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    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2013
    the girl & I bought a scooter last week (and a very nice one) with her proceeds from her artwork for Gallaudet University's VL2 project, and we've put in a few hundred klicks on it already (damn, talk about addictive... oops).

    @Flecky, i don't have any personal addiction issues, but i've seen my fiancee through her alcohol addiction the past few years, and she's managed to get it under control. She's never done the AA thing, rather she went to therapy and sorted out her issues, with me and her close friends to help her along. the support of your peers goes a long way. The again, one of my ex from college has been in AA since she was 16, and it's worked really well for her. everyone has their own methods. 11 months is nothing to sneeze at.

    and for polygamy, we have a sort of open relationship, where she is bisexual and dates women on the side. me, i'm not interested in personally venturing on the side, with either male or female liaisons. There's no jealousy on my part (which a lot of our friends find odd) i just acknowledge that people are complex and not everyone has the same needs. i like being with one person, and she likes both sexes, but not in the context of a superficial fling. i told her at the beginning of our relationship that i'm not looking to be shared with her dates, and she much prefers it that way also. it makes it less complicated.
    • CommentTimeAug 27th 2013
    @vorn Congrats on the novel mate! Titanic effort.

    I put this thing out. People said nice things. I don't hate it, which is good. The Edinburgh Book Festival was amazing. Eavesdropped on a conversation between Grant Morrison and Neil Gaiman, and raised a dram to Iain Banks. Heard some amazing, inspiring things. Two weeks off - first holiday since November - starts Friday. Can't wait.
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    Oh you gorgeous, lovely, lot. You and you and you and... (stupid grin)

    I have so much of a thing playing switcheroo with my head this evening and it won't let me write it down. it wants to be sung or declaimed or something... I'll get there eventually and in the meantime I've got all the maker threads here to wander around :-))
    • CommentTimeAug 28th 2013
    So this past week, I've been doing a lot. I mediated a big argument between my folks, have been running all sorts of errands for them, set up a phone plan for my mom, made a huge roast chicken dinner for my mom's friend, getting both my folks to be more active and health-minded for food and have been working pretty hard to give good morale throughout the household. It's been exhausting, but I don't mind.

    So today, as a thank you, they bought me some flowers.

    Which, despite the tough exterior, I'm always a sucker for. I rarely get flowers from other people, usually I get them for myself to brighten my room up, so it's extra special when someone in my life thinks to get me some.
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    Oh and now I quite genuinely want to sit in a nice pub and talk to all of you and feed those that would eat them red bull muffins... (I'm sure I can find something I can bake that the rest of you would eat).

    @oldhat oh flowers! yum... Going to wander away now before I work out the last time I had any that weren't entirely self found... (I am too fucking self-reliant, even when I can't be, for anyone to think of doing things for me, especially without my having cajoled or asked or nagged (wrt the children doing chores!) them into it. (Heck I had to have a severe talking with myself about not falling for the dear man who made coffee without being asked!)

    and I'm incredibly grateful for the other thread...
    • CommentTimeAug 29th 2013
    "Making coffee" is my default state. :)

    See, flowers are interesting. I genuinely think that buying Your Loved One flowers every single week to show them how much you care is a waste of money that would have been better spent making a delicious meal or buying a game you can enjoy together, but then again: Those things are probably exactly the same to people who would buy flowers or jewellery. On the other hand: When the thought strikes someone that "Hey. Those flowers remind me of how awesome my Loved One is. I will buy her some." that becomes something special. I don't buy wifeyface flowers nearly often enough, but when I do - it's a thing.
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    After sending the super pictures of cockroaches living in my printer, he called and is finally interested in getting the situation taken care of. YAY!

    A friend of mine decided to treat me to the amazingness of SPA CASTLE today, I found the closest thing to a Jill-jet, and I ate yummy foods. Hooray!
    • CommentTimeAug 29th 2013
    Today I got so much shit done. All types of admin stuff for school, plus I worked with a client for two hours that were crazy productive (unusual). Wrote a bunch of the dreaded academic article I'm gonna try to cold-publish; it's now at 5000 words and looks to make it to 10000.
    And the moment I got up to head to bed, the delicious opening bass tones of 'Bela Lugosi's Dead' came on the stereo. (the 7" single version.) It was just one of those bizarrely affecting moments, and by that I mean vaguely pornographic.
    Not bad for getting up at 11am.

    Oh also I get to do a book review for an academic quarterly and it came in the mail yesterday and it was from the Smithsonian! I got mail from the Smithsonian! My life is the coolest.
    (The book looks amazing, it's about fashion shows and the spectacle, you'll get the non-stodgy version of my review, promise.)
    • CommentAuthorflecky
    • CommentTimeSep 2nd 2013 edited
    My huge-almighty-hug of recent was discovering an old piece of music by Gavin Bryars called Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet. And watching Magnolia again.

    *sigh* The humanity!
    • CommentTimeSep 2nd 2013
    Jesus' Blood is indeed a super hugworthy thing!

    My hugs for now are mostly about spending a really nice weekend with Älymystö making strange noises at nice Latvians.

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.