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      CommentAuthorJohn Skylar
    • CommentTimeNov 19th 2013 edited
    Hi, all.

    I'm in the process of slapping together a podcast (8 BITS CONSIDERED). Each episode will tell, in three acts of developer interviews, the tale of how a particular computer gaming classic was made.

    I've got the first episode (oddly enough, about the bizarre-fun game Bad Mojo) produced already and we'll probably be starting a kickstarter when it launches in a couple of weeks, but I'm not here [solely] to promote, that would be kind of bad form. I'd use the Kickstarter Thread for that. ;) And I will, don't worry.

    No, instead what I'm here to do is ask for Whitechapel's input. I've got a list of games that I've put together between my RL-friends and me, but I'm certain there is a lot more out there which could be included. The list is linked to at the end of this post (in order to avoid offensive length).

    What I'm hoping Whitechapel can help with is two things:

    1) Do any of you fine folk know any of the people who worked on these awesome games? If so, get in touch off-forum, 'cause I don't want to start a "namedrop the gaming god you know" thread.

    2) What do you guys think of this list? Is there anything I should take off? Anything I should include that I don't have on there? Cult hits particularly appreciated.

    The wisdom of this assembly of eel-addled sages is deeply appreciated (hmm, poor choice of words there? the best choice of words there?).

    Forgive me if this leads to entirely too much fanwank, and please do delete the hell out of it (and slap me) if that happens.

    Link to the planned list
    • CommentTimeNov 19th 2013
    I played a bunch of these, plus the old Forgotten Realms/Dungeons and Dragons computer games (Menzoberranzen was my fav) and MUDs. MUDs are precious to me, but that's also a huuuuge rabbit hole to go down.

    A lot of the people who worked on the ones on your list are fairly accessible on the Twitters, if you don't have a *direct* line you can probably try to talk with them & schedule something for the future.
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    Yeah! We've got plans to take a look at some of the TSR computer RPGs (Planescape: Torment is pretty high on the list) but we weren't sure what to prioritize. Would love to hear what people liked best and why.

    On the second point: yeah, we'll do some typical journo sleuthing, I was just looking for easy outs because I want to get to the fun bit faster.
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    I can't WAIT to listen to the Grim Fandango one.

    You might have a good shot of talking to Tim too, so long as you let him talk about the new game, Broken Age. Act 1 is coming out in January and he needs hype.

    @glukkake, MUD! I spent an ungodly amount of hours on the Discworld MUD. Most of high school was spent on that.
    • CommentTimeNov 19th 2013 edited
    Even after being remade to kick off the FallOut series, it still has a strong & loyal fan base.

    Hm... I thought there was a PM function here. Delusion?
    I wanted to send a note about which ones i worked on, but can't find the option. Been in retired hermit mode most of the year - haven't even opened email in 9-10 months. Am i missing some obvious comm circuit?
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    @oldhat Well, I sure hope we do manage to get in touch with him then :)

    @-3- You can just email me. It's johnskylar [anfora] gmail [dot] com. I don't keep it secret.
    • CommentTimeNov 20th 2013
    Torment might be good, just 'cause some of those folks are currently working on the Kickstarter-funded Torment: Tideas of Numenera right now (in theory released in 1 year's time), so a throwback would be nice.

    Menzo is still my favourite, but that's just because I read all the Drizzt books around the time it came out.

    My MUD was Aesir. In its heyday, it had like, 100-150 players on it at any given time. Then it died off (though a version of it lives on my brother's server). I got into playing the subscription only Gemstone IV as my last MUD, which I really liked as far as game play, though I had troubles making friends because it was just a little *too* big that I could never find anyone I war partied with.
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    I hoped I'd recognise a couple of things, but all so recent compared to stuff I played back in the day. I feel so old now :-)

    If you want to cover any of the old telnet (i.e. predate the web) games then do yell, still have some contacts over there :-)

    As for other stuff - if you have twitter, have a chat to the lovely Deathboy. I suspect that he would have links to a fair few developers of those on your list :-)
    • CommentTimeNov 22nd 2013
    Likewise talk to the folks at Cyan (Myst, Riven), who are also doing a kickstarter and need some publicity.