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    • CommentTimeJul 15th 2013 edited

    We haven't had one of these in a while. Let's find who's still around and hopefully uncover a few gems along the way.

    You do a webcomic? Tell us about It.

    Add a couple images, keep file size under control and don't forget the bloody link.

    Take It easy. Add some ice. Bring your friends. Shake It.

    And remember this is not for people to list their favourite webcomics. That's boring.

    Now, shoot.
    • CommentAuthorEastman
    • CommentTimeJul 16th 2013
    I guess I'll go first then. I've launched two webcomic series this year that have been years in development.

    The first is relatively contained adventure fantasy about a mysterious man named Raith who arrives on a remote island at the edge of the world, his only companions his two black birds. It's called Murder & Midnight.

    Here are a pair of low res sample pages:

    Murder & Midnight Sample Page

    Murder & Midnight Sample Page

    I'm Jon Eastman, the writer, and the painterly artwork is the handiwork of my partner, David Ward.

    Come check out the story thus far:
    • CommentAuthorEastman
    • CommentTimeJul 16th 2013
    And the second webcomic is 13 Legends, a total reimagining of the Arthurian Myths set in an alternate 1770s where the industrial revolution has come early, and the world is on the cusp of the reemergence of magic.

    Some sample low res pages:

    13 Legends Sample

    13 Legends Sample

    And a few characters...

    Here's Kay...
    13 Legends Sample

    ...and Morgan Le Fay...
    13 Legends Sample

    13 Legends Sample

    ...and Guinevere.
    13 Legends Sample

    I (Jon) am the series creator and co-writer, Stuart Thomas is co-writer, Gian Fernando is on pencils & inks, and David Ocampo is the colorist.

    Thanks to anyone who gives it a look!
      CommentAuthorJon Wake
    • CommentTimeJul 21st 2013
    Wow, that's some gorgeous work there. C'n I ask you a question? I've been way out of the loop for a long time. Well, three or four years, but in the comics world that's like, centuries. Anyway, those are two fantastic artists. How did you meet them?
    • CommentAuthorEastman
    • CommentTimeJul 23rd 2013
    Thanks! Yes, I'm very lucky to be working with such talents, for sure.

    To be honest, it was a pretty exhaustive process. I advertised on forums where artist hang out and then went through a truckload of portfolio submissions. Then I had to decide who meshed well. It takes some time, luck, and a nose for who might be a good fit. (which also means you need to know what you want)