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    Season 1, Episode 4 is now live. That brings us to 72 pages, free, online, forever and ever.

    You get freebie content. In return you spread the word. That's the contract.

    Also as always, remember that Disenchanted is for more than just a webcomic. Check out the front page for updates, and explore both the wiki and the maps.

    Lastly: remember that Disenchanted contains themes, language and imagery not suitable for young readers.

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    And here's a new ARTICLE IN THE WIKI to spice it up, with a little detail on the earliest days of Vermintown.
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    Some say that all people are good, that it's society that makes them bad. If that's true for humans, how much more for the fey folk.
    • CommentTimeNov 18th 2013
    Damn, I'm loving this. I love starting my week off with this.
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    I had an acquaintance who hated an old MAAKIES cartoon where fairies were used as bait for fly-fishing. DISENCHANTED will probably inspire her to punch out her computer screen.

    For me, though, seeing a new installment is witnessing a happy marriage between two of my favorite things: urban fantasy and THE WIRE. Vermintown may not be Mega-City One, but its miniature grunginess gives the Big Meg a challenge.
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    I have to concur. I'm really enjoying the series so far, and it's good to see the wiki stirring into life.

    So I'm presuming the red skinned guys are Boggarts, the short, potbellied ones are Kobolds, and that the red haired guy on the scav crew and our knife wielding friend from this episode are Clurichauns?
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    Ah, well put together. Correct, yes.
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    Really enjoying it. As you said a different take from Martin Millar's Good Fairies of New York and God Save The Queen by Mike Carey and John Bolton. With both this and WYWH the characters and personalities seem, to me, to form the centre of the storytelling. In my opinion that's what makes your work so strong. Well played sir.
    • CommentTimeNov 19th 2013
    Whoa, shit got real this week. My favourite episode so far. And that goblin gangster is one malevolent villain ...
    • CommentAuthorjrj1701
    • CommentTimeNov 19th 2013
    Definitely getting interesting!!! I like this, can't wait for next week!!!
    • CommentTimeNov 22nd 2013
    After reading to the new wiki article it sheds much more light on why goblins seem to have such a sense of superiority to other residents of vermintown. I love the way Fig handled that situation.
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    Hmmm, Si claims that Vermintown is located in the never completed Wardour Street Tube station, concealed behind an abandoned porn store. Having surveyed Wardour Street in Google Streetview I believe he is lying - there is only one possible place Vermintown could be located...

    The True Location of Vermintown

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    Actually, you're not far off. My theorised location for the proposed access/egress point to the (entirely fictional) Wardour Street Station, and all the visual ref supplied to the artist, is somewhere in or around DUCK LANE.
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    @purplewyrm how has that tobbacconist not been sued?
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    @ Si - Oh cool, I was just trying to be a smartarse ;D

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.