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    • CommentTimeDec 8th 2013
    Remember when we did this? I do. Let's do that again.

    Most of us have a backpack/purse/satchel/general bag that we take with us everyday or for other occasions. Filled with things of various importance. What's in yours? Take a picture. Tell us what you take with you every day.

    Here's mine:

    My bag is a black CBC field bag. I like my bags with a really long strap that can go across my chest with the bag resting on my hip. I find that I can fit tiny universe in there, but what I have in there is this:

    -makeup bag
    -bottle opener (you never know)
    - iPod with Bose AE2 headphones (best earphones I've ever had)
    - keys
    - Beer logo badge for Bellwood's Wizard Wolf (bought it and forgot about it)
    - perfume spray (Lush Karma)
    - Wallet
    - Lighting rig (went on a shoot, forgot I left it there)
    - Smart gloves (It's getting chilly out and I like using my touchscreen phone)
    - Book (Currently Pete Brown's Man Walks Into a Pub. Fantastic book on the social history of beer that I really strongly recommend)
    - notebook (for beer notes and various messages)
    -My Asus netbook. Slow little bastard, but useful for writing.

    Now you!
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    Tamrac camera bag. Nice size. Not too obviously a camera bag. Designed to take a camera and Ipad. Well padded and good for hand luggage.
    Samsung Galaxy SII mobile. English phone. Doubles as MP3 player.
    Canon 550D DSLR.
    Quicksilver prescription aviators, for those occasional sunny days.
    Cheap Nokia Pay As You Go German mobile phone for when we're in Munich
    York library card.
    Cernunnus silver pendant stored in my bag after the thong snapped.
    Generic headphones.
    Moleskine reporter style notebook. Three other moleskine notebooks.
    Two wooden ballpoint pens.
    Ipad with Logitech keyboard. Very good keyboard and acts as a protective case too.
    • CommentTimeDec 10th 2013 edited
    Another on-my-bedspread photo:

    Black Eddie Bauer backpack, three bucks thrift. I break a lot of backpacks. (One extra in the closet, Dickies, grey.)

    90% of the time I'm carrying my 'ultrabook' but since the touchscreen went wonky it's on its way out for repairs.
    Notebook: spiral-bound by Ex Libris Anonymous. Current one made from the Life Science Library - Machines.
    Books: two, for work variety. Nietzsche's Twilight of the Idols. The Construction of Authorship by Woodmansee, a great lit-meets-law assessment of creativity and credit.
    Giant sunglasses my mom found in a lake last year. I have light-sensitivity most days.
    University-branded usb stick, conference-branded same. They were free!
    Black fabric wallet I've had for ten years.
    Fisherman's friend tin for change, safety pins, a coffee loyalty card.
    Yellow-handled pocketknife I bought in Kensington many moons ago.
    Various drugs: Tylenol, allergy meds.
    One million hair elastics and forty pens.
    Phone and headphones.
    Black toque (stolen from whatsisface), blue mittens (made by mom), huge black scarf (bought for a dollar in SF eight years ago).
    Occasionally there is a stolen NYT crossword.

    Fantasy what's-in-my-bag: I wish I carried my dslr more.
    And I wish I wasn't using like dollar-store earbuds. Wireless headphones are my single Christmas wishlist item.
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    Will do mine shortly...
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    vandalhandle's bag

    Drawing pad
    Bundle of paper, including a storyboard template
    Scripts for concept work/storyboarding
    Markers for shading
    Asthma inhaler
    Artpen in it's little metal case
    Set of fine line pens
    Clips to hold bundles of paper together
    Plug and charging cables for android/ios devices
    Pencil cases
    Iphone and ipod
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    a book
    a bottle of water
    spare keys
    25 cents
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    Here's my bag. I got it from L.A. Police Gear, on a tip from a fellow mopedalist. Lots o' pockets and even a secret compartment. I'm probably the queerest socialist in their customer database. :)
    Contents today: my gym clothes and lock, wallet, day-job ID card, Lenovo tablet, Nook, iProduct Shuffle, house and bike keys, and a few in-case-of-emergency items.

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    My venerable satchel. I got it at a street fair in Marrickville. I think it's made of goat. The ventolins live in the ammo boxes. Nothing worse than digging for one when it's urgently needed. Contents: a variety of reading matter and eyewear, eyedrops, wallet, keys, two notebooks (one for sketches, one for text) two thumb drives (Mac OS boot and sneakernet), tiny multitool, spudger, expired train ticket, too many pens and pencils, eraser, pencil sharpener, shiny little gold leaf and lacquer pictures that currently function as business cards, a roll of exposed black and white film, and $8.90 in Australian coins. Oh yeah and headache tablets. I read too much.

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    @Kay what do you think to Wonderbook?
    • CommentAuthorScrymgeour
    • CommentTimeDec 12th 2013
    I wish my bag was not broken
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    @Steve - I'm loving it. Advice for writers makes me want to spork myself in the face, but this is actually fun and inspirational. He's managed to use silly characters to illustrate ideas without it being naff, too, which is itself pretty astounding. That usually comes across like Clippy, the I Punched My Monitor Unhelpful Bag of Dicks. Also, the illustrations are lush. I can't recall who recommended it here but thanks, it's just what I need right now.
    • CommentTimeDec 12th 2013
    My Bag

    I don't use it everyday anymore since I now work in my basement. But here's what's in it right now.
    Mokeskine for jotting down ideas.
    Really little set of dice.
    Buttons that used to be on the bag strap, but fell off.
    Mini Power strip from last trip I was on.
    Business cards
    Minty Boost
    A pile of pencils from doing surveys at a convention
    a Cat 5 connector, not sure why
    Headphones - I normally use my apple headphones, these are more noise muffling, so they're for mowing the lawn and airplanes
    batteries to go in the minty boost
    a hotel key card and a magic card.....
    Dungeon World. I was reading this on the last trip I went on.

    If I'm actually going out with this, my macbook and iPad would both be included, plus all the requisite cords if I'm going to be gone for a length of time.
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    @Kay excellent. If Krampus doesn't leave me one I shall purchase it in the coming new year. Also heartily approve of your magazine reading habits ;)
    • CommentTimeDec 13th 2013
    Right well, the greater reason for participating is to make myself clear out a LOT of clutter that has accumulated over the last few months as I've done yet another stint as vagabond theatre bum. Because just a couple of days ago I was living out of a duffle bag, a messenger bag, a purse and two tote bag and the occasional extra plastic bag or two. Not to mention I tend to treat my vehicle as the world's largest knapsack...

    But I'm pulling back to this, knowing I should cut out even more. Eventually. Maybe.

    purse things

    Seriously beat up beaded purses that still manages to get a lot of compliments despite my dirty secret that I really wouldn't consider this purse my "style." But it's handy, ya know?
    Razr flip phone. Yes. I know. Shut up.
    Snap leather wallet. Removed the chain it came with ages ago, no idea where it is now.
    Makeup. Because I do that now. See carrying a purse for a compliments. Note two different eyeliners.
    Pen with a flashlight on the other end. Swag from a friend's project.
    Checkbook. What do you mean 21st century? I don't understand.
    MP3 player. Yes it's large, again, hush.
    earbud headphones in large black pill looking case.
    Hello Kitty clutch with assorted gift cards and business cards.
    Sunglasses. I do not like to drive without them.
    Smokes & matches. I keep meaning to divest myself...but then I go and do another play.
    Denali camera pouch. Not pictured, for obvious reasons, Canon Powershot SD630. Every day I forget it, I regret it. EVERY. DAY.

    notes & books

    These are WAY pared down from what I've been carrying, and I know they could be trimmed more.
    Black leatherbound hard journal.
    Yellow notepad I'm largely just trying to use up so I don't feel bad about throwing out. It's not terribly convenient.
    Yellow sticky notepad. ZOMG I go through sticky notes like freaking water.
    Red silk cover notebook, my notebook for broken ideas... Stuff I don't know how to use, but love too much to leave in the "well I had a thought but I don't remember it anymore" bin.
    Fat mini spiral notebook. I live and die by these. Who needs a smartphone when they can just write everything down and improve the memory that way. Not that I revisit notes from too long ago. But when I've lost this notebook I've been SO HOSED.
    Reading material: BRECHT ON THEATRE, annotated essays and articles by Bertolt Brecht.
    Reading material: American Theatre from last summer. I really need to give it back to the owner (luckily I'll see him on Sunday).
    Full size spiral notebook. For rehearsal and show notes. Long form writing for blog, for stories, for emails, etc.
    Reading material: Anne Bogart's A DIRECTOR PREPARES. (I might have mentioned I have an interest in theatre?)
    Weekly calendar - now drawing to a close.
    Single subject spiral notebook. For one story that is neveryoumind.

    traveling office

    sundries from the messenger bag, again seriously pared down. Still slightly ridiculous. (But I've taken out the boxes of colored pencils, plain pencils and oodles of show postcards!)
    ASUS notebook what keeps me company most of the time, this time with strains of Duke Ellington in the back.
    Red, purple and black pen. One pencil. Blue, black and red markers. Erasers, pencil sharpener.
    Mini blue sticky pad.
    Assorted gift cards that are mostly dead.
    Emory board.
    removable colored tabs.
    Leatherman multitool
    flashlight w/ pouch
    Black jelly bracelets, hair ties.
    Always Ultrathin pad, ibuprofen, hand lotion, paper towels, lighter.
    8gig thumb drive.
    lighter I should move that to the purse.
    Durezol. A steroidal eye drop that is wayyyyy past its expiration date. But until I get my shit together and go and sign up for healthcare and then get myself to a new ophthalmologist, this is all I have if I ever get another acute bout of uvitis.
    Clear Eyes redness relief for tired eyes. Does not play well with steroidal eye drops.
    Tech Organizer messenger bag. Handy. Starting to die a little from my abuse.
    • CommentTimeDec 14th 2013

    The Manhattan Portage messenger bag I got as a teenager as a gift that I still use as a day-to-day bag
    Lesson plan book
    Progress forms and carbons
    Eyeglass case
    Folder of papers to grade
    Folder of stuff to get copied
    Catch-all work notebook
    Misc. pens
    Locking mini-knife
    Confidential student-related folder I don't trust locked up in the office
    Umbrella because I am an utter bitch when it rains

    NOT PICTURED: iPhone and iPhone charger cord and iPhone headphones

    I don't carry as much as I used to. I used to work in a cubicle and was left alone for ages at a time (followed by a stint of freelance work-from-home and I didn't need a day bag), so then I carried gaffer tape, two knives, USB cords and pocket drives, notebooks and books to read, a no-name MP3 player with backup headphones, phone charger, etc.

    Now? I'm a high school teacher. My current job doesn't allow for much downtime, I'm teaching or doing work-related stuff nonstop from about 7 am until about 3pm. Other stuff like my keys and phone I keep on myself in pockets or clipped to me, and my gym stuff is a separate bag. I also keep a lot of stuff locked up in my classroom desk, or at home.
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    Okay… current set up, kind of clockwise:

    Ancient Lowe Alpine backpack. Highly foxed, about 15 years old.
    Lenovo Tablet (Jason - snap!)
    Samsung S3 phone
    Blackberry Curve (work, evil winky red light)
    Sony voice recorder
    Encrypted USB drive for work
    Leica D-Lux 4 camera
    Spare key card for the car
    iGo bluetooth keyboard
    Pouch of medicines, contact lenses, plasters, safety pins
    USB cord
    Pile of work (enterprise content map, focus group notes)
    Sennheiser ME3 headset mic and Buddy USB audio dongle (for use with Dragon Naturally Speaking on the tablet)
    Pouch with handsfree headsets for the crackberry and the samsung
    Name badge for work in case I'm visiting locations
    Stanley 4 in 1 screwdriver
    Foldaway carrier bag
    Shure SE425 ear buds
    Pouch of Pitt artist pens
    Rotring Newton pencil
    Book - Idries Shah, Wisdom of the Idiots
    Moleskine (generally for mental hygiene, purging)

    Not pictured:
    Rotring Newton fountain pen
    Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 if I can't be arsed with the laptop

    I have the feeling that a) I have way too much stuff. b) I'm a potential mugger's jackpot.

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.