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    • CommentTimeDec 1st 2013
    Yeah yeah resolutions are for New Years, to be forgotten within the first week of January.

    But! this year we're trying something different. This time we are - or I am, at any rate - going to check in and stay honest about how this shit is or isn't getting done. The only way to hack a life is to just fucking do it. So goes.

    If you're new to these threads No sweat! Forget about January and New Year's Resolutions and all that crap and demand better of yourself today!
    Exercise fell apart completely. *sigh* I think about it a lot. I have that much discipline - enough to make myself feel really guilty. Great.
    Japanese has mostly not happened.
    Reading? Going outdoors? Pfft.

    Voice acting - or at least treating myself like a voice actor has picked up. Yay? I mean it's better than before, but the bar was resting on the ground so it's not like clearing was any challenge. But I've auditioned and warmed up and read aloud more than once in the past month.

    Well you guys can't be much worse. Speak up...
    Refreshers: New Year's
    Month 1
    Month 2
    Month 3
    Month 4
    Month 5
    Month 6
    Month 7
    Month 8
    Month 9
    Month 10

    Mucho thanks to @rough night for picking up when I was distracted and totally fucking forgot about this mess...

    Also, HOLY SHIT this year is almost done. Goddamn I'm not any where near where I aspired to be, which is pretty typical... *sigh* But I'm glad I was paying attention this year. And I'm glad you guys have come along for the ride.

    You guys think it would be worth doing this again next year? Or marking the effort at the end of this year? Or...??
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    1) Exercise. Get in shape.

    Well, I did just FINALLY get a new pain management doctor, so hopefully I'll be able to start exercising regularly again. Hooray for Vicodin!

    2) Get diagnosis. Make myself better.

    Once again: VICODIN! It's not a long term answer or anything but man, does it help me deal with day to day stuff. It makes SUCH a difference in how I handle stuff. Also, I'm going tomorrow to get a whole bunch of MRIs of my brain and spine, and last week I got another dozen vials of blood taken for tests, so I feel like I'm at least moving forward.

    3) Draw. Paint. Make physical art. Get opening.

    I'm apartment and dog sitting right now. I've got no excuse.

    4) Perform. Get on stage and/or audio recordings. Somehow.

    I had a small sliver of a shot at hosting something, and it fell through, and that's unfortunate. However, I've been back on WFMU just for chatting, so that's something. and ALSO, my friends have been doing this podcast StarWars Minute, and have asked me to be one of the guest panelists for their live broadcast of the Star Wars Holiday Special. Yay!

    5) Get LASIK / or contacts

    I'm going back to the geneticist and will hopefully find out if I have the genetic issue that makes LASIK a no-no. Contacts are expensive.

    6) Find a place to live that suits me / improve where I live now.

    I have officially gotten rid of the cockroaches. Entirely. It's amazing. I've been talking with my fellow about possibly co-habitating (!!!!) in the near future. I'm a bit worried about that, because.... well, he's got Tourette's. I'm almost always alright with it, but I fear the result of being incapable of escape from the constant barrage of sound.

    7) Lighten my load. Scan, sell, sew, purge.

    It continues.

    8) Website wrangle and get business cards.

    I am soooo behind on this.

    9) Enjoy living in NYC as much as I can. Get outside. Go to events.

    It's rough being broke.

    10) Learn how to actually relax.

    I am apartment/dog sitting for friends, and they have a bathtub with jacuzzi jets, and it's awesome.

    11) TRAVEL before I lose my fucking mind.

    Nope. Haven't gone anywhere else. :(


    So broke.

    13) Write. and/or make comics.

    Plotting and working on my reworked project from the summer.
    • CommentTimeDec 2nd 2013
    @rachael - what'd you do to finally banish the roaches there? we got a swarm of them come over into ours from construction in the building next door, possibly evicting a hoarder, by the looks of it, and we're on the ground floor with a door that led right to the backyard =\

    Even just having a minor infestation compared to old 'Nam makes me freak out.
    • CommentTimeDec 3rd 2013
    1. Write the Beer Appreciation book. - On pause due to work.

    2. Lose weight
    - Not at the goal I wanted, but I HAVE lost 10lbs, so...yay?

    3. Use the slowcooker more.
    -Made some apple butter and soon some lentil and sausage soup will be made.

    4. Make beer. - Will attempt to get some confidence back in this area by making a cider, which just involves apple juice, apples, brown sugar, honey, and champagne yeast. Will only be making 2.5 gallons, so if this fails I didn't spend much on it (anticipated cost: $20).

    5. Get a part time job. -
    Barely have time, but I'm taking on a bio-writing job and getting nibbles for photo jobs.

    6. Continue to be there for certain people. -
    Trying my best to be a good friend.

    7. When growing season hits, ROCK THAT GARDEN. - Winter. Done now.

    9. Try and get out a bit more.
    - Now that the cooler months are here I'm going out a lot more. Usually for a walk around the city.

    10. Look in to what is needed to start a bar.
    - I have pictures of places for lease/rent/sale, and even though I can't afford it even remotely I'm going to look in them so I can start thinking about what to look for in real estate.

    11. Drinking. We're cutting that down significantly. -
    I keep joking that since becoming a beer writer I haven't drunk less in my whole life, and that's pretty true. Can't even use alcohol as a way to deal with depression because it feels too much like work.

    12. Counselling. Get it. Sort that fucking head out.
    - Nope.

    13. Be as awesome, strong and amazing as you know you are. See yourself as others, especially POS, see you.
    - NOPE. But getting there. Realizing I am capable of rocking it.

    14. Keep doing Thirsty Wench stuff. - Going on TV Friday (health allowing...), and am going to start putting meetings together for a beer event I've been planning that helps out female abuse survivors.
    • CommentTimeDec 3rd 2013
    1) My Own Projects - So, looking back on this here thing, I succeeded in cutting a lot of the deadweight and pushing off projects that would've distracted me from the big picture. I first attempted to find a replacement Sketchy's NYC director, then ultimately put the branch on hiatus until we could find the right person (who isn't me) to run it. I promised to start a bunch of projects, but have put many of them on the backburner to focus on my main stuff and I feel really proud that I haven't fucked off too much or spread too thin, when I can help it. The biggest challenge is always to not let my main job get in the way of the career works. Everything went into crisis mode this late summer/early fall and it caused me to miss a lot of other important deadlines. But we're working on carving out some time for me.

    And of course, the big things being all, launching the Kickstarter and keeping it going, which I'm very proud of, even if I'm kicking myself for having some things go sideways and regrouping from that.

    I'm trying to end the year by wrapping up old projects (the alphabet prints project has been a never ending parade of files corrupting and screens being damaged that I'm starting to think its cursed. but I'm making one more attempt next week to get it printed and out to everyone!) and getting my writing in. I'm overdue on updating my blog and my backers.

    2) Draw Something Every Day - Never learned the discipline for this. I feel terrible, because I see so many artists around me succeeding at this and seeing their artwork grow and improve by leaps and bounds. And while I can bang out a piece I like when the deadlines hit, I had overambitious plans for the conventions this fall/holiday merch to release that relied on finishing a number of pieces that never came out right. Also, no one likes thinking they aren't improving. I'm going to attempt to work on this next year and figure out how to make a better schedule.

    3) Stop Being Behind the Scenes - For this, I definitely stepped outside my boundaries, tried to step into the spotlight and share my knowledge. The events I ran were hit and miss as far as how secure I felt in representing myself and how prepared I was to run them. But I definitely know where to focus on more. And also the fact that I need to continue opening up and sharing things in my personal web space.
    I think I get caught up too much in a weird headspace that no one thinks I know what I'm doing or that no one has interests in the same esoteric things I do or anything, so I get shy about writing things down. But re-reading old entries, seeing my writing improve as well as my ability to convey what I'm doing, I think this year really helped me grow in this regard.

    4) Don't Procrastinate Spiral - This year was my hardest between intense bouts of depression, where I'd be walking through the halls with nonstop thoughts that I should kill myself for days, and just plain old getting sick. I've had the flu more than I ever remember, and it's probably tied into my health. I'm fiddling with my diet and vitamin intake to try to find the correct balance to let me focus and settle down to work. Some days I'd try to not eat so much and just enter into a low blood sugar fugue state for hours. Other days I'd do everything right but not get enough sleep. And then some times I'm right on the ball chugging along at peak efficiency. Procrastination is rough (I'm taking a break from work right now to write this! whee!)

    5) Keep Traveling - This year I went to Reykjavik, New Orleans, Maryland, Virginia, on an insane road trip to Paris, Maine, New Orleans again. I missed out on some things due to poor finance planning. But I can say I definitely went on some amazing adventures and hope I get the same opportunities next year as this one.

    6) Start exercising regularly - Speaking of health things... never got into this. I'd have a day or two when I'd get into exercising, but the muscle weariness would affect my ability to screenprint, and likewise, the screenprinting gigs sometimes made me too sore to want to exercise. And to make more excuses, my room has been packed for the past few months with random junk that I can't even make space to do crunches. So, lack of discipline here all around. I wanted to join a gym, but I didn't have the money and honestly, I've had nightmares about going to the gym alone and being harassed. Since no one lives near me who also goes to the gym, I'm not sure if I want to try to ride the subway for an hour to get to a gym class near someone, as that starts to cut into my work day. So, I'm unsure how to tackle this issue next year.

    I think I set some relatively minor goals for myself this year, so I'm a bit grumpy at how many of them have "lacked the discipline to accomplish" marked on them. It definitely gives me something to think about as far as cycles I'm slipping into and what to work on. But ultimately, I think the monthly check-ins were great for me! Especially to just bring back focus on what's important. Also, I think this is the closest I've gotten to personal writing since I had a proper blog :P
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    @razrangle - Happy to help! I'm all for keeping going. I like this thread.

    1. Art goals
    I'm currently taking a break from an all-nighter to get my sketchbooks filled out for two of my classes. This is the second all-nighter this week, but I only have two more classroom days and a review committee, then I get my month long holiday. I'll have no idea what to do with myself. More shifts at work, I guess.

    2. Maintain target weight and get blood pressure in control.
    Damned if I know. I bike everywhere, so it's not like I'm sedentary, but my waist is back to last year's diameter. On the bright side, I don't have to buy new pants. Unfortunately, I discovered I don't qualify for Medicaid, and there's no student health insurance at my school, so I'm back to the drawing board on insurance.

    3. Plan my website for selling prints.
    Gratuitously linking it again. I got a few promotes the first day I put the pictures up, but haven't seen any activity since. I plan to add some more marketable prints, along with editing all the images for peripheral items, during the vacation.

    4. Become as effective a bike commuter as possible.
    It was a beautiful, late summer-like day on Wednesday. On Friday, we might get an ice storm. Memphis, fuck yeah. Biking on the sidewalks is like a pit trap, because the winter weather roller-coaster breaks everything. A couple weeks ago there was a stream of human waste on my sidewalk commute - a sewer line had burst underneath it. Fun! Biking on the street, there's this car that loves to swoop in, millimeters from my bike, trying to scare me while I bike home from school. It must be the same person; it's about the same place and time of day each time it happens. I don't give a damn; I don't even change course. I just stare at their stupid car while they drive away. Bikes are road vehicles in Tennessee, and they have plenty of room to pass me without being a dick. What they're doing is reckless driving, but it's hard to write down a licence plate number while biking.

    5. Socialize more.
    I'm making friends, and that's nice. However, I'm failing to find the rebound girl of my dreams. I'm meeting all of zero people even close to my own age, except for professors (not an option). I quit OKCupid because it felt like a meat market, though it did bring me one pleasant but confusing fling. Almost all of my friends my age are in couples, and so are all their friends. I find it hard to believe the lovely young people at school would be interested in kissing face with me, and I feel a bit lecherous even considering it, but they're clever, fun people, and I spend most of my social time with them. Life is baffling.
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    @glukakke - The cockroaches were finally banished by using this: It was amazing. I just put strips of it on the baseboard in the kitchen, under the lip of the sink counter, under the cabinet door in the bathroom, and WHAMMO. For weeks I'd sweep up piles of dead roaches from where the fridge used to be (I moved it). It took about a month, but there's been nothing since. It's AMAZING.
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    Oh, and also, @glukakke, with regards to drawing stuff every day. I get the impression that you are similar to me in that you are far more prone to put forth your energies on a project or present for others than for yourself. So.... Find some benevolent reason that will get you to draw more often. Because it's hard to do things for oneself.

    Draw individual Christmas Cards for everyone you know. And then Birthday cards. And then.... appreciation cards. Or something loftier, like drawings to represent some social commentary you think is important and should be shared visually.

    Eh. It's how I trick myself into being more productive at least.
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    1) Wii Fit/Health/Weight Loss: I think I'd put this one under success for this year. Not overwhelming, front of magazine type stuff, but I seem to be slowly but surely losing weight. I haven't really gone down any sizes, but maybe in a couple months?

    2) Work on Website/Sell Art: I really don't know what to say here. I'll tell you something in a month? I did try to update the site and the reduced prices are staying in effect for the rest of December. Would gratuitous links be ok?

    3) Consistently Clean Apartment: Every time I think I'm getting somewhere with this, something else happens. I can't say I'm too happy with this year.

    4) Job Stuffs: I got a job I like, and while I'd like to be paid more and worry less about money, I'll put this under a win.

    5) Work on mental health/be well enough to date: I'm still processing what happened, the triggers, behaviors, thought patterns, etc from the big fuck up. Wish I could fix things, but I know I probably shouldn't even try - it'll probably just make things worse. I suspect some writing (maybe a friends-only type blog post?) about what happened will happen eventually. Or just some scribbling down notes when the obsessing starts happening, so I'll stop. A lot of it has to do with what happened in the boarding school. Scary how stuff that happened 13 years ago can still effect me.

    6) Get my finances back in order: I don't even want to think about it. There doesn't seem to be any way to make it work.

    @Rachael & @glukkake: The motivation/being productive thing - I can see that helping, but I wonder how to apply it to my various projects - especially when I tend to experience a kind of project ADD, and I have no idea who would be sufficiently motivating to present my work to.

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