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    @ Steerpike

    I've been visiting UMPC Portal along with doing my own research and everything points to the MSI Wind. For the cost of $500 you get XP, 1 gig ram, 80 gig hard drive, bluetooth, 4 to 5.5 battery life and Intel's latest UMPC processor the Atom. Here's a video review of it. I'm pretty sold on it...
    • CommentAuthorKosmopolit
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2008
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    Wow, this thread just completely threw my head in a spin. I've got this monstrous Dell notebook computer; the notebook being rather the stupidest idea for computer trends, since it's too large to be properly portable, but still with the laptop ergomonics that make you hunched and crunched for hours on end.... I'd been planning on getting an EEE, or maybe the Asus, but now.... so.... overwhelmed....

    One of my major concerns for a more portable useable computer is being able to use Adobe Dreamweaver and Photoshop - so unfortunately Linux isn't an option for me. Is it a ridiculous question to ask if it would be possible to install OSX on one of these machines, and if that would be a smoother experience? I'm not a member of the Cult of Mac whatsoever, so I've no idea if there would be serious complications with driver assigning and whatnot.

    Am I being a madwoman for even imagining I could navigate something like photoshop (assuming I could get it to run smoothly) on a machine of that size? Should I just give it up and find a nice Thinkpad at or something?
    • CommentAuthorSteerpike
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2008
    People have installed and used Photoshop on Eee PCs - the screen size would probably be your biggest issue (and it would be nice to have something with a faster processor and more RAM, of course).

    People have also installed OS X on Eee PCs, but obviously you're taking the risk that updates won't work, you won't get support from Apple, etc..
    • CommentTimeJun 15th 2008
    Rachael - If you're intimidated by the Eee PC, then I suggest going with the Dell E, as I think it's going to be much less of a modding laptop and just a straight forward, cheap, reliable, laptop.

    I'm personally waiting on the Eee PC 901, as it's suppose to have 7hrs of battery life and more customizable then the previous, with the intentions of turning it into a laptop for myself. The screens are going to be bigger, well the whole thing is suppose to be getting bigger and more comfortable.
    • CommentAuthorMatrix2501
    • CommentTimeJun 15th 2008 edited
    A note to Mr Ellis, Sir Ellis in my books. Know you have a Nokia N95. It can be turned into a personal mobile wifi hotspot if you have the data connections (umts/hsdpa) on your phone plan. It is done with a small piece of software that turns your phone into a AD-HOC wifi access point. I'm in no way affiliated with Nokia or joiku i'm just a tech who thinks he should have highspeed internet access on any device he wishes.
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    I believe Warren has mentioned using Joikuspot on his blog posts. Personally I've found it only works sporadically on my E65... kept stopping randomly or even crashing the phone. (Using 2.0)

    Back to the topic - anyone using the Nokia web tablets, such as the N800/N810?
    I'm considering one as a replacement for my old-school Palm-plus-phone setup. (I'm using a Sony Clie UX50 - about 5 years obsolete and only just starting to show limitations, mostly in web browsing)
    It'll run most of my old Palm ware with the Garnet VM virtualiser from Access, so I hear - but I wonder if that's just a midpoint between the current gear and binning the moribund Palm OS altogether.

    I'd rather have a truly smart smartphone (and not one using Windows, preferably) for general use and a light sub-laptop for heavier, long-term fieldwork. I'm not convinced the kit is quite there yet, but it's getting close. Nokia's forthcoming E71 might do for the former.

    Truth be told, what I truly want in a portable device is the Global from the old post-Roddenbury show Earth: Final Conflict, but with a less shite design form!
    • CommentAuthorjzellis
    • CommentTimeJun 15th 2008
    The MSI Wind is my current tech crush. I got to play with an EEE the other day and I had to literally force myself to give it back to the girl. Like, OMFG!

    As a laptop musician, the idea of MSI Wind + Ableton Live / Reason / FLStudio (the one thing I envy Windows users) + those new Korg Nano controllers = more fun than I can shake a stick at.

    Plus it'd be nice for being able to just sit somewhere without power and write, for longer periods than my MacBook Pro will allow.
    • CommentTimeJun 15th 2008
    I got to play with an EEE the other day and I had to literally force myself to give it back to the girl. Like, OMFG!
    I refuse to touch one. REFUSE. Since they released the 900 with the bigger screen and XP (I'm fine with Linux, but too many things I need to run require XP) and in black and it's still so tiny and and and... I just keep telling myself it's not real.
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    My EEE PC arrived on Friday. It hasn't been out of my hands since. Such a neat little thing, and the wireless connectivity (so far, anyway) has been great (it's finding my network at 98%, which is better than any other wireless device in the house, and it's finding a couple of neighbours at 60 to 70%). Just a bit of configuration (to remove the irritating Chinese support that could be switched on by an accidental shift+space) and it's perfect. For a long time now I've wanted something portable that wasn't made of thirty backbreaking kilos of burning computronium, and this fit the bill.

    I'm using it along with Google Docs, and it's been utterly smooth.
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    • CommentTimeJun 15th 2008
    @Cat Vincent: Apperently the current version works alot better on a N95. The fact that i don't own a N95 but a TyTN 2 with something called WiFirouter that works flawlessly but drains battery like a mother i made the assumption they ironed out the kinks my bad. Tethering my Nokia Navigator over bluetooth works for me. My biggest issue with the EEE was screen resolution cause who now days wants to brows a website in something smaller then 1024 x something. It's the reason why i skipped getting a EEE and opted to get a 12" powerbook secondhand instead. And the fact i don't have the money to buy a OQO 2.
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    @Matrix2501: The EEE 900 has a resolution of 1024x600; any websites I've been to so far look great.

    The only thing I'm not fond of so far is the battery life, as this unit has a 4400mAh battery, which gives you about two hours of life if you turn the brightness all the way down and hold it transverse to the Earth's magnetic field. This was due to a fire at the factory or something, apparently ASUS will replace it with a better battery for a small fee.
    • CommentAuthorMatrix2501
    • CommentTimeJun 15th 2008
    @struthersneil I know the 900 does but when i was looking for a portable typewriter with wireless capabilities that could be used as a surfboard only the 700 was available here in the dark regions of the nether netherlands so i gracefully bowed out and paid 500 euro for this 12" secondhand powerbook. If i had the choice now i would have waited and gotten the 1000 coming to a store near you.

    On the 900 i have seen nice mods of people cracking that thing open and adding touchscreens and installing HSDPA modems inside those things. Which to me is sweet and what asus should have done from the get go.
    • CommentAuthorjzellis
    • CommentTimeJun 15th 2008
    The 901 will Bluetooth with my futurephone.

    BTW, Warren...I'm assuming you have people within 5,000 miles of you who would/could help you with driver issues connecting your futurephone to something like an EEE. But if you don't, I probably could. I'm not Linus Torvalds or anything, but I've done some mid-level driver-figuring-out for myself before. And I got my Nokia e61i working as a modem for my Mac, which AT&T refuses to admit is possible.
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    Old thread, yes. Revelation? YES. If you're in the market for a netbook, this thing is about the best I've come across

    The Lenovo X100e ThinkPad has the best keyboard, best buttons, best finish, best screen, etc. that I've come across in this size. They short it Bluetooth, but it can be ordered as an option direct from Lenovo for twenty bucks extra. I think my tax refund has been spent...
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    Ok, this is a pretty awesome little device. How do you think this compares to a smartphone?