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    • CommentAuthorEberhorn
    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2013
    They're cute and weird, they live in tea-cups, and until recently nobody knew if they even HAD legs. They're the Lunartiks.

    Together with Lunartik designer Matt JOnes, I, his friendly across-the-hall neighbor, am writing an ongoing Lunartik Webcomic - using an I-Thingee App I will not mention here.

    Take a look, it's not bad at all (yes, I guess it'd be weird, if I didn't like my own work, but still...):

    Tales of the Lunartiks
    • CommentAuthorEberhorn
    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2013
    Well, I guess, to clarify, it's more of a Web-CARTOON...

    Don't sue me :)
    • CommentAuthorEberhorn
    • CommentTimeDec 7th 2013
    So, I took some time to brush up the Web-Cartoon Blog Site.

    There are, by now, 6 different types of stories, all (more or less) ongoing. They're short, they`re cute, they're fun, and now, each has their own blog-page.

    So, if you find the time, everyone, take a look:

    The Stories

    1. Mr. T's Wonderful World of Tea
    It's Mr. T telling you all about "Tea". Every single "-Tea" he can find. In the Dictionary.

    2. Lunar Shorts
    Short funny stories from the Lunar-Verse. That's like the Uni-verse, but different.

    3. Travellers Between Worlds
    Once in every Lunartik's life they embark on an epic journey into other dimensions. Stuff happens. And there's usually some screaming involved...
    (Featuring additional artwork by Cavey, MakieLab, Usagi, Wippo and Slick Flick)

    4. A little love...
    Lunartik goes romantic. No, seriously.

    5. Other stuff... and stuff
    Stories from the Slick Flick Crypt...

    and the, obviously limited, but very special

    6. Lunar Christmas Countdown 2013
    Counting Down, one day and one Cartoon at a time...