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      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
    • CommentTimeJul 10th 2013
    @Dextra: I've had migraines that have messed with my functioning a bit before, albeit never to the same extent you had. I know how scary that can be. Sincerely hoping it's nothing life-altering. Also, hugs.
    • CommentTimeJul 10th 2013
    Pro Column:
    I'm on my third medication (Effexor, after Prozac and Wellbutrin) in my new journey to help me with anxiety and depression, and so far it seems to be the one with the most mild effects, good and bad. No show-stopper side effects and it seems to be taking the edge off the anxiety.
    Work is slow and often boring, but I'm getting paid to write to-do wiki articles, so ... cool.

    Con Column:
    Some fuckwound stole my bike out of my backyard last night. They very kindly left my helmet and bike lock (ouch). That thing was my around-town transportation, dammit! Fuck you, bike thieves. Fuck you forever.

    Group Hug:
    @Dextra - Really hoping your physicians are able to help you out with the mysterious medical issue. It sounds really scary and frustrating.
    @dorkmuffin - I'm so sorry for your loss.
    @All Y'all - Endure and thrive. You guys are inspiring.
      CommentAuthormister hex
    • CommentTimeJul 11th 2013
    @chiaslut - Bike thieves are horse thieves and regardless of your views on Capital Punishment, In the Old West, HORSE THIEVES
    WERE HANGED FOR A VERY GOOD REASON. Ya steal a man's horse, ya might as well be a murderer.
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    Catching a bike thief in the act and giving him a good punching, is one of my fondest memories.
    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2013
    @hex & Greasemoneky - It turns out vivid, violent fantasies around catching bike thieves in the act is quite popular. Many people tell me about them when I mention my stolen bike. I have bloody visions of the horror I would inflict on them every single time I think about the bike-shaped hole in my life.
    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2013
    I usually walk everywhere, but I guess I would have the same fantasies if I woke up in a motel bathtub with no legs.
    • CommentAuthorMark R
    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2013
    Jumping on with Mister Hex a bit...

    As a rider, it's my thinking that there's a certain circle of hell reserved for horse thieves and bike thieves. May they all rot there for eternity.
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    I caught this lowlife just as he was wheeling my bike away from the back of the 7/11 where I'd parked it. Many punches ensued.
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    Beginning to see the light

    I went to school with my four-year-old daughter today, for a "bring your dad to school" day. I had to get somebody else in the office to swap days off, which they did, which is incredibly nice of them, and I'm extremely pleased I was able to go. Apparently, she was jumping up and down when they were calling the register, pointing out of the window, and saying "my dads' here". Which is very sweet. So yeah, I've been doing the proper parenting thing today. And some work in the garden, I've potted on my lupins, my penstemons, my little mini tomatoes. I've also cleared out one of the beds which had really gone overgrown. So that's pretty good. I also sorted out a proper wired ethernet connection in the study last week. This means I'm no longer having to argue with my partner about the positioning of the router, I've got a reliable, fast connection, and I've moved a spare wireless router down to the study as well, so I can use my phone, tablet over Wi-Fi, sodding hell I'm fully self-sufficient. So that's all pretty good, I think I'm making progress in a couple of areas, even recorded some guitar music last week, even though it was shit. But it's a start, at least I managed to get set up and hit the record button without the usual stupid mishaps (except the soundcard having literally fallen out of the PC, how the fuck?). I've got one more week of work, and then I'm off on holiday for two weeks. We're going to a chalet in Wales, which I'm really looking forward to. Mainly because it's right next to the beach.

    Some people work very hard but still they never get it right

    Money. My car's in the garage at the moment, there's been a persistent coolant leak for the last couple of years, which recently has got worse, to the point at which it is losing about a litre of fluid aweek. The garage told me that the head gasket is going, and water is running down the back of the engine block. To fix this properly, would cost about £700. That's completely untenable for a car of this age (it's 17 years old...), the alternative, which I'm trying, is just stick a bottle of radiator sealant in the engine, and hope that it does the trick long enough for me to be able to afford another car. But that's not likely to be soon, I've got the house insurance to pay, we've got to have a whole bunch of work done on our bathroom, hopefully by this time next week I'll have a shower again for the first time in well over two years. We also need new mattress, which again. I'm finally about to order because the current one is broken and is literally causing me to wake up in pain several times a night, which clearly isn't any good for my well-being. All of this means that affording food and bills and all of the other stuff is somewhat challenging. I know that I've got a hell of a lot of work to do to pull my finances into some sort of sensible shape. I don't have good self-control, I appear to have been granted insanely high credit limits on just about everything, as I've always had a spotless credit record, but I really need to break out of relying on that and get myself on a sound footing. Not exactly easy when I'm the breadwinner for six people. I don't know, I will get it sorted out, at least I've started to budget and track spending and planned spending, which is starting to make a difference as to how I think about things. It's just that I've never been very good at this kind of stuff and really would rather not think about it all. But hey, needs must.

    And parenting - eldest is being more challenging than usual - REALLY damn rude and provocative, turning procrastination into an art form, and conspiring with the second-eldest to pick on the four year old. I know a lot of it is perfectly normal sibling behaviour, but I find the picking-on really upsetting, as they'll be cruel to her, or exclude her or con her out of something because she's too young to understand what she's agreeing to. And then she'll get upset and they'll hiss something vicious like 'run to your precious daddy then' at her... and then I'll get really cross with the pair of them, which I suspect is what they're trying to engineer. Which I don't want to have to keep doing. Just wish they'd be nicer to each other.

    I have six weeks left of my thirties. I don't like that at all...

    How does it feel to be loved?

    @chiaslut - I hope your bicycle thieves live long but empty and unfulfilled lives, and further, wish that they become afflicted by a peculiar sexual dysfunction, that causes them, just prior to the moment of climax, to picture the person they're having sex with as Rush Limbaugh smeared in his own excrement.

    Also, good luck with Effexor. It worked for me for a good while but just make sure your doctor reviews it - had some pretty grim side effects and withdrawal is, eh, interesting...

    @Dextra - ouch. Hope you get some good answers on that.

    @Flecky - takes a lot of strength to turn away from idiot bloke drunks. Good luck with the group too and kudos for Joy Division titles...
    @Trini - boo - yeah, can relate to all that.
    @Hex - sorry about your friend
    • CommentAuthorFlabyo
    • CommentTimeJul 13th 2013 edited
    Slowly Improving
    I've basically finished my first iOS game. I need to do a bunch of admin things, and then I can prep it for submission. It isn't something I expect to sell crazy numbers or anything, it's really more of a 'prove that I can make a game from start to finish on my own' kind of project. It's turned out pretty good in the end, and I've learned a whole bunch of stuff.

    I've also got a pretty decent idea for what I want to build next, and how to go about prototyping the core of it very quickly in order to tell if I'm on the right lines. Might even get that done ahead of the next meetup of the local indie game developers that we do once a month.

    Mental Paralysis
    I am, however, suffering from some crippling self doubt about the whole thing. It's pretty silly, I know this is within my capabilities, I've kinda *shown* that it's within my capabilities. Yet I can't seem to convince myself that this is actually the case. I have real self-esteem issues when it comes to my work, part of the reason I got so aggressively defensive at times in previous jobs I guess.

    The main stumbling block is I can't decide on a good name for my studio, and until I have that I can't do all the important stuff like getting a domain name, webspace, virtual office front etc... that I need in place to actually ship a finished title. My games are going to be simple little things, mostly at the puzzle or light action end of the spectrum, nothing massively complex or 'core'. I quite liked 'Misbehaviour Tree', but it's one of those words that would spell differently in different countries and I don't know if that's a good idea or not. Other possibles have been 'Strange Vale', 'Rocket Knife' and 'Brain Ink'.

    I suck at naming things.

    Also it's really nice weather here at the moment, but all my usual drinking buddies are either away on holidays with their kids, or nursing injuries which are keeping them housebound. Sat at home with some beers feeling depressed looking at photos of friends at BBQs on beaches on Facebook. Bah.

    Around and About
    To those suffering from the loss of friends, it does get a little easier with time. I'm still at an age where a friend dying is highly unusual and I'm not sure I coped that well with it last year when an old flatmate of mine died. It made me a little closer to some friends, and less close to a lot of others, as my 'link' to that circle of friends was gone. Not much consolation beyond 'I know that feel' I know, but it's there for what it's worth.

    It does sound like a lot of you are getting down with the business of sorting shit out though, send me some of your positive vibes, I could do with some :)
    • CommentTimeJul 14th 2013
    Hex & Dork... There's never anything truly useful to say to someone who's lost someone in their tribe. Maybe some kinda funny to lift the spirits at least for a moment. But I'm not a terribly funny person. But I'm glad you are in my tribe, however distantly. Take very good care of yourselves, ok?

    I've pulled of cleaning maybe a fifth of the kitchen, but it's a huge part of the visible section and it makes walking into the kitchen that much nicer. It's been tough and unfun but it's an actual THING that I'm doing and letting cleanliness be its own reward is kinda ok.
    I've barely worn shoes all week. I don't like shoes.
    Mom got her stitches out, doctor and nurse were very excited to see how well she was healing. I'm excited too.
    I've read a couple of really cool plays. Art and especially theatre make me very happy. I'll be doing some theatre talking with my company today. Looking forward to it.
    With any luck I'll see PACIFIC RIM tonight. (*knocks wood*) I'll pretty much see anything Guillermo del Toro's name on it - and mecha versus kaiju? SO FUCKING THERE.
    Some weird, interesting conversations online. I barely leave the house any more so I mostly only talk with my family, which can easily become The Most Obnoxious Thing Possible. But there were exchanges with a director of the Internet-only drama THE BOOTH AT THE END, the guy behind LARPTrek, and whoever is at the other end of the Godchecker twitter. That last one was particularly weird because it has indirectly resulted in Catholics favoriting my tweets, other Catholics telling me just how wrong I am, atheists calling me names for having faith and other atheists favoriting my tweets for... oh well fuck I don't know anymore.
    But seriously, LARPTrek... I'm not funny but this side had me cackling late into the night. The holodecks are offline so to pass the time Geordi teaches his crewmates the ancient earth entertainment known as LARP. Hilarity ensues.

    Keeping up the momentum and desire to clean is flippin hard. I don't wanna. It's hard work, family people instantly do the work. Oh, on and on and all the complaints that mothers have had EVER about keeping house. ALL AT ONCE. I already didn't want to be a housekeeper or a mom and this is doing nothing but give me resolve.
    My feet hurt. Being on my feet for several hours without shoes is tough on fucked up feet like mine.
    Life is still a complete disaster and mostly suspended until I can get the kitchen back to a less chaotic state (clearing out all the shit in order to clean means relocating a lot to the dining room table which has meant a lot of dinners 'round the TV). So to get my life back I have to finish the kitchen. Please see above where I DON'T WANNA.
    Have not gotten back to the gym this month. Fuck I really wanted to get back on that thing. FUCK.
    Still have a huge desire to kick everyone out of the house for a day.
    Crazy brother is still crazy.
    Zimmerman decision. The fact that the trial had to come about at all... Goddammit.
    • CommentTimeJul 17th 2013
    So. my life hit the fan. Those of you who are my friends on facebook/twitter We've been trying to keep this quiet. So keep it on here/PMs please

    my extremely long term girlfriend and i parted company. 7 years over. and now.... well now. I'm moving to fucking Canada. that was what caused the split. me wanting to get away, her not. anyway. the paperwork is started. and this time next year i'll be in (probably. hopefully) Toronto. maybe Vancouver. depending on jobs...

    anyway. thats my life right now.
    • CommentTimeJul 17th 2013
    Ah fuck...I'm so sorry to hear that, Alastair...

    If you end up coming to Toronto I'll buy you a pint.
    • CommentAuthorArgos
    • CommentTimeJul 17th 2013
    :( 7 years, that's a rough one to end. I'm sorry ((hugs))
    • CommentTimeJul 18th 2013
    thanks guys. it'll be a long road but i'll get there
    • CommentTimeJul 18th 2013
    Oh shit, hang in there. It's gonna be rough, but it'll get better. :/
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    Alastair - well shit. Life will be feral for a while, but it'll find a new direction. :/
    • CommentAuthordnewling
    • CommentTimeJul 20th 2013
    We've just had our third tremor in two days. That's getting a bit too often for my liking and I'm getting worried.
      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
    • CommentTimeJul 20th 2013
    Damn, Alastair... I'm sorry to hear that. Here's genuinely hoping that the move will help you some - sometimes starting new can lessen the pain of an ending. Either way, good luck, man.
    • CommentAuthordnewling
    • CommentTimeJul 21st 2013
    The Boo: we just had our biggest quake yet - 6.5 on the Richter scale.

    The Yay: It was deep, so we got off with minor damage.