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    DON'T FUCK WITH THEM. ALSO, I'm still here. Hi. Hi. I think I just hurt my throat.


    So we haven't had one of these threads in a long time and more and more I'm seeing some new faces grace the board.

    So this is a place for the old guard and the new arrivals to come by and get acquainted with one another. Say hello. Tell us a bit about yourself and add a picture if you have one (I find this place gets better when we can put a face to the name).

    We're optional when it comes to real names. Hell, if you want to stick to a completely fictional backstory for yourself that works too. But say hi.

    Hello. I'm Robin. Welcome to Whitechapel.
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    I'm John Skylar, PhD candidate and science fiction writer.

    I used to be on here a lot more and now I'm trying ease my way back. Lately I'm trying to listen more and talk less. Had a lot of good times back then, online and in person, with the incredible people of Whitechapel. If you're new, you're in for an incredible ride.
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    Based in Helsinki, Finland. Used to be a translator for about 15 years, now making the shift into music. Soundguy, DJ, musician, occasional builder of instruments, promotor and pretty much anything else as the need arises.

    I love to cook, and am rarely as happy as I am when the wheels lift off the runway.

    If I'm not smilng, I'm having a real bad day.

    This is me (having a real bad day), although feel free to add a few months of hair on that head:

    ETA: Oh yeah, 38. I have no idea how I feel about the fact I'm turning 40 next year.

    Risto / taphead
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    Hi, I'm Flor.

    I've been in the neighborhood since 2008 but my life is almost unrecognizable now as compared to then.

    I live in Southern California and I'm in Los Angeles quite frequently - and curse not being able to live in the city.

    I am aiming for a career in voice acting but going about it very slowly. Theatre is my oldest love and I sometimes stage manage and do dramaturgy. I haven't acted on stage since college and I'm trying to sort out if...maybe...I should...

    I hedge a lot.

    I learned a lot of Japanese but then stopped because the easy-to-get-to classes ran out, and all the online options end at the same intermediate level. But I still harbor a dream of becoming fluent.

    I speak Spanish fluently.

    I dig on philosophy, *love* Kant and Hume, poking at Deleuze, Hegel and Baudrillard recently and enjoying it. I think about things too much.

    I hate photos of myself.

    Wordpress (Audio page has my VO demo) Twitter Tumblr

    Hello all, Whitechapel is a good place. Inspiring and such. Just want to keep that particular ball rolling.
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    Oi, Renthing, otherwise known as Matt. I live in the Bay Area with my wife, son, and two dogs. By day I work in HR, at night I write, game, drink, and whatever else sounds fun at the time.
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    Hello everyone

    My name is Bob. Only my cat calls me Robert.

    Was born in Scotland (Shetland Isles), lives & studied in Glasgow in the '90s before moving to London. There I met the woman I would marry, Sigga with whom I moved to Iceland in 2007. I've lived there ever since.

    I introduced myself to the W/C family in 2007, and like most people here, my life has changed quite a lot.

    Love geek culture in all its forms - Comics, Films, strange ephemera, you name it. But my main passion is music. Started writing about music and have been writing for publications in Iceland on the music scene here for quite a few years.

    Also blog and stuff at the appropriately titled REYKJAVIK SEX FARM. I'm also on da twitters.

    2013 will hopefully see some changes in my life. Mostly for the better!

    Hey Peeps! Just to let you know that Everyone above this entry are top acolytes. Heeds their words younglings!
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    Ken here.

    When I signed up to Whitechapel I was in my final year of university, living in a lovely house in Leeds, and working in a job that stressed me out and that I was soon to be made redundant from.

    Now it's all change! I'm in the final year of an MA, living in a lovely house in London, and working in a job that stresses me out and ...

    My non-academic hobbies have shrivelled somewhat over the last two years and have gone particularly dark this summer as I've been chipping away at a final thesis (now in final squeaky-bum three weeks), but come September when I have nailed the bastard I have plans to get back into cinema, literature, running, climbing, and travelling. Planning to write more as it seems to be something I've consistently enjoyed since forever, but have never been honest enough with myself to take seriously.

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    I'm Tom. From Essex. Trying to get as far away as possible, physically and mentally. Whitechapel is like a big brother/sister I never had.
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    Like Ken, I was in my final year at school when I signed up (well, I think it was the summer before). I'm now out and about in the real world, for better or for worse, and I have no idea what I'm doing with my life. Technically I guess I work in advertising.

    But I like drawing. I like reading. I don't paint enough anymore. And I photograph live music a lot with a camera that frustrates the hell out of me.

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    I guess I'll do a proper submission.

    Hey, I'm Robin. 28 and living in Toronto.

    When I started at Whitechapel back in the far-off days of 2007, I was in my final year of film school and working part time as a film editor with thoughts of going in to advertising.

    Now I'm working as a freelance photographer, do a bit of music publicity and run a craft beer site called The Thirsty Wench which has been seeing some success.

    (I'm really rather nice, I swear)
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    Jon. Signed up, I think 2008. Nearly 40. English, near Portsmouth. Slightly foxed. Four daughters. Work in internal communications for very big British firm. Musician and photographer otherwise.


    Whitechapel people are lovely.
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    From San Jose, some of you may know me from a while back. Signed up in 2008.

    23, 24 in two weeks. Looking for a full-time job in CNC machining. Sometimes, I pretend to be an artist.
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    Hi, I'm ian/ata and mostly a lurker. Around since 09 or so. Quite active in the #whitechapel IRC channel/chat room.

    I'm 31 and a writer and terrible, terrible painter. Work as an emergency services dispatcher in central Massachusetts, US. On twitter and tumblr.

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    Whoa. Hey, ata. Long time no see!
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    Man, it's great to see so many of you wonderful people returning to the fold!
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    Hello. I'm Ian. Expat Australian, living in Toronto since the end of 2010.

    I'm a terrible writer but a damned good painter, and occasionally host drinking parties for the other Toronto Whitechapellers.

    Here's a picture of me by Sizer:

    Ian by Sizer
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    ^^ Zoetica Ebb t-shirt?
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    My name is Paul Sizer. My online identity is Paul Sizer. I'm clever like that. Here since 2007.

    I live in Kalamazoo Michigan, am married to comic artist/roller derby star Jane Irwin and have spent most of my life trying to make good comics, and for the last 20 years been trying to get people to pay me to do them. I am the CEO and Senior Designer of Sizer Design + Illustration, and Head Publisher of Café Digital Studios. I have self published 3 graphic novels to date: LITTLE WHITE MOUSE, MOPED ARMY and B.P.M. and as a graphic designer, I work with people all over the globe, including 80's synthpop star Thomas Dolby.

    I also hate all sports except for roller derby, and have spent the last 2 years making my local team look as good as they can art-wise.
    I love music, especially that kind that you have to plug in.

    I have also been called a bastard by Warren Ellis, to my face, and have a signed object to back that up. He's also said a lot of nice things about me as well. I basically re-invented myself on these boards, upping my talent level by being forced to compete with an international cast of artistic talent that kicked my ass and made me get better. That means more to me than you can ever know. I've also drawn most of the regulars on this board in the last few years. They call it being "Sizer-ized"...

    You can see all of the art I do at my also cleverly named website