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      CommentAuthorJack Crowder
    • CommentTimeSep 10th 2013 edited
    Oddly, my parenting years have also been coupling with being a killer. There hasn’t been one apartment building that I’ve had my child at that’s not been infected. Not just infected but infected with what has been unusual. The first two buildings we lived in had the Caribbean crazy ant. I had to go buy a special mixture to kill the creatures that were building a thick layered bridge in the cracks of our front door for invasion. The mix would only last a week. Then they’d be back. I would say that I went through thousands and thousands while we lived there because once they’re inside – they’re inside everything including the electronics.

    We moved cities. Now in Houston, Texas: it was nice to be away from such an odd pest. Sure, we had more regular problems here. Roaches. Wasps. That was nice. Familiar. Until last Friday, that is. I was causally chatting with a neighbor about how the church behind our townhome complex had built a pond and their biting midges were getting a little out of control when they decided to reveal they think they had bed bugs. I decided to check behind our bed and I found a few coming through the electrical outlet. We share walls, you see. I bagged all the ones I saw. By Sunday, they were in my box springs.

    There’s an existential thread somewhere in the resurgence of the bed bug. As I’ve lived in the South for the past few years, their returned coupled with the all-conquering crazy ant has really put an interesting lens on the fight against humanity. I thought I’d see what you all thought.