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    New York Comicon is October 10-13th and I'll be going this year for the first time. Anyone else going to be there? Anyone fancy a drink?

    For those of you with experience, do you have any advice? Things I should/should not do?
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    I'll be going to a wedding on the Sunday, but I'd be up for shenanigans on the Saturday night.

    I didn't manage to get tickets to the con this year, so I won't be at it proper. If I hear of cool things happening though, I'll point you to them.
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    Sweet! Shenanigans sound great. Have fun at your wedding.
    • CommentAuthorsteevo
    • CommentTimeSep 23rd 2013
    I'll be there with a couple of friends on Saturday. I would definitely be up for a pint or two.

    As for advice, just make sure you look through the schedule before you get there and pick out what you want to do. It's easy to miss a lot of what's going on if you're not prepared... or even if you are. Additionally, if you are going to buy things that are heavy, try to save them for the end of the day, otherwise your back will be killing you after lugging that crap around for hours.
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    I have a 3-day pass to NYCC, but I'm not sure if I'll be there Friday. Saturday/Sunday are 100% confirmed, though.

    More advice: The urge to buy everything you see will be overwhelming. Bring a set amount of spending money so you don't over-spend/cry when you look at your bank account at the end of the weekend.
    • CommentAuthorBankara
    • CommentTimeSep 27th 2013
    I am planning to set up my photo studio somewhere outside the event space and shoot for the weekend. I'll be there most of the day all three days and be desperately thirsty when I am done. Come by and say hi, I'll be the guy with the backdrop, flashes, and camera. Iam likely to be in fancy dress of some kind since that is my shooting steez.
    • CommentTimeSep 28th 2013
    I was going to be in San Francisco that weekend, but it appears the plug has been pulled on that one. So I will be around for meet ups, but likely won't make it inside this year.
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    So it sounds like some form of drinks Saturday night is the thing to do. I don't really know where one goes in New York to do that. Local folks, preferences? Maybe someplace closish to the convention since many of us meeting up will be in that vicinity anyway?
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    I'll not be there, but I want to chime in and recommend that you try to go to anything Thrilling Adventure Hour related. Because they're awesome.
    • CommentTimeOct 5th 2013
    Tall and bearded with glasses in a grey suit, Thursday through Sunday. Hitting up a few panels, seeing a few online friends, buying a lot of shit (got my trusty cross-body messenger bag to fill up), mostly books and art. I'll be recovering from being sick (I'm sick right now), but come up and say hi, ask if you can touch me and bask in my warmth.
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    I might try to wrangle my way in. If I do, I'm the white blonde girl wearing mostly black with the cane and the eyepatch and the camera, with the black fellow who is wearing mostly black with Tourette's. That is, unless we are in our Londo Calrissian and Delennium Falcom costumes. We haven't decided.
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    Can I commission someone going to NYCC to deliver something to someone there? Its only an ephemeral thing (as much as a way to slightly spook them (evil grin) as anything... heck they'll either hate me afterwards or they will see the wry)... just a hello. Or a hug if it seems doable...

    ?? help out someone ??
    • CommentTimeOct 8th 2013
    You people better take pictures you know what I'm sayin'?
    • CommentAuthorsteevo
    • CommentTimeOct 9th 2013
    @Littlepurplegoth - Why not commission EVERYONE to deliver it if you're trying to freak the person out?

    @taphead - I know what you are saying. I will endeavor to remember to take pictures this year. The last few cons I have been so overwhelmed by geekery that I have completely forgotten to snap any pics.

    @everyone who's going - We should set a place and time to meet up at the con and a bar or something for afterwards. I suggest the Avatar booth while we're there. I'll be around all day Saturday, maybe I'll make up a steevo nametag or something.

    As for bars afterwards, I know Pony bar is nearby (along with another fairly well known bar whose name I can't remember) but I tried to get in there last year after Saturday's event and after 15 minutes of trying to make my way up front, gave up and left. I'm guessing everything will be slammed that night though.
    • CommentAuthorBankara
    • CommentTimeOct 9th 2013
    Wait, belay that. Something came up for this weekend and now I am going to be out of town. You are going to be short one bearded funnybook fan in a costume.

    Next time, Whitechapel! Next time...

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    well I'll commission everyone, but as their job is to be nice and friendly I don't want to reduce them to flinching everytime an unknown comes up to them . Plus there is a chance that some here going know them anyway... oh heck.... look if anyone can, its stand 1458 (?2000AD I believe) over near Marvel, and the chap is recognisable by an extremely fine mostache (if shaving has happened I'm buggered now aren't I?) and a fondness for yorkshire Tea. Just give him a hug and say that littlepurplegoth or Helen says hello... there was twitter muttering about shorts so if anyone feels like making a quick sketch lol... although that would probably be being just a tad too evil.

    And if mr Spurrier is reading this, you are *not* to warn him! (neither is anyone else for that matter) please.

    Basically I just want to see whether I can cause/influence events over the other side of the pond. If it doesn't happen it doesn't... but if anyone *does* manage it, I'll send a very small and postable prize (no idea what, I'll think of something!).

    (retreats and hopes that this doesn't all blow up in my face)...
    • CommentAuthorsteevo
    • CommentTimeOct 9th 2013 edited
    @littlepurplegoth - I'll try not to make the hug too uncomfortable.

    ... just kidding. But I will say hi for you if I haven't gotten myself too drunk to remember by the time I've gotten there. I'll be in rare company... rare drunk company.
    • CommentTimeOct 10th 2013
    If anyone of you happens to see comic writer Brandon Jerwa around, mind telling him I said hi?
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    Well, that's my vacation then. My back went out yesterday and I'm going to need to spend the next several days in bed praying it's just muscular and not disc related. So I will no longer be attending. (Side note... not sure how I'd get them to you, but I have a Friday and Saturday pass just going to waste if anyone wants them).

    Have fun everybody!
    • CommentAuthorsteevo
    • CommentTimeOct 10th 2013 edited
    @sellmeyoursoul - Sorry to hear that. You guys are dropping like flies. Feel better.

    @oldhat - I'll keep an eye out for Brandon for ya. From Robin or oldhat?

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.