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    • CommentTimeAug 8th 2013
    @Ata - You're also a connoisseur of fine booze.
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    @dorkmuffin: hallo! is good to see you.

    @Osmosis: Yup! Coilhouse tee, to be precise. Worn in the middle of a police department for ironic and karmic purposes.

    @RenThing: Indeed, sir. And a fan of making the vein on your forehead pulse like a warp coil.
    • CommentTimeAug 8th 2013
    Hi, I'm Brittney. I'm seldom on anymore (for reasons relating mostly to self-esteem, but this isn't the place for that, is it), but I've been a member since '08. I may be better known by some as Headmistress of the infamous (and greatly overdue for a return) Whitechapel Skype Nights.
    My life is very much the same as it was when I joined: working as a supermarket cake decorator, w/ ambition but no willpower to do something else... I'd really like to do live sound stuff, but have no idea how to go about it. Living w/ my long-time fiance and our cat and all our comic books and DVDs and Heroclix and stuff. I'm 25 now, though, that's different.

    This is me in a top hat. This doesn't happen often.
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    Formerly known as Stygmata on these hallowed boards. Been around since, uh, a while. (Dec 2008 apparently)

    IT support person and former philosophy grad student/TA. Exploded into a welter of contradictions after simultaneously posting in the postmodern philosophy and the "I Did Not Need to See That" threads, returned to lurking in the damp basement.
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    littlepurplegoth, also known in rl as Helen.

    I've been around here a couple of years now, was persuaded to stop reading/lurking and sign up properly by a friend who was already here. I have a comics and books habit, a few children, and I make a lovely acquaintance :evil grin:

    I am past 40 (and its fine guys, come on in the decades *lovely*).

    I'm a writer/journalist slash singer/musician slash performance artist slash model slash supporting artist (this picture was a continuity shot from The Chronicles of Professor Elemental - go and watch it on you tube, I'm the one being shut in the boot!) slash radio/TV presenter slash gin fiend... Oh ffs, I'll do almost anything else that is fun, possibly for cash and as long as its probably legal somewhere in the world... I also like cooking and making electronic things that go beep. Origami and CD chains I made (along with many others) are currently in SF on their way to Burning Man as part of the Luma Module. So proud to have been a helper in getting that done!

    I'm rambling, sorry. I may have had a bit too much red bull this evening. I had to go out and watch burlesque.


    eta:I'm on twitter as @ helenarmfield anyone from here is very welcome to come and say hello :-) Somewhere else on here are links to various tumblrs and things so I won't repeat those here
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    Names Mike, just signed up a few days ago. Fire protection Co GM out of Long Island. Picked up some comics at a con found my way to White Chapel. Hobbies include comics, books, motorcycles & animation. Always looking for recommendations.
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    My name is Renee, though you can find me around the Internet as trini_naenae. I joined in 2007 when it was starting up, and have been around more or less since then. Back then I was in Fresno, California, taking art/photo classes at the city college and working etc. I was also doing a lot more creative stuff back then.

    Currently I live in northern Wisconsin around the Apostle Island region working as a cashier in an evil box store. Which surprisingly, is better than working at my previous (union!) job, mostly because the stress levels are significantly lower. I haven't done much creatively lately, though I did set up a website and etsy and you can follow me on twitter. I'm significantly less active online than I used to be, and according to my doctors, I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which is code for being tired all the time for no good reason. Was that too much? Probably. Um... a photo.

    From March, petting Watson, which y'all helped me name:

    edit: decided to add a link to my website since that is probably ok and stuff.
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    Hey cats and kittens,

    My name is Jason and I have been talking since 2010 but I lurked for a while before then. I came here for Warren and ended up with many new friends from all around the world. WC is somewhere I come to for calmed nerves and mental high fives.

    Personally I have been an IT tech for 90 some odd days, since starting here I have earned an Associates Degree in networking and changed careers. Looking through these 26 mini-bios it is cool seeing the roads traveled by the people from when I first met them. Since coming here I have had two short stories published and I have a long standing hobby of thinking about writing and then just reading some comics, trolling the net, or watching movies. I am current "working" on a comic with my cousin about my Grandfather in WW2.

    This is my face


    I one day hope to be Sizer-ized.
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    Hi, I'm Sarah. Been here on and off since 2009. I live with my daughter in the tonally manic city of Seattle. I especially like the Remake/Remodel threads, and Around the Net is a sure fire way to stave off the ice weasels. Bless all of your baby angel hearts for it.

    When I'm not working, I like to play pinball and make things. I am making my second hesher vest right now! I have a fondness for weirdo art and movies. I like more things than I hate.
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    I'm Glukkake. According to my profile, I've been here since Jan 2008, bringing this site close to rivaling my longest relationship. I'm one of them artist types, though I don't share my art nearly as much as I should. I run Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School both here in NYC and, technically, the worldwide corporation, while also working a billion other freelance jobs that aren't as recognizable. My favourite thing is to stay up until the early hours of the morning and then rant about what's wrong with the internet these days. Also, octopuses.
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    I'm Max, aka Morac, aka DoktorLoy. I make games. I've been here since, uh, sometime in the past. Currently I work for a company making children's games for Leapfrog devices as well as the occasional mobile game. I dream of going full-time indie at some point in the future (nearer rather than later, if I have my way).

    I am also from Canada, which I can tell you first hand is a place entirely made of polar bears.

    I have a twitter, which I use to rant about video games, and the aforementioned blog, which I also use to rant about video games, though in a slightly different manner (in this case "slightly different" means "infrequent").

    At one point I looked like this:

    These days I look like a host of eels in a suit.
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    Hi I'm (another) Ian

    If you've ever wondered what one of the lurkers who reads everything on here and almost never comments look like it's this:

    I split my time between London and deepest, darkest Suffolk where I'm lucky enough to live in some of the most beautiful countryside ever invented by Gainsborough and Constable. For money I'm a Suit in one of the UK's biggest corporations. Mostly I do marketing strategy and Being Sarcastic at people. The best bit of my job is that I get to decide who can go up one of London's most recognisable bits of skyline.

    I came for the Freakangels in 2008 ( think?, I'm old, I forget stuff) and stayed for the constant torrent of free inspiration that you lovely people pour out through this forum. Every time Paul Sizer posts something my heart skips a beat.

    I rarely comment on anything 'cos (a)time, (b)my creative output starts and ends with cooking and sarcasm and (c)time. But I read pretty much everything and just wanted take a moment to thank you guys.
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    Paul Watson

    Hi, I'm Paul. Signed up here in 2007. I don't post that much (214 posts in 5 years!) but stop by a few times a week to enjoy caching up on what's new.

    40-something Web Manager for an academic publishing company by day, artist and owner of the Lazarus Corporation by night. Twitter & other stuff can be found on my account page.

    I live in Brighton, UK, and today I have the day off work so that I can get some artwork done. This makes me happy.
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    Hello I'm Gary. Lurked for a long time, posted occasionally mainly books and oldhats much missed beer threads. I've discovered so many new bands and authors through you wonderful people so thanks are long overdue. I work in the chemical industry in NE england, married with grown up family. For all those dreading their 40s I'm 50 in a fortnight. As littlepurplegoth said there's nothing to fear come on in the waters lovely. Although I have been told "its about time I stopped with the comics" NEVER!!
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    • CommentTimeAug 9th 2013
    I'm from Brest, France and I read a lot of comics.

    Also I travel to a different country every year.

    I can be found on twitter and reblog stuff on tumblr.
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    This is me a few weeks ago, jigsaw trimming an 8' roll of seamless backdrop paper because impatience.

    I'm Bill. I've been around since 2008. I've met a large number of people here in actual life for real honest. Mostly in Canada and Williamsburg. Bizarrely, as I'm an intentional Angeleno.

    For cash monies I am a honest to goodness corporate IT manager. In previous geologically recent eras I was an actor and a dotcom startup morlock. These days when I can I am an artist in pastels and ink. I also photograph some women but mostly one of them.

    I'm rarely here anymore. I pop in now and then when stuff from here percolates up through twitter via people from here that are also there. I came here originally because people were interesting here. In the beginning I was sometimes an ass, though hopefully have become less so. Shamefully I wasn't even reading Freakangels for the whole first few months I became active, though eventually got on board. Drifted away a bit when Warren abdicated, because I'm shallow that way. Lurk back because Robin, Melissa, Caroline, Risto, Janos and Patrick keep being interesting here. Also lots more of you, but mostly them.

    You should be more like them, is what I'm saying, I guess.

    Feel free to ignore me, but hello. I live here, here and here and here and even here. And here. And here. Sorry that's a lot of heres.

    Delighted this corner of the web still works!
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    Vandalhandle/Neil Delaney


    I'm Neil, I've been on here since sept 2008, think i was very quiet for the first couple of years, have been a bit more active in recent times.

    I'm a game artist, living in Dublin, Ireland, with a 9-5 and freelance gigs at rival game companies, getting some mentoring to get into animation, it's what I studied time to give it a go, also pitching my own idea for a company soon.

    You can find me online alot, twitter, tumblr, blog, site, instagram.
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    I am not dead

    I'm Kay. I'm 41. Australian. Artist, musician, father of 3 boys. Read the forum for a long time before joining it a few years ago. Not posting much at the moment due to mental health issues. Bipolar. Having trouble even typing this much, goddamn it.

    More about me here.
    I'm also on Twitter.
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    I'm Steve. I am a gestalt entity ran by four different people on four different continents as an experiment in digital identity.


    I'm Steve. I make up stuff on the internet.I currently live in Nottingham, UK. I studied media technology over a decade ago and I utilise the knowledge gained in making occasional glitch-art images and even more occasionally really crappy mixes. I've been here for nearly 5 years. I am not the chatty type but I do enjoy posting animated gifs in the 'around the net' thread, and posting news stories in the news thread. I'll also post the occasional selfie. You can find me on the twitters, the tumblrs or facebooks - and about a thousand other web-services under the same name.
    • CommentTimeAug 9th 2013
    Me as a lemur

    Ahoy-hoy! I'm Nick, nearly 30, from Brighton UK. Been here since 2007, mostly as a lurker because most of y'all are fearsomely intelligent and creative. When I came here I was somewhat bitter, confused and unhealthy. Nowadays I am pretty happy, healthy, still somewhat confused, but living with a wonderful woman and our lovely little cat called Poppy.

    I work in HR doing policy development stuff, happily in the public sector. I spend most of my money on comics, craft beers, candy and videogames. I like to cook, potter around the garden, and run on a treadmill while listening to Clutch and gesticulating wildly. I too am on Twitter, should you be in the mood for a mix of enthusiastic shouting about comics and beer, angry left-wing RT's and gnomic attempts at humour.