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    Hallo Whitechapelians

    I am Bunny, long-time lurker, and haven't been at all active in AGES. I aim to change that a bit since I come here often enough and you all seem supremely awesome.

    I live in the horrific post-industrial wastelands on the outlying regions of Manchester, England, currently on-and-off student support worker while waiting for funding to pick up on a PhD. Hobbies and creative outlets are multifarious and numerous: *deep breath* I run and co-own Aural Sects, and indie record label that hoovers up most of my time, I make music as Pe† Ceme†ery (basically sums up my digital music learning curve, coming from an avant-garde classical music composition background - THE TRANSFERENCE IS SURPRISINGLY MINIMAL) as well as numerous other tiny little projects, I've just started doing radio shows for Future Music (which fellow Whitechapeller Texture now contributes to, also). I've also started writing comics, two of which I have artists for and a third which is languishing in limbo due to me not being able to find a suitable artist (hello artists).

    I've also started trying to set up my own business in music production/mixing/mastering/orchestration, and about 30 other things that I forget right now.

    When I am outside of my little hovel, I look a bit like this:

    Bunny Intonamorous - King of Burgers

    I actually know a few of the Whitechapel music nerd crew on facebook (where I mostly live) and the twitters that I've been introduced to by Texture and some of the Black Lantern crew that I know run around here. You can probably expect me to mostly park my buttocks in the music discussions, and anywhere where there's discussions of Messrs. Ellis, Spurrier, Ellis, Moore etc. etc.. Also the weird shit/Around the Net threads.

    Thank you all for being awesome (in retrospect and in advance).
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    • CommentTimeAug 19th 2013
    ^I knew Bunny was a chappeller, but until now, I never knew which chapeller Bunny was...

    Hello there.
    That's an old pic, but it remains fairly representative. I have a little more hair right now, but not so much as you might think.

    I'm Tom. I'm 36. I live in Glasgow. I was a chef for a long while, up until about the time I signed up here in fact. I jacked it in cos I wanted to make a living from, like, thinking about stuff really hard rather than sweating and yelling. I graduated this year in Literature and Informatics (I know it's an odd combo) and I've just been accepted for a Research Masters in "Urban Spaces as Game Environments" which I'm pretty stoked about. Still working on the whole "make a living from brainmeats" thing, but I have kind of an exciting project underway which is looking better and better every day. If it works out I'm sure to tell you all about it, if it doesn't I'll just pretend I was lying.

    As with some others in this thread, I haven't been around here in a while. I miss it, and I miss threads like this one which make it unavoidably obvious that internet people are humans too.

    I've become a smarter person and a (somewhat) better person in the last few years, in part because of this place - though the terrible psychic trauma I've visited upon the poor folks here along the way was the price a planetary communications network paid. Swings and roundabouts innit?

    Anyway, I'm super-excited about Disenchanted, so reckon I'll be around a bit more in the coming few.
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    ^ I always sweat and yell when I'm thinking really hard. What an awesome topic you study, regards a former larper and a location based game aficionado.
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    • CommentTimeAug 20th 2013
    Thanks Vorn, I had to fight them for it a bit, but it's what I want to be about right now. As a sector it seems underprovided with people who are not hypnotised by Open Data, so I hope to offer something there.
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    Hey, I'm Billy. I'm a prison guard for the federal government from Chicago living in Houston.

    I'm a former punk rocker, current father & husband, and I used to live an odd amount of wild adventures in my younger years (collected throughout: Worst Roomate Story which lead to the Terrible Job Stories, and Embarassing Stories of Life, and finally I wrote a bunch in Storytime with GovSpy.

    The wife & I just had a kid, and I'm working my ass off, so I'm not on as much as I used to. Still checking in, but listening a lot more than posting.

    Kinda miss Whitechapel a bit, and maybe I'll start writing more. I'm currently working on a children's story for my son, "Captain Callahan & His Giant Mechanical Squid" that I just made up as a bedtime story the other night.
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    governmentspy - congrats to you and the missus on the sprog, mate!
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    Hello Chappeleans

    I am sometimes Doc Ocassi. I drop in an out of here occasionally with vitriol, but I hope, always good natured and playful, I aquire money by hawking my services as an electrician, my work mainly involves keeping those big seaborne drilling rigs going, providing you all with the oil that props up your not so opulent lifestyles.

    My interest include computers (coding, computer security, encryption), finance and money (theory, read our current slavery), and pretty much anything (maker|hacker)space related. this seems to put me at odds with large swathes of the unwashed.

    I am also a motherfucker.

    Edit: I mainly hang out on the whitechapel IRC chatroom, though not always actively.
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    Hello fellow human creatures,
    I am Sam. I lurked here for a long time, probably midway through the FreakAngels run, and then stopped spending as much time online. But now I have a proper office, with a desk & chair & everything, so my plan is to be an active participant. I work in theatre, I write, I read comics and I have delusions of grandeur.
    This place is an inspiration, and I hope the collective creative energy will help me finish my Great-Beast-of-a-Novel.
    Also I love the work, and just like being around all this brilliance.
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2013
    Summer outfit
    Hi, i'm jason, I live in Montreal, Quebec, the laughingstock of Canada as of late, what with the bullshit called the PQ.

    anyway, i've been here on and off for a while, i'm engaged to a stressed-out artist/badass activist/newly graduated (and yet to be employed) Museum Technician/Poet
    I do a lot of photography and video (mostly video) freelancing, and just recently i created a stop-motion animation, which i'll be able to show when the client's website goes live on September 15. I'm currently working on a grant to develop a short stop-motion film entirely in sign language. I also construct many video and studio gear, sets for the stage
    Givin' myself a hand...
    and whatever else i can find to do.
    I'm always enjoying my visits to Whitechapel, what with its variety, surprises, and inhabitants. A port of sanity on the fringes of society :)
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2013
    @dispophoto, I always forget you're in Montreal, I keep thinking Quebec City.
    I know you're a busy guy, but we should do a photo-walk sometime.
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2013
    @allana that sounds like a plan. it'll have to wait 'til i find my hearing aid, since, as of a few months ago the little white furry maggot got his paws on it one night and it hasn't been seen since. thank fuck my fiancee & my clients are Deaf.
    • CommentTimeAug 27th 2013
    I was hoping I could come up with an activity that would adequately excuse my lack of ASL. :/
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    Look at all your beautiful faces! Hello hello hello I'm Bram occasionally referred to round these here parts as texture. I'm lucky in that I've met more'n a few 'Chappellers IRL, many of them are collaborators, co-conspirators and even co-delinquents. I've been working as a journalist for a year, which is hilarious, who knows where that's going! I do writer-y things, music-y things, radio things, label-y things and performance-y things. Whitechapel has inspired and supported many of them over the years. It's been an invaluable part of my life. I'm proud to call it home. Typically, I dont visit enough. Welcome to all the new folk! Three things you should know about this place... 1) SPACE SHARK RULES, 2) RESPECT THE MODS, 3) something about crying which I always forget.

    (edited to fix photo)
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    Wow, took me a while but here goes...

    Hello. I'm Alex, musician, composer and occasional non-fiction writer, based in London. Been posting here since 2008 or sth... Have met a fair few peeps from here IRL and I hope to meet more :) You can check some of my stuff out here, here and here.

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    Hey there folks,

    I'm Magnus, I'm a Circus Performer, a DJ and currently also a chef living in Bristol, UK. I have apparently been posting here since 2011, although I lurked for a year or so before that, having discovered this wonderful place whilst studying Journalism in Cornwall. I have aspirations to be a whole host of things, but mainly I'm just content to be a working, moving part of the universe, and am enjoying my temporary burst of consciousness.

    Sometimes I take the grease-paint off, and on those occasions I sometimes look like this:

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    ^ He's not shitting you. He is that beautiful IRL, the lovely bastard.

    Aaaaaand the rest of you have mighty beards! That is, where you do...
    Where you don't, you're pretty. Damned pretty.

    Popeye says

    Ben here.
    Last name up there, along with the aeons of other forgotten languages. Cymraeg, os chi gwybod.
    Don't currently have a beard but I love the fact that my niece nabbed the above Skype screenshot.
    Actor, maker, writer, worker. The 1st of those being where I met Magnus.

    Been around since '08 and, like many, came for the angels then stuck around for the freaks. The best kind.

    Had a couple of months off WC recently because work took off majorly and I'm now living out of a suitcase because of it - in a good way, don't worry [I know how you do]. I'm living on the road making an adventure [pervasive media real world game] in Bodiam Castle.

    As of today I've also become a HuffPostUK blogger: first post about The Fatberg in London recently [cheeky I know but if anyone wants to shout about it a la social medias, much appreciated] and one article to come every week until my anti-historical-novel novel comes out on December 13th, Purefinder.

    More info about that and me at my shop window.

    Mostly post in the film reviews, read the Crossed and lurk at the pretty hilarious comments, then update writers on writing stuff. Bragging rights: was once involved in a project that Oldhat started where we filled in one page of a notebook then sent it onto another person. Aces.

    I meant it by the way, you're all pretty pretty.
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    • CommentTimeAug 29th 2013
    I meant it by the way, you're all pretty pretty.


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    Still pretty.

    [Pretty cool.]
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    I'm a Steve and one of the real name crew.

    I live between North Yorkshire, England and Munich in Bavaria.
    i have a couple of jobs. For a lot of years I've been a professional archaeologist, mainly working in contract archaeology. I'm also a GIS specialist so get to play with cool digital versions of historic maps. My own research interest is how people physically experienced Iron Age landscapes, particularly hillforts.

    I'm also a writer. I specialise in writing about custom and vintage motorbikes, and have been freelancing for BSH Custom Motorbike magazine on and off for a few years.
    I'm a regular reviewer for Fortean Times which keeps me supplied in interesting books.

    From my brain I write fiction, mainly unsettling stories and have left them all over the net, places like Weaponizer (Cheers Texture!), Innsmouth Free Press and Cabinet des Fees.
    You can find links to all my fiction at my website and facebook. or

    I'm currently working on a collaboration with a photographer where I'm writing short fiction inspired by cricket.

    I'm also a stay at home dad.

    I keep coming back here because I find it one of the most creative, intelligent, insightful and informed corners of the web.
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    Hey look. SMYS in his classiest outfit!

    So that's me then. The laughter is because I realized what shirt I was wearing just as the photo was taken. I wish I could say I own it ironically. That said... best to keep some mystery.

    I'm Mike and I haven't been around much lately. I started lurking in late '09 and finally poked my head out about a year later. Life has gotten so busy lately that I don't really have the energy and time simultaneously to do more than the occasional lurk. It's mostly good busy though, so there's that. I'm more present on twitter and occasionally post things on my own web site, which is dedicated to my music, occasionally my writing, and whatever brain-vomit that feels the need to be thrust upon the world.

    I've had the good fortune of meeting a few of you lot in the flesh and it was a pleasure. There are several more to whom I aspire to hoist a pint or six, and more or less the rest of you should give me a shout if you find yourself in the USA in and around Boston since being from the old neighborhood is reason enough to get to know you.