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    @DavidLejeune - I've been hanging in there with "Low Winter Sun". I think the show finally got better by the last two episodes, but as hard as it tries to be "The Wire", it just falls way short (I know, it's unfair to compare most shows to The Wire). I like both Mark Strong and Lennie James as actors, but not so much in this. Most of the time their characters are just pacing and glaring at each other like a pair of wild dogs. Not that interesting. If it gets another season, I might check it out to see if it gets any better.
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    LIMITLESS is being developed for television, through a new digital TV broadcast model that will be built around Relativity's oeuvre.

    I think it's a good idea. The movie was great and definitely laid the groundwork for an epic six or seven-season TV series. If BREAKING BAD could become a phenomenon based on meth, for crissakes, the concept of a designer drug making you burn out as a super genius could be one of the biggest things ever.
    • CommentTimeOct 8th 2013
    If BREAKING BAD could become a phenomenon based on meth


    Was meth not entirely secondary to the whole story, or is that just me?
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    My questathon of watching The Shield (not Agents Of) has got me up to season seven. Now that was a good show.

    EDIT: Vic Mackey: Bastard Agent Of The SHIELD.
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    Just saying they elevated a bottom-rung illegal industry of a bargain-basement shit drug imagine what Hollywood's top line talent could do with supercoke.
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    Can I just say, The Michael J. Fox show that's on its third week right now: Really rather good. The original Hollywood Nice Guy is back, and he and his co-stars are funny and heartwarming. I really wanted this show to be good as I have a LOT of love for MJF, and I'm happy I wasn't let down.

    The second episode deals very maturely with the hot-neighbour-moves-in premise which has been SO over-used in Sitcoms, but always in such a way that I want to murder everyone involved. Everyone in this episode come out looking like normal adults making mistakes in a mostly believable and non-infuriating way. That's what hooked me. I hope they can continue to break down sit-com tropes that predicate on the main characters being selfish idiots.
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    @longtimelurker: I've been saying Limitless should be a TV show since it came out - it reads much better as a pilot for a wide-reaching conspiracy show than a stand-alone film.

    As for the remake of one of my childhood favorites by a teen-skewed US network... the remake of The Tomorrow People didn't actually suck.

    I was pleased how much of the original set-up (TIM, the block against killing, Saps) was retained, and beyond the CW glitz, the bones of an interesting take on the generational/species conflict are there. I don't even mind the H.Superior doing martial arts (and I love the combat teleporting).

    But what I really miss is Breaking Out being terrifying. That was the core of the show, and especially the original pilot. Breaking Out was agony, and dropped the thoughts of everyone in your vicinity into your head, wholesale. Amusing teleport issues really don't measure up to that.

    Not sure about one particular twist...

    Stephen going undercover with Jedekiah's H. Superior-hunting Ultras

    ...but I can see how that might work if handled cleverly.

    Short form - if The CW makes this show anywhere near as good as the surprisingly effective Arrow, it could work.
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    @Cat Vincent

    Conspiracy theory? I can see that angle working for the show. After all, if you were granted genius intellect, wouldn't you use it to unlock the world's secrets?

    For me, the hook was the relationship between the man and his drug. He goes from being ruled by the drug to mastering it. He goes from being ruled by the world to mastering it, too. A power fantasy for grown-ups.
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    @longtimelurker - for me, it was the reveal that a whole bunch of other people were taking the drug that opened it up for me. Also, we never learn a damn thing about the company that made it!

    New season of Arrow is as good as I hoped. Except Lauren's still fucking in it... but as there's more Felicity, I can forgive this terrible error.
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    Spoilers from the last episode:
    For the Breaking Bad fans
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    He goes from being ruled by the drug to mastering it
    That's kind of my favourite thing about the movie, and I'm not sure how the TV show will be able to do the same thing. The movie seems to be clearly going for a 'drugs are bad, m'kay?' message, and then in the end turns around and goes 'Guess what? Some people have addictions and indulge in them and don't completely fuck up their lives forever and ever.' Which is something that the movie actually got a fair amount of flack for.
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    Yeah, and it was a strong ending because it was unexpected. And yeah, I agree that probably shouldn't be the main focus of the show. I would rather see the world developed and have the stories grow organically out of it, rather than "messaging." Just tell a good story.

    And you're not being honest when you deal with narcotics if you don't show the downsides.

    But you're being MORE dishonest if that's ALL you show.
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    American Horror Story: Coven made me realize that I'd have enjoyed the Harry Potter series even more if Harry had had a death vagina.
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    @johnjones: How do you know he doesn't, and just keeps quiet about it?

    (Maybe the kids in Slytherin would brag about theirs in the common room, but in Gryphondar they just don't talk about those things.)
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    @Cat: I didn't even know that Arrow existed until I saw a box-set of it a few weeks ago. I managed to watch the first episode, and I sort-of enjoyed it. I'll try and watch some more.

    Agents of SHIELD: I feel like I just wasted an hour of my time, and I don't like any of the characters in it. I can't think of anything good to say, so I'll shut up. Oh, apart from at least saying that they've got Jack Kirby's name in the credits.
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    Agents of SHIELD is painfully boring. Maybe cause I stopped paying attention less than halfway through, but it did nothing to hold my attention.
    Thank god American Horror Story started so I have at least one good show to look forward to.
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    Coven is my first season of American Horror Story, though I plan on going back to the first two.

    That being said I really enjoyed the first episode. So much madness that never seemed to end.

    The human voodoo doll was probably my favorite piece of insanity.
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    ...except that at the end of the film, Eddie's weaned himself off the drug while retaining its effects...
    (Or so he tells De Niro, at least. And I assume the hyper-observant detect lies thing is still in play, so...)

    @Flecky: Arrow gets very good fairly fast, basically from the point John Barrowman shows up. By the end, it's a strong superhero show with a lot to offer.
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    He says so many different slightly contradictory things in that scene he can only be bullshitting about not using the drug any more.First he claims he has more than one lab producing it for him, then he says that he's had his labs re-formulating the drug so it's negative side effects aren't as strong and he can wean himself off, then he says he's been on it so long that it's made permanent changes to his brain chemistry and he doesn't need it. If he's weaned himself off the drug, why keep labs producing it?
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    Yes he does! And that's a large part of why I am so keen for the series.