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    I watched No a few months ago when it came by the local theatres(which was a surprising treat) and really enjoyed it as well.

    I really enjoyed the throw away bit of the father and son sitting in front of the microwave, microwaving excitedly with this magic cooking box. It's a nice reminder of just how stupendous new technology is, even if now it's wonder has faded into an everyday thing like a microwave.
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    Whoa, just watched Europa Report - excellently done exploration sci-fi for a change!
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    All right, went to see Gravity again, this time in 3D because of a lot of people who otherwise don't like 3D at all and were apparently sober at the time said that it really works in that movie. Surprised to say that they were right. I'm going to amend my "fuck the current 3D technology" to "I'll check out films that take place in open space and have a lot of particles and clear shapes in 3D".
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    Did a movie double bill this weekend.

    CAPTAIN PHILLIPS was okay, but it didn't manage to grip me despite my knowing how the real-life incident ended. I did chuckle, though, at Muse the pirate leader introducing himself to Captain Phillips by saying he was a Somali tax collector. And still devastating is this exchange: Capt. Phillips asking Muse if he didn't have any other options in life besides fishing and piracy, and Muse's response of "Maybe in America."

    BLUE IS THE WARMEST COLOR was about way more than just the graphic lesbian sex scenes. For me, watching it was like being immersed in the life of someone who first learns what it means to fall in love for the first time and who then discovers the heartbreak of discovering the limits of love in overcoming personal differences. Tossing in ambiguity about the relationship (e.g. who cheated on whom first) and great performances by leads Adele Excharopoulous and Lea Seydoux made for a moving experience.
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    I'm glad they didn't, but Blue could have cut the sex scenes and still been a strong film.
    • CommentAuthorSteve Toase
    • CommentTimeNov 26th 2013 edited
    A bit behind, but watched Kill List last night. Enjoyed it. Very British, very much in that tradition of the rural gothic.

    I loved the inevitability after the girlfriend carved the symbol on the back of the mirror. I had a feeling in my gut that that from that point on there was nov escape. That feeling reminded me of Wickerman, and the last scene reminded me, in a good way, of Gaiman's short Monarch Of The Glen.
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    @Jason A. Quest -- BLUE's sex scenes actually worked for me. They symbolized how the bookish and semi-naive Adele stepped out of adolescence and into adulthood.
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    I agree: the sex scenes contributed to the story, and definitely belong in the film. (I'm making a comics series that's all about sex scenes as character development, so I'm counting on that being possible. :) ) But I think the film would still work without them, and – director permitting – I suspect that there will be an R-rated edit made at some point to reach a larger audience.
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    Jason A. Quest: Ooh, taking a hint from Game of Thrones' sexposition scenes?

    (I keed.)
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    Nah, it's for my autobiopornographic novel, begun before Game of Thrones (which I haven't seen) started airing.
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    Frozen was great fun, and much better than expected. I knew it was going to be entertaining from the trailer but wasn't sure it would actually be good. It was really nice to see a Disney movie that was about the relationship between two sisters instead of a standard romance. One of the sisters having terrible awesome out-of-control ice magic was a nice bonus, too.
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    @James Cunningham: Brave was similar in that it was about a relationship between mother and daughter. I hope the trend continues, because it's quite refreshing.
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    And off to try Hobbit 2 in 3D, because I had to work during the 2D showing. This'll be interesting.
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    ^^I expect a foot fetish symposium of epic proportions in this thread. Right here.
    Where all the [movie] foot fetish is.
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    Saw Inside Llewyn Davis last night fell pretty short for me. Absolutely stunning look to it, but little plot, thin characters, and depressing as all fuck. It didn't really help that I was with my parents, who were part of the Village folk scene and our family friend who was a HUGE key part in the village folk scene back then, so they pointed out some if the inaccuracies. Mainly just the look of the Gaslight.

    It seemed agreed among everyone that the Cat was the star of the film and a lot of people cheered when he turned out okay.
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    @Ben Gwalchmai: That's nonsensical enough that I almost suspect that your account has been taken over by a spambot, and I'm now expecting links to porn sites to show up next.

    Also, Dwarves And Hobbit Go On Road Trip And Then Dragon was good. Dragged less than Hobbit 1 (because they didn't need to waste time introducing everyone), the action bits were freaking awesome at best, and SMAUG! Just... SMAUG!

    3D was actually pretty good, though a little blurry in motion where I viewed it. If you're gonna catch a 3D showing, make sure it's at one of those really-hi-def cinemas with the 120hz tech and whatnot, I guess.
    • CommentAuthorStefanJ
    • CommentTimeDec 12th 2013
    My team at work went to the movies this afternoon, after the company Holiday Lunch. We settled on "Philomena." It was definitely feel-good stuff, but very nicely done and with enough of an edge not to feel sappy.
    • CommentAuthorStefanJ
    • CommentTimeDec 14th 2013
    So, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. The High Frame Rate thing was very cool. It made the fast action sequences smooth and visually comprehensible. I never felt that "too much to take in" feeling.

    The story . . .
    . . . well, almost all the way through I was thinking "This is much less egregiously silly an adaptation than the first one." There were still problems. I know Tolkien himself had notes retconning the long war with Sauron into The Hobbit, but the White Council add-on story was just too much. Azod, Bolg, actually nailing down Sauron as the Necromancer, the revenge drama w/ Thorin . . . needless padding. Ugh. But Iwas expecting that, right?

    Then I saw the last 20 minutes. Oh, give me a freaking break. Indulgent video-game style eye candy that didn't make any sense. Ludicrous.

    I did like Lake Town. The elaborations there were harmless. Nice sets, good characters.

    To some things up:
    Peter Jackson didn't take *liberties* with The Hobbit; he got it passing-out drunk, dressed it as a clown, and photographed it in bed with a she-warg.
    • CommentTimeDec 15th 2013
    The one thing that made me groan was the finale. Completely agree with StefanJ's ideas on this.

    See, I don't mind Legolas and Tauriel and that whole thing. I loved the Lake Town set and would happily have watched an entire film there, especially if it involved a lot of close-quarters fights with use of walls and bannisters and bridges and rooftops, etc. Also: I prefer watching action between characters to watching a mess of effects bounce around the screen. Granted, the CG carnage looked beautiful and all that, but it felt completely pointless.

    I prefer the silliness of Unexpected Journey, to be honest, but then again: I also enjoyed that one a lot more the second time around so maybe that's all that's needed.
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    I went to see Desolation of Smaug today and got to say I'm massively underwhelmed. It had good reviews so I was hopeful, but ugh... The action meter was cranked to 10 in the beginning and it was getting so hard to escalate that the action started to feel numbing and the scale got downright silly. The tacked on love interest was annoying, and all in all the different plotlines felt mostly pointless. This was my first 3D+HFR-film and wasn't too impressed with that either. Guess the future is films that look like they are televised stage plays, or alternatively they'll figure out how not to make films look like telenovelas.

    I was really hoping this to be good but my short review is: meeeeh