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    • CommentTimeDec 20th 2013
    I'm sure he has two pens. But, if he dropped it then they show a panel of him somewhere in the dark, alone writing in his journal after the whole ordeal, did he get it back? And how did he find the time to grab his sheep coat?
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    I don't mean something about him needing a pen. I mean it will come back to him in a spectacularly nasty way. Otherwise there's no excuse for wasting an entire panel on it. That's my theory anyway.
    • CommentAuthorShan
    • CommentTimeDec 21st 2013
    Unless it's one of these.
    • CommentAuthorMrBogey
    • CommentTimeDec 21st 2013
    Why are they pouring gas down a tube?
    • CommentAuthorgragh46
    • CommentTimeDec 21st 2013
    @MrBogey it's one of their defenses, it was shown back in the first chapter

    As for the pen... I don't know, there are many pens in the world, it might end up meaning nothing. But it's funny how Shaky had an "OMGWTF RUN!" moment so strong that he lost his pen exactly when he saw the man who made fun of him because he was a writer.
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    The pen is not a waste. The pen is how the Gamekeeper knows it's him. Who the hell else carries a damn pen?!
    • CommentAuthorBigSven
    • CommentTimeDec 21st 2013
    Not sure if the Cruise Ship is going to get close to shore. Remember that Cava is famous both in the real world and in Crossed as having no good anchorages- hence needing to store the Aussie boat on another island...
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    Looks like they're running it aground though. Crossed are so fucking kamikaze they won't even think of anchorage.
    • CommentAuthorWood
    • CommentTimeDec 22nd 2013
    Yeah, but they'll probably hit a rock before they reach the island proper.
    • CommentAuthorShan
    • CommentTimeDec 22nd 2013

    Question for Si, where's the best place to send feedback, comments etc to you personally? Just post it in the most recent discussion and you'll see it or do you prefer something else?
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    Here, sure. Or my tumblr has an open comments/questions/submissions bit.
    • CommentAuthorHardCory
    • CommentTimeDec 23rd 2013
    Yeah things look pretty dire for the survivors on Cava. Unfortunately for them, they divulged every bit of information to Dora and those on the drift fleet, such as where they keep the gus, their everyday ro utine, and every bit of their defenses. This should presume that she remembers the impossibility of getting close enough with the big ship before running ashor, which they most likely don't care about.

    Also if you lool closely at the last frame, it looks like the crossed are repelling down the side of the ship into smaller boats. This shows strategy and that they plan on a full scale invasion with their smaller rafts.

    Although as was stated prior, it could be that Aoileen (sp?), the nun, probably took there guns not because she wants them to be lesslethal, but because she promised them FUN! And using guns are not as fun as urithra raping with a gardening scyth. I think she gave them a green light to take out Cava and everyone on it except for Shakey.

    And this is my last prediction but I think Shakey gets his pen back because everyone is killed and the only person left to partner with is the Gamekeeper. Shakey has repeatedly said that surviving alone like Jackson did was his worst nightmare. So even though he hates the GK, he has no other choice but to team back up with him since Cava will most certainly go up in flames and everyone else either killed or turned.

    Long I know but this series is so good that it deserves some intense analysis.
    • CommentAuthorHardCory
    • CommentTimeDec 23rd 2013
    Also, thank you Si, for appropriately representing and adding to the world of the Crossed. You have definitely created an epic addition to Ennis' vision. You add some incredibly deep and poignant substance to a immensely horrifying and hopeless world.
    Keep up the demented work!
    If you need an employee, I'm sick bastard to hire.
    • CommentTimeDec 25th 2013
    Also if you lool closely at the last frame, it looks like the crossed are repelling down the side of the ship into smaller boats.

    I'd say it looks more like a bunch of dead bodies hung as very very jolly fenders indeed.
    • CommentAuthorMrBogey
    • CommentTimeDec 26th 2013
    @graph46 Thanks. It's been a while since I read the first chapter.

    At this point they need to start shooting as many as they can while they have distance. They have to be within a thousand yards. A good sharpshooter should be able to take someone down with a quality bolt action. That boat has to already be scraping the seabed so it must be crawling if not now then soon.

    A bloop gun or an RPG would probably be worth its weight in gold right now. Get them while they're all clustered on the top deck waiting for the party to begin.

    The blood pouring from the scuppers was a nice touch.
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    Huh....why did Tabitha sneak around Cava's gun line just to go raid the closet, instead of like killing people in the back or whatever.

    Well guess all the Crossed did to her was instill a desire for baby clothes, or for herself.

    I hope her turning wasn't too....graphic (gangrape/kill) though, given that she still looks okay and is wearing all her clothes. Same with the late Captain Dora too.

    Maybe I'm reading into this a little too much.
    • CommentAuthorgragh46
    • CommentTimeDec 26th 2013
    Not all crossed are the same, and while the most remarkable difference comes from supercrossed (such as Aoileann, Smokey or the Twins from badlands, many other 'leaders'), each crossed tribe and individual has their own shit going. And Tab in particular had a pretty cool/pragmatic view on life and the crossed before she was turned that she might have kept after being turned. In fact, If I were Shaky, I'm not sure if I'd shoot her straight away to remember her the way she was before, or I'd try listening to the first thing she says before pulling the trigger. Specially considering that she doesn't appear to be carrying any weapons, and Aoileann might have told her some message.

    As for the way they were turned, given her looks, I'd go for the graphic option for Tab. Regarding Dora, I can picture her fighting until the last second, then being turned by the sheer amount of enemies available (one of them spits, blood splatters, any of those). But I doubt we'll get in-comic feedback, maybe Si could tell us in a "word of god" way. Not sure I'd really like to know all the details

    But I guess I'll wait to give more on my views until the new chapter's thread is up
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    Crossed Tab DOES have a cut on the arm...
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    I totally missed Tab climbing down the ladder during my first read through. Nice bit of...I guess it's foreshadowing?

    Anyways one of the things that's really standing out for me in this long-form series is the horror of seeing characters you get to spend a lot of time with coming back as Crossed. In most of the arcs we didn't spend enough time with the non-Crossed, or they were too one-dimensional/crazy/unlikeable to care, to fully sense the trauma that someone like Shaky must be feeling seeing a generally nice person that he cared about like Tabitha or the nun come back Crossed. Especially since per the notes he was leaving, Shaky thinks that they are the "same" person even though turned. I'm surprised he hasn't pulled a Jackson and flown off to Jupiter.
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    Looks like she's one of those semi self-controlled Crossed that can delay gratification to escalate the pain inflicted on others. My guess is that she's looking for her own artwork to destroy but I'm almost always wrong.

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