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    I sure do miss William Gravel. And his smoking. And his drinking. And his ripping out of eyeballs and forcing people to vomit up their own intestines and his magic bullets shattering skulls and his flaying alive of bad, bad men.

    There's been talk over the last few years of a GRAVEL: COMBAT MAGICIAN comic series, and you've all heard about Legendary Pictures obtaining the property option, but until we have something new and concrete in front of our eyes, there's the brand new Facebook page moderated by me (Mike Wolfer, co-writer, artist, co-conspirator). I'll be posting loads of images, dispensing trivia about the character, the story lines and the creation of the series, dropping hints and passing along vital info concerning any forward momentum of upcoming projects as soon as it becomes available. Yeah, it's a marketing tool, but it will give those of you who loved the book an inside track on what's on the horizon.

    So go here and "like" it now:

    "Uncle Bill" is waiting for you to down a few pints with him.
    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeJun 25th 2013
    This sounds great! Gravel was very underrated as a comic IMHO.
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    Thankyou for introducing me to the mage of booze and violence, Wolfer.