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    • CommentAuthorMWHS
    • CommentTimeJan 17th 2014
    I've been going on a bit of a videogame binge at the moment, including:
    THE BANNER SAGA, which is beautiful and pushes all of the right King of Dragon Pass buttons. In an odd way the weakest element for me is the actual battles - the art style, story telling and character development are all pretty rad so far.
    KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM is a nicely executed re-enactment of the early years of space flight, piloted by minions. The initial joy is strapping a guy to a rocket and lighting the fuse, but before long you've spent an evening trying to rescue crew you've managed to land on the moon without enough fuel to lift off again, or free-floating in orbit. Not long after that you find yourself up to speed on rocket science.
    THE BUREAU: X-COM DECLASSIFIED was a disappointment for me. A clunky interface on what felt like a Medal of Honour game a lot of the time.
    CRUSADER KINGS 2 continues to be an interesting way for me to lose entire days of my life.
    DOORKICKERS is compelling but at this stage still shallow - it's essentially Counterstrike - the RTS.
    DUNGEON OF THE ENDLESS was very enjoyable. I have an odd hangup in that I like to be able to pause and give orders in a strategy game, but I also prefer RTSs to TBSs. DotE's wave/room exploration mechanic is a nice compromise between the two.
    WARGAME fails for the exact reasons that DUNGEON OF THE ENDLESS succeeds as a strategy game for me. It's heavily focused on PvP vs. play, so I can't get on with it.
    NIDHOGG I like fencing. I like swashbuckling. I like button mashing beat 'em ups. Until I get a mate and a couple of cases of beer in I won't be able to truly test NIDHOGG, but it's all looking promising for smooth flowing, quick paced, swearword inducing fun.
    GODUS Kind of a more chilled out Black & White, but without the interesting creature mechanic, with an equally clunky interface, and a lot less RTS depth. I played it for an evening and haven't felt compelled to pick it up again.
    GUNPOINT Short and sweet, I really enjoyed it. Nice mechanics, great execution for what's basically a stealth platformer.
    TOTAL WAR: ROME II The game was pretty justly slated when it was first released as a bloated, buggy and unbalanced leviathan. Fortunately, the TOTAL WAR series of games have had the same complaints for every release since ROME, which have been sorted out in time by patches and mods. For me, ROME II has reached the tipping point where it's really engaging again, and a lot of the mechanics introduced have made the mid-game grind a lot more tolerable for me. I've already put more hours into it then SHOGUN II (For reference, it's still at 1/3 of the hours spent playing EMPIRE, but given how long that's been out and well modded...)
    • CommentTimeJan 17th 2014
    Totally thirding Machinarium. I actually want a little plush from it.

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    Just finished the first playthrough of The Novelist. I've rarely felt this torn about an indie game, and as I wrote on the Mood Pieces post I did, it was one of the best games I didn't like. The writing was very effective and touching, but the gameplay elements just didn't quite get there. Left me with the "could've been so much more" vibe.
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    Whee, just finished the first act of Broken Age and the best words to describe it are utterly lovely. The art style, the characters, the story itself that echoed the surrealism of the point-and-click games of yore, it all worked together in a really awesome way!
    • CommentTimeJan 20th 2014
    @vorn, I was waiting to hear what you thought of it. In the end I was incredibly satisfied.

    And that fucking

    I downloaded Bioshock Infinite on playstation (huzaah plus account!) and I'm afraid that it's exactly like I expected. Like the other Bioshock games, I'm more in love with the world than I am with the game itself. As it is, I'm not a huge fan of FPS games and found myself more wanting to explore Columbia than be chased around by people wanting to kill me. The lighthouse, the launch in to Columbia, the church...all of that was wonderful. I just...I dunno. Sometimes I'd wish they'd come out with some DLC that made it an exploration game, though I know it wouldn't have made sense.

    Also makes me long for the movie, which would have been great to see, though I'm pretty sure it would have been CGI faff with little depth to it.
    • CommentTimeJan 20th 2014
    The Burial At Sea DLC is amazing, if short.
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    Oh yes, as a game it was a very satisfying experience - I mean, on the surface it was a kids' game but there were deeper themes in there, and loved how the thing played out. Of course, also, poop-jokes, because come on!
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    @oldhat: I was afraid it was going to be a game with a good story let down by the actual gameplay, because that was my experience with Bioshock 2, but I was pleasantly surprised at how good the game was. I do feel the same way about the lack of exploration, especially since, if you want to get more of the story, you have to find the vox recordings and the kinetoscopes, which requires exploration that otherwise feels discouraged by the game.

    @Fauxhammer: I really want to try the Burial at Sea DLCs, but I might wait until they've all been released. They do look like fun.

    • CommentAuthorArgos
    • CommentTimeJan 22nd 2014
    Alright, so who else is playing Don't Starve?
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    Me! Or at least I was until leaving town for a week. I was at a convention in Boston and really got to play with the 3DS's street pass functions, and now that I'm home again it's back to getting maybe a single ping per day. Got to complete several puzzles and most of the pink pieces in all the others, went from having cleared two rooms in Find Mii to getting some good headway in Find Mii II, and now... nothing. I guess the 3DS is getting put away again until Pax East in April.
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    Me! Well, not super actively but I found it very interesting!
    • CommentTimeJan 23rd 2014
    I have a love/hate relationship with Don't Starve. I just terrible at the game, but I keep coming back to it.
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    Ah yes, I'm heading to that exact thing. The same with FTL for me :)
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    @James Cunningham: 3DS streetpassing during any kind of convention is crazy. You eventually stop even paying attention to what's happening with the characters. Hold R, mash A until you see the lawn again. Go into programs, hold R, mash A.
    • CommentAuthorArgos
    • CommentTimeJan 23rd 2014 edited
    Same here, I am also terrible at it, but it's so much fun! I'm currently on day 19 or so, not too far in. I'm not sure I'll survive winter >__<

    As for 3DS streetpassing, yeah it's even worse/better in Japan. Anytime we stepped on the train our plaza would fill up. You almost don't even need other games because you just spend all your time going through the miiplaza games.

    edited to add: I did not survive winter. Died on day 28.
    • CommentTimeJan 23rd 2014
    @Vorn - I am much better at FTL, but I've still lost every single game I've played there too. They're both just too much fun to stay away from.
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    Completed Rayman Legends yesterday just before bed. Well, "completed" as in got to the end credits. I estimate I still have about two thirds of the game's content left.

    Wonderful game. Starts out smooth, and gets viciously challenging towards the end. And as others have mentioned, it's got a level of creativity on par with the best Nintendo platformers.

    I played it on the PS3, which works nicely despite the lack of touchscreen stuff. Though it does mean that a lot of the touchscreen-based secrets are much, much easier to obtain. When you've got a critter waving at you to press a button on a thing that isn't necessary for the level, you're kinda being given a huge hint.
    • CommentAuthorflecky
    • CommentTimeJan 24th 2014 edited
    Stuff I've been avoiding reality with:
    The Walking Dead, which I've found a bit disappointing so far, but I will continue with the episode missions.
    Resident Evil V, which is pretty crap, but I'll finish it just for the hell of it.
    Someone gave me GTA, the Liberty City episodes one, so I will play that at some point.

    That's me!
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    • CommentAuthorRenThing
    • CommentTimeJan 28th 2014

    Who is the happy new HR monkey at a video game company? This HR monkey!