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    • CommentTimeDec 30th 2013
    Year end wrap up. From whenever you started to arbitrarily calling this a check-in point, how did you at trying to make yourself accountable on your goals?

    Doesn't matter if you got what you hunted for, if you achieved part but finished below expectations, doesn't even matter if you whiffed the whole thing and gave up last May....

    The thing is, what did you learn? Where are you today? Did it help you redefine your goals? What surprises came your way, either negative obstacles or positive tangents to be explored later? Sometimes we can't help but talk about these things through all the excuses we found. I can't talk about my year without noting losing at least a month to depression and all of summer to taking care of my mom. But if you gotta, then try to make it succinct,maybe just sentence or two.

    Tell me about your goals, tell me who you are because your goals are what they are. Tell me which goals went away because they don't have anything to do with you any more.

    Today, on the second to last day of the year, I realized my primary goal is to become a professional voice actor. That has been the goal for the last several years, actually. But today things got a little clearer as I realized, no, that's my TOP goal. Everything else can duke it out for second place.

    It's uncomfortable. I want to be fluent in Japanese nao. I want to be skinny and pretty and have lots of lovely dresses right away. I want to make a lot of theatre happen without worry about cost and other physical/logistical realities.

    I did a bunch of stuff for VO and I'm glad I could close out the year on high note. A great class with lots of validating compliments, then called in on a project at a pro studio. Nice.

    Flatlined on Japanese, fucking stressed for money for and because of theatre which makes me all kinds of depressed that the thing that makes me happy to alive is giving me agita, and barely made it to the gym some three times this last month. I didn't really go outside much this year and it fell down to a distinct last place in Things that I Want to Do At Any Given Time. And forget about reading and writing regularly.

    So. You can't have done worse.

    Refreshers: New Year's
    Month 1
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    Month 5
    Month 6
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    Month 8
    Month 9
    Month 10
    Month 11

    Definitely glad to have kept an eye on the year. Thanks, everyone, for helping me keep my eyes on the prize.
    • CommentTimeDec 31st 2013 edited
    My goals were to finish my novel and get it published, which happened, to get another IF game done, which didn't happen (well, I did make a one hour "let's see how this works" test game a couple of days back but it really doesn't count) and to get my AESD research diving license, which happened apart from the final paperwork. Got the Finnish graduation papers from the school right after Christmas, so in the eyes of the jobs markets here I'm now officially a graduated professional light gear diver, but the international certification is still pending and there are some annoying unclear things about it - may be an ESD without the A, but we'll see.

    The final goal was to slow down, which happened in a glorious way this Christmas holiday. It's a more general resolution, though - couldn't really do it this year, but laid groundwork like motherfucker to a life where I don't have to run downhill, and seems like I may've succeeded. It's been the most relaxing week an a half in ages, even now I feel like the Christmas eve had been a month ago. The end of this year is genuinely a moment in my life where I turn the page, I wrote more about it in here: 2013 – The Year of Accomplishment, Love and Adventure and here: Turning The Page – Or “Eets Feenished!”.

    With that, the goals for the next year - personal wellbeing. But more about that in the next year's resolution thread :)
    • CommentTimeDec 31st 2013
    Complete failure. Too much going on, lifewise--the badmind led me to bad habits which got in the way of doing anything worth while.

    So I try again this year, and in so doing get back to whatever Normal is now.
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    Looking back, it seems my goals for this year were (to sum up) to change directions with my art, get more control over my life, and be healthier. I think I've succeeded pretty well. I don't know about my health, but I got a paying job, went back to college, broke up with my partners, moved to a new place, started biking everywhere, and started therapy. So, really, if next year could have a minimum of change, that would be nice.

    New resolutions: more sex, less sad. That's it.
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    How did I do?


    Ah, fuck it... there'll be another one of these threads coming along shortly

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.