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    • CommentTimeNov 17th 2013
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    Here is another video of me Drawing with both hands, this time drawing the 11th Doctor
    Two-Fisted Drawings

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    Every so often, my nerdish tendencies take over. ;)
    X-Men lineup
    X-Men vs Skrulls 1
    X-Men vs Skrulls 2
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    @ Neil Ford- nice to see the work again it's looking great!
    @ tnperkins- hilarious, I totally see this as the insane adult swim version of an x-men animation

    a short comic " don't mess with the telepath"
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    @paul...awesome poster/teaser it!
    @neil...nice Frank

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    @hey apathy...telepath girl rocks!!
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    @tnperkins - Best Bishop I've ever seen. I like you Colossus too.
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    The Harley Quinn thing. Complete with bathtub, pencils and inks.

    Alberto's Harley Thing

    @tnperkins - Man, I keep an eye on your tumblr and I marvel at your artwork every time. Those food bags? Yummy.
    @paul - Does that mean some new comics are coming? Yes please!
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    Same idea as the Sam & Max drawing I posted last month (I think? how time flies). This time - The Neverhood.

    The Neverhood

    Doug TenNapel saw this on Facebook and liked it, so that's good enough for me :D
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    Firtsly, AWESOME picture, iaviv!

    Argh, you have no idea how much you've helped me. I remember playing this game and the sequel Skullmonkeys back on the playstation and the soundtrack always stuck in my mind. But I forgot it and no one seemed to remember the game.

    And now I have the name and the soundtrack is playing.

    Thank you!
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    @oldhat - Thanks and you're welcome! It has a magnificent (and funny) soundtrack.
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    @Mojokingbee: Is that a particularly cranky David Tennant Doctor Who?
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    I've been having a miserable time with Rsi/Carpal Tunnel so I haven't been able to draw much lately. It has got slightly better so I've done a few little drawings:

    And this, a one hour drawing I did for Off Life's #Quickdraw thing they do on twitter. The theme was "Everyday Survival Tips":
    Amalgamated Biscuit
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    My latest "Nude 52" piece, using the same "mezzo-fumetti" technique I'm using for a story I'm working on.
    This is Jack Kirby's Kamandi. And yes: Little Kamandi goes to the same hair stylist as Big Kamandi. :)

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    I finished this piece. May fiddle with the colors. Thinking about making my own prints but need ink for my printer first, and some really long paper.
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    @imaginarypeople. That's fantastic. Get that printed up. I know people who would buy that.
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    @ imaginarypeople; So many levels, so many details, so many fantastic elements! That's one of your best yet.

    Frozen in theaters now