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    We were just talking about that with some pal: it says something about the industry that people don't bat an eyelid before doing that, whereas in many other fields it would be a seriously questionable career move.
    • CommentTimeFeb 13th 2014
    So, it appears I'll be acting in THIS which is a video adventure whodunnit in the vein of Tex Murphy and LA Noire, I guess. Made by Tim Follins, who used to do a lot of music for vidyer games in the olden days. It should be interesting! :D

    I basically got the phone call this morning, off the back of a vampire film I did in 2012 (that hasn't been released) and one of the actors in that is co-producing the game and wanted me for it. So yay!
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    Oh man, Llamasoft. I remember playing Revenge of the Mutant Camels 2 YEEEEAAARS ago and being very sad I never got to play Revenge 1 and Attack on the C64. I'm sure I could get ROMs now, though...

    Officially sanctioned by Jeff Minter. Go hoover up the lot at the Llamasoft Archive.

    Cant' say I've watched Anita Sarkeesian's videos but I'm glad she's making them. The industry needs her and a ton more people like her to not back off an inch from exposing this bullshit.
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    I personally think Anita Sarkeesian's kind of a shit and needs to be starved of publicity*, but even with that in mind, those people in that comment thread.. wow.

    *It's a subject that needs to be addressed but to misquote someone else: "given we know these issues are such a big deal in the industry, why does she need to keep misrepresenting them?"
    • CommentAuthorRenThing
    • CommentTimeFeb 13th 2014
    @Flabyo and Vorn

    Speaking as an HR professional at a gaming company, I know there would be some "Come to Jesus" talks going on if we found any of our people on said list. Thankfully, after a quick scan of the comments there (just the names, not the comments themselves as those things give you brain cancer), it looks like I won't be having to have any of those uncomfortable (for them) conversations.
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    Speaking as a PR person at a gaming company, I'd be the guy standing behind you arms crossed during those talks, nodding as you speak and occasionally pointing at them and going "yeah!"



    I kindasorta agree with you there, she could do better, but then again I see the value of people in controversial issues defining the outer borders of the conversation, so to say - leaves much more space in the middle to talk. If there are no people like that, the moderate view is the extreme view, if you know what I'm saying. Also, at this point it's less interesting and frankly useful to pick out the points she makes than to point out the rabid reaction to them and go "there's the fucking problem". It's not long that I was following a thread where someone apparently honestly thought he was just rebutting her points, and didn't see anything wrong with calling her a sandcunt. So, yeah...
    • CommentAuthorFlabyo
    • CommentTimeFeb 14th 2014
    Having anyone raising these issues, even if she isn't doing the best job of it, is where we *start* the conversation. Someone has to go first.

    The fact that she gets death threats every day, and Anon have said they're going to hound her for the rest of her life, means there's something worth doing here.

    Meanwhile, Steam have decided to allow their users to add tags to games on the service. Any tag they like.

    So now you've got the 'not a game!' brigade tagging the games they think are destroying their fun, like Gone Home.
    You've got people going round tagging anti-semitic things onto random games.
    You've got people tagging ENDING SPOILERS onto games like Bioshock Infinite.

    I'm not really sure what Valve thought would happen...
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    @Vorn: I take your point, and at first I just thought "this looks kinda like a snarkfeminist blog"/"I don't necessarily agree with her analysis"/etc, but when it's clear she's actually misquoting, doctoring video to serve her point, etc - no. I draw the line there.
    @Flabyo: I don't really agree that Anon deciding to hound someone proves anything about them other than that they were involved in an internet controversy at some point. The main thing Anon does is make promises to hound people for the rest of their lives.
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    Yep, she did a great job kicking the hornets' nest, but right now I think someone else should grab the torch, frankly.
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    Funnily enough, this then immediately appeared in my feed.
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    On an another note, game giveaway!

    And Yet it Moves (Mac, PC, Linux):

    Dear Esther (Mac, PC, Linux) (my thoughts: Mood Pieces: Dear Esther – High Literature Meets 3D Gaming)
    • CommentTimeFeb 14th 2014 edited
    I grabbed Dear Esther, vorn. Happy Horny Werewolf Day and all that. I'll send you a cheap card or something in return.

    In what looks to be a little bit of damage control for the Dungeon Keeper Mobile fiasco, the original Dungeon Keeper is free on GoG today.
    • CommentAuthorArgos
    • CommentTimeFeb 14th 2014
    Almost got through my first winter in Don't Starve, but the hounds came and I was so focused on staying warm I didn't think to take off my puffy vest and put on some armor. Well, now I know.
    • CommentTimeFeb 16th 2014
    I went with the Humble Bundle specifically for Dream Machine, which looks like it'll scratch that Adventure Game itch I've been having for a while.

    And I bought the HELL out of Civilization V on Humble Bundle.

    Also Steam gave me a little notice saying that Gone Home was 60% off, so of COURSE I fucking get that as well.

    Got Don't Starve cheaply a while ago and it (sadly) looks like my suspicions were right about the game and I just can't get in to survival-style games like that. Love the graphics though.

    Also, for a little bit of child-like fun, I'm digging Little Thief. Just a cutesy point and click puzzle-adventure. I likes it.
    • CommentTimeFeb 16th 2014
    I really liked Dear Esther. I'm trying to think of a way to explain it that doesn't sound kinda dumb: "well it was pretty and sad and stuff". Definitely would like to play through again at some point, but I'll have to get some distance first, like when I re-read a novel. Thanks again, Vorn.

    There's this free-to-play game on Steam (and mobile and console, I believe, as well) called Pinball Arcade. It's all re-creations of real pinball machines. They give you one table totally free, and the rest you can buy (and you can try out all the tables as many times, but they cut you off if you reach a certain score). Kinda pricey to get all of them, but my friend gifted me the latest season pass for Christmas. They just released Black Knight 2000. Oh man.
    I wish I'd gotten in on the classic video game music thread, because the music from this is amazing:
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    <3 Pinball Arcade. I wouldn't really call it free-to-play, though. You buy the table, you own the table, and can play it as much as you like with no need for further purchases. TPA's front-end is more like a plug-in for the tables with a free one included in the form of Arabian Nights. If I wasn't poor right now (moving sucks all the money out of a budget) I'd be getting all 3 season passes.
    • CommentTimeFeb 16th 2014
    Zen Pinball is pretty damned good too. I've got it with three of the star wars tables, and they're a lot of fun! The tables look really small and boring at first, but the thing is that they transform and do crazy stuff a real pinball table can't. Definitely worth it.
    • CommentAuthorRenThing
    • CommentTimeFeb 17th 2014
    Vorn, you have no idea of how I amused I was that you'd be my "Yeah!" guy.
    • CommentTimeFeb 17th 2014 edited
    @James: Yeah, "free-to-play" definitely isn't the exact phrase for it, but the model is somewhere in that general vicinity. It's definitely an interesting one, especially because Arabian Nights was almost good enough to make me okay w/ never getting the others.
    @Mag: I think Zen Pinball is the same as Pinball FX 2 here. In which case, I have that too! Hooray for Humble Bundle. It is a lot fun, way more fast-paced than Arcade.
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    Hey, another game giveaway

    Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine (Win, Mac, Linux)

    Steam key: