they can't get their statistics requirement waived.
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    • CommentAuthorsilvercat
    • CommentTimeAug 19th 2013
    I draw monograms. Here are two of my latest ones.

    • CommentTimeAug 20th 2013
    @no cuddle time - I like your style.

    I may have already posted this here, but this is a new version with different colors.

    new colors!
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    Haven't had much time to draw with my new job, but I am slowly putting something together.