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    • CommentTimeDec 31st 2013
    The weird antipodals have already made it across the great divide, and the rest of us are soon to follow.

    It's been a rough year for many here, and an awesome one for others. Regardless of your particular camp, may your next year be better than this one.

    Not long to go now, drinking and feasting awaits.

    Salutations to you, champions one and all. See you on the flipside.
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    Some of us bloody antipodals are up already, moving cattle and large pieces of metal around. Cup of bloody tea. Then start the bloody welding. Fuck. Whose idea was it to see in the New Year getting pissed on top of the water tank? Oh.


    Right then.

    Will post the video of my annual water tank NYE set when I've synced the sound and vision. Later. After cows and welding. Fuck. Brain hurts.
    • CommentTimeDec 31st 2013
    Happy new year, all. May 2014 treat you kindly.
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    You know, you can tell it's summer down here when everything goes yellow and the flies are up before dawn. Also, Happy New Thing. Yes. Cannot brain.

    Just came in to feed the children. First thing the 11 year old says - not "Good morning" or "Happy New Year" - is "Dad, who's bigger, you or Stephen?" (Stephen is his 18 year old cousin.) So I say, "Well, uh, Steve's taller than me but I probably weigh more..." "No no no that's not what I mean." "What then?" "I mean, like, total displacement."

    "... uh... I suppose we could each get in the swimming pool and you could measure the level WHO THE FUCK MEASURES THEIR RELATIVES BY VOLUME
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    I'd struggled to work out whether this year had been a good or a bad year. I'd not had many feelings either way for it, there was a good deal of crap, but a good deal of good too. At dinner, my partner had asked the kids to go round and say what their highs and lows were of the year, and given that I was pretty non committal, she asked me: "Well, do you feel better coming out of the year than you did going into it?"

    Put like that: Better.

    And that's all I could wish for.

    Happy new year everyone.
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    Happy New Year, all! I intend to burn out a head cold through the judicious use of alcohol and dancing. May you all be more successful in your endeavors than I will be in this one.

    @Kay - That made me laugh unreasonably much.
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    I look forward to seeing what you lot get into for 2014.

    Happy New Year.
    • CommentAuthorRenThing
    • CommentTimeDec 31st 2013
    Usually I'm all "FUCK THIS LAST YEAR" but, you know what? Worst thing that 2013 had for me was that it just got difficult (i.e. lost a job and wife was off for several long weekends doing work stuff which meant I was single-parenting for a while). In this year I got to watch my son grow by leaps and bounds in ways that astound and make me love the spawn all that much more. My wife is excellent as ever, we've been in relatively good health (now, September was less than awesome *coughcoughoutpatientsurgerymyasscoughcoughcough*), and my life was mostly free of the generally bad shit like death (which is more than I can say for prior years).

    So, if 2014 is going to be better than this one then I say bring it the fuck on.
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    5 minutes to go on the end of a pretty damn good year for me. Jools Holland's Hootenanny's pretty shite this year, but we have good whisky.

    Love and luck to the sodding lot of yez!
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    Happy new year, everyone
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    Have a Happy new year, dear souls all.

    Good year... although also not... I know me much better, but am even less employable than I was...
    • CommentTimeDec 31st 2013
    Good year for work, but not on a personal end. But, now that I've gotten up and wiped the dust off my legs, it's time to fucking fly.

    Happy New Years, folks.
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    For me 2013 started out OK, then descended into horrific, but the horrificness forced me to take some action and now the road ahead is looking if not exactly sunny a fair way sunnier. So roll on 2014, I am ready for you!

    Felicitations for the new orbital cycle all you gods of the internet abyss!
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    Mr. Holland is saving things a little bit, but definitely nothing like the Hives this year. I've had my fix of Phil and Ally though, so it's okay. Happy new year to the big messy lot of ye!
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    @Taphead - this just in, from Twitter:

    The Mountain Goats ?@mountain_goats
    I didn't know before Twitter that people played "This Year" at the end of the year to celebrate having come through hard times

    The Mountain Goats ?@mountain_goats
    I seldom lack for words but I struggle to say how deeply moved I am to know that the song we stood there tracking handclaps for in 2004

    The Mountain Goats ?@mountain_goats
    has come to mean something special for people. so I said this last year I'm pretty sure and I'm saying it again tonight: THANK YOU
      CommentAuthormister hex
    • CommentTimeJan 1st 2014
    Reposted from my facebook greeting for 2014.

    There's a sound that people make sometimes, a mere phrase, a verbal tic, so common that they don't even know they're doing it. It's not a place-holder auditory parking spot, as in "like" or "um". It's not an involuntary sound, like a cry or a scream or a sigh. It's a phrase, a mere phrase, and it's insidious and deadly as cancer or the cobra or a sheet of lightning. And people say it everyday and they don't even notice it, they say this phrase out loud and they believe it, they give it weight and power. And it's wrong. So rather than spitting out a cheap "Happy New Year!" or something trite and/or possibly offensive, I've decided to pen this little missive and send it out to anyone who will look, to warn you all in this freshly-minted year to avoid at all costs this poisonous phrase for the next twelve months and, indeed, forever and ever.

    The phrase is "I can't [...]."

    Yes, you can.

    Happy New Year, Everyone.
    • CommentTimeJan 1st 2014
    Well, I'm glad to know that I actually can turn into a spaceship and fly to Mars whenever I want. (I kid, I kid. Thanks for the missive).
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    Happy new year folks. Last year was hard work, but all good!

    I saw in 2014 dressed as Mackie Messer from Threepenny Opera, doing a gin tasting and drinking Wiemar Berlin era cocktails.

    Hope the new year treats you well.
    • CommentAuthorflecky
    • CommentTimeJan 1st 2014
    I spent midnight atop disused buildings, periodically raising a clenched fist to a cold, cruel sky. I cried to the heavens, "Damn you all! I will have my day!" I then scuttled to my sanctum, and began work on a scheme to finally reduce the infrastructure of the governing bodies of this world to primordial slime.

    Not really: I ate crap food, drank coffee, smoked fags, and walked home from a mate's house in the early hours with a heightened state of vigilance around pissed people. Oh well.

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    I spend my new years eve folding clothes while my boyfriend was the designated driver at the bars with his friends and family. Which is what I wanted, because today I get to do all sorts of cutesy couple things without being burned out. Which is to say that the year has been ok, and sometimes even good, and maybe not a success by usual standards, but enough of one for me. Happy New Years to y'all, and may your year be another step closer to being healthy and fulfilled.

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.