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    Warren Ellis's Pete Wisdom

    Six-Page Lot.

    Simon Spurrier scripting Pete Wisdom.

    How magnificent is this?
    • CommentAuthorgaveedra
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2013
    Damn my monthly comic shipping schedule! I need this now!
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    One of the X-Titles I feel invested in! Also glad to see MI:13 in as well - I really enjoyed the Captain Britain & MI:13 series, so more of them please!
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    By far the best the best handling I've seen of David Haller has been through this series.

    Delightful exploration on every page. It's been a powder-keg blast.
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    As a person that has not just the MI:13 trades but also the Pete Wisdom Marvel Max trade and all four signed by Paul Cornell, Si's doing the Lord's work here. I'm not sure which one. But my smile was complete and instantaneous all the same.

    Bravo, sir.
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