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    • CommentTimeJun 23rd 2013
    Turns out I'll be visiting Budapest between the 18th and 25th of July!

    Protocol dictates I turn to you, my trusted source of cool. So, what do you recommend by way of MUSIC, (modern) ART, FOOD &c?

    Also, if you happen to know any venues that would be receptive to my music, point me in the right direction, yeah?
    • CommentAuthorWood
    • CommentTimeJun 23rd 2013
    A fun thing to do in Budapest is Caving. There are a lot of caves to explore under the city.

    I also liked the Buda Castle, especially its foundations who are much older than the castle itself. I was going to recommend the "labyrinth" of connected basements and cellars all over the hill, but it seems to have been closed in 2011 (although Wikipedia claims it's re-opened).

    Also, it's not a visit in Budapest without enjoying at lesat one of the numerous host springs in the city. I went to the szechenyi baths, a large 19th-century establishment, with a large open-air body-temperature pool. It was surprisingly nice in winter, with the snow falling all around.
    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeJun 23rd 2013 edited
    I went to Budapest on a rugby tour several years ago. As Wood said, one of the big pluses was the baths and spas in the city. Despite the country in the past being run by hard-line communists, they saw the sense not to mess with the public baths. Some of them have been granted world heritage status.

    HERE is a site about them. The best ones IMO are the Gellert Baths (Just south of the River with several natural baths set inside the cliff face), and the Széchenyi thermal baths in the heart of the main park.
    • CommentTimeJun 23rd 2013
    Take a side day trip to the Eger wine valley. The "Bull's Blood" wine from there is famed, and the food is incredible. I had a dish of wild board and wild mushrooms cooked in the local wine that I still dream about sometimes. You can wander around the valley from one cave-front wine stand to another and sample all the wares. The wine cellars are all built down into the surrounding hill:

    It is a really easy train trip, about an hour, there and back in a day, and relatively inexpensive.
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    Go to the statue park. When the communism went out of vogue, the people of Budapest didn't just scrap all the era's statues, but took them out of town and left them on a field. Then someone built a fence around that field and started charging for admission. The symbolism is rife. It's a great place to see, awesome pieces of a bygone era.

    I second and third the caves and the baths. I think the baths would especially be your pot of gulyás.

    Memento Park Budapest
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    Well let me just check my info source about budapest...

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.