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    Witch Doctor is a forthcoming medical horror comic from writer Brandon Seifert and artist Lukas Ketner. Witch Doctor combines horror archetypes and really sick shit from the real world. This is the book's workblog. For more information, read the first entry.

    I hadn't planned on revealing the villain/patient for First Incision, our first Witch Doctor comic... but then I got this in the mail this morning from Lukas, and it would take far more willpower than I possess to not share it.

    This is our vampire.

    First Incision is a somewhat different take on vampires -- as I think you can probably see, staring into the mouth of "John Drac," Morrow's anonymous vampire 'patient.'

    Rather than go in a traditional route, we based his mouth on the mouths of lampreys, a fellow obligatory hematophage. Lampreys have a long tongue with a bone barb at the end that they use for rasping flesh away and opening a wound. Our vampires have two tongues like that -- and they're what leave the telltale "fang" marks.

    I can't tell you much more about our vampires, except that for the really cool thing about them, you'll have to wait for First Incision.

    (Anyone catch that the title of this blog is referencing, one of my favorite ways to happily waste an entire afternoon?)

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    The lamprey vampire is great. I'd, of course, want to do with it what I do with live lampreys: Stick them to walls, ceilings and windows (They stick quite well- and there is nothing like watching a professor walk in to find lampreys sticking to pretty much every possible surface in the room).

    Pass it on to Lukas that I dare him to have a vampire 'stuck' to a window or something.
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    I'm glad someone else reacted the same way I did. :-)

    And until you said "lamprey vampire," it never even occurred to me to make the obvious "vamprey" pun, which should have been in my very first thoughts on this story.

    I'll pass that along to Lukas. It's a lovely image and I'm sure we'll use it at some point. BTW, Roo, if you're on MySpace you should really add us as a friend!
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    Brandon- No Myspace. I got cranky at it and killed my myspace some months ago. Otherwise, I would add you! Lampires, Vampreys, Petromyzon is the sea lamprey's gens/genus so if you're looking for a name you could work with that; it means "rock suckler".
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    "Rock suckler" is a great phrase. I need to learn Latin so I can start making up scientific names for the monsters we're using.
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    Latin is the gateway drug of languages.
    It's not really that hard to learn; just a lot of forms/tables and suchlike. Everything is very ordered.