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    I admit this is partially a plug for my friend's comic he is Kickstarting, but I thought this would be a good place to also get some feedback on the comic itself.

    It's called B-Squad: Soldiers of Misfortune. The premise is that B-Squad is a group of cut-rate mercenaries who take on the missions and jobs the A-Team has not the time nor inclination to do. The rub: each issue a character is randomly selected to die by the end of the issue and gets replaced in the next issue by another equally quirky B-Squad rookie. Some love the idea, others not so much. What's your take?

    edit: He has reached his Kickstarter goal, so if this does tickle your fancy you'll be able to get a copy in September sometime.

    Here is a link to the first five pages.
    B-Squad home page.
    Link to the Kickstarter with more explanation and video.