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    I've been making a habit of 'doing things' the last couple of years (did the million words, yay! got 38 of my 42 things done, yay!), so I'm currently feeling a bit lost that I don't have anything lined up. Not formally so.. there are ideas...

    I also fall into the 'need to make money' camp. Not at all sure what/how/where. I've earnt more as an extra for stuff than from writing this past year. (and that wasn't much, three figures, before costs). I'm another one who probably doesn't know where to go next... Figures :-) I had no idea who I was for a long time, but I could earn OK. Now I know who I am, and earning is evading me.

    Life needs to begin... yup, that is a sensation I have! Hey, a name to the feelings.

    I want to make music with other people. I can do all the whatever on my own. Need some *group* time, other musicians to riff/bounce off. finding is ...

    Make art stuffs... electronics, textiles, that sort of thing.

    Actual underway thing is learning more code/tech/dev stuff. I have no idea if I can actually *do* it, but I surprise myself when I test what knowledge I do have so :-)

    What I do know is that I need to get better at the whole 'not scaring people' thing. Because apparently I do that. I don't know if I'm actually doing that (I know I can be a bit intense, I dial it back) or if I'm just really bad at picking them and actually those who dare to say that to me are actually arseholes...

    I desperately want to get this show/routine sorted and take it to Edinburgh for the fringe this year. Its the 42 list thing final bit... I seem to have more obstacles in the way than I can overcome by myself though, and I can't rustle up help that I can use... (easy to come by 'yay go for it' but actual *help* with stuff like workshopping, direction, application to the free fringe and the like... promised but made impossible to collect on, only so often I can ask before I get the message that it was hollow... and yup, this bit has been rumbling for months but... yeah! gah!) plus the free fringe application process has stuck in a 'we must be able to come and see the show you want to bring unless we know you' clause... they are appearing thus far to be a very difficult bunch to get to know, even though I can bring other skills with me that will be of use more widely... (Makes me wish that I had the necc. £10K because I'd buy a fucking slot on the pay fringe and be done with it!... but, that probably wouldn't be helpful in the long run so...) Of course, knowing myself as I do, I worry that I've surrounded myself with the people, acquaintances and obstacles so that I'm fully 'excussed up' to not do this thing... or that I'm just over all too needy... or *argh* head shuts down at argh overload... (grin)
    • CommentTimeJan 4th 2014
    Learn to walk in heels.
    Get rid of the heartburn.

    This crazy lady is fun to read. Here's her blog post about quantifying your progress the way the big boys do.

    My key performance indicators are
    - the height of the heels I'm using, the hours per day, and the length of the walk. January goal: one inch chunky heels, in the house, for an hour each day.
    - for the second, I'd like to just start keeping track of the days per week that I feel gross and acid-reflux-y. And maybe write down the foods.
    • CommentTimeJan 4th 2014
    @razr - Your blog link is the greatest thing that's happened to my drive for voice acting in a long time. I'll shoot you an email down the road a ways when I can think of something to say that you haven't covered in your link (there will be plenty ;) but I'm not taking on major projects yet til March). THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH!!!

    @allana - I should add walking in heels to my list, too... I can't figure out how I used to do it all the time in my early 20s. I used to run faster than my friends in Docs when I wore heels. Now I can barely stand a walk down the block in them.
    Also, good luck on heartburn. Tracking the food helps a lot. My boyfriend reacts from things from bagels to overcooked oatmeal to the wrong brew of coffee. His reflux is so picky!
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    My plans for 2014 include:

    • Continue doing the Nude 52, at least until it becomes a chore instead of fun.

    • Finish up the handful of JAQrabbit Tales comix that I've started drawing, but not quite completed.
    • Find half a dozen artists with appropriate styles, and hire them to draw more Tales, while I do a few more myself.
    • Start publishing them, for reals.

    • Get my two Holy Comics one-shots up for sale thru Comixology (if they'll have them).

    • Get my two Peter Pan scripts (one allegorical, the other historical) illustrated.

    • Keep my eyes open for more anthologies to get comix shorts into.

    • Drop another 10lbs so I don't have to keep stressing about passing the annual weigh-in to qualify for lower health insurance rates.

    • And to make all of the above just a little easier, cut down on nightly alcohol consumption (substituting a little low-cal reefer for an end-of-day relaxer).

    • CommentTimeJan 4th 2014
    I'm bound and determined to make this year better than the last one. 2013 kicked my ass all the way around. So I've got a few goals in mind.

    1. Get out of my cave more often. I've pretty much hid in my house for the last few months. Kind of had a bit of a mental and emotional breakdown. I'm doing much better now. Saw a therapist for a bit, I'm on medication. Everything doesn't seem like bullshit so much anymore. But during all that, I kind of dropped off the face of the earth, socially. I was online a lot, but I was mostly just there. I didn't really interact much. So I want to be more social and be more present and give back the love and support that was given to me (and that includes a good chunk of you guys).

    2. Lose this stupid weight. Another side effect of hiding for 6 months (and part of it is my meds) is I gained a bunch of weight really quickly. When I was just starting to feel a little better, I went to the Baltimore Comic Con and now I cringe whenever I see the pictures. Also, horizontal stripes are no one's friend. A tip from me to you. I'd be happy with just knocking off 20 lbs. I can do it, it's just a matter of getting up off my ass and moving around. 40 would be better, but I'm trying to stay realistic.

    3. In a complete contradiction to my last goal, I've decided to spend more time glued to my desk, because I'm doing another year-long art project. In 2012, I did a sketch-a-day project that often turned into far more than sketches. Results can be seen here. I'm not going to do a daily sketch thing again, as that nearly drove me nuts. Instead I'm going to slow down and do one piece a week, but they're going to be a lot more polished, more like the things I was putting out toward the end of 2012 were. Pray for me.

    4. I want to learn to like me again. Gonna be honest, I am not a fan of me. Didn't used to be like that, I used to be a big fan of myself. I was a lot more extroverted. I kind of swing back and forth between that and being introverted. Introverted has become the default and I'm feeling like the old me is starting to come back. I'm just struggling with myself. I got fat, I got old, I haven't done anything worth a damn at least a year. Time to get back to being awesome.

    Those are the main things. I have other little goals that aren't really worth mentioning, like flossing more, make some travel plans, etc. Honestly, though, if I can just get through this year without getting screwed over like I did in the last one, that would be just dandy.
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    Last year got some progress in most areas, very little in a couple, and managing to complete one of them (get better job). So I figure I'm just going to keep at it - most of these are long term sort of things, or getting into the habit of doing sort of things anyhow. So I guess this is more about making progress in the right direction.

    1) Health/Weight Loss: Started losing weight last year, mostly via diet changes, especially in cutting out sugar/carbs. I hope to continue this, maybe even getting to early college weight by summer? I think the next step is to get better about preparing meals and tricking myself into eating vegetables.

    2) Work on Website/Sell Art: So much to do here. I really need help organizing this and making this... happen. This is the one thing that tends to fall by the wayside the fastest. So even just working on the website would be a start.

    3) Consistently Clean Apartment: My apartment isn't as perfect as I'd like, but it's mostly acceptable. I'd like to get my room properly tidied. And more consistent with the dishes. Considering the fact that I may well be moving to a new place come summer... I dunno. More organizing and getting rid of stuff then?

    4) Work on mental health/have healthy relationships/Don't turn into my sister: Now that I'm dating (yay!), I want to be careful that I don't fall into the sort of relationship problems that my family tends to have. My sister changes herself and becomes co-dependent. My mom lets herself get manipulated by my dad, who doesn't seem to get what he's doing and that what he is doing is a bad thing. While I'm aware that eventually I'm going to move in with a male person and that will definitely upset my parents, I'd like to be able to do it without ruining my good relationship with my mom. So yeah, there's that too.

    5) Get my finances back in order: Winter is expensive. Especially when it requires new tires and wrecks havoc on the car. And my energy bill... So whatever financial stability that I was hoping to achieve is so not happening right now. At this point, as long as I can manage to organize my paperwork and do spreadsheets for tax time etc, I'll call it a win. Maybe the tax refund will make things hurt a little less.

    So yeah. That's basically it.
    • CommentTimeJan 6th 2014
    Aside from the omnipresent goals of A) Make more games, 2) make more games, and iii) don't fuck it up ya nutjob, I have two goals for this year:

    1) Start stepping beyond the holding pattern in terms of quality of life. This means every week doing something in my life (typically in my apartment) that is an improvement over the status quo. It doesn't need to be big, but every week it needs to be something. Last week it was doing the much anticipated upgrade for my computer (which is a pleasant start). Not sure what it'll be this week, but I definitely have a list going.

    2) Get my social media shit in order. Aside from my twitter (and occasionally poking at Facebook long enough to appease the hungry ghosts of my family and acquaintances), I have a blog and a tumblr which I have been studiously ignoring. If I'm ever going to get a game of my own off the ground, I need to have some method of external engagement going. Games don't mean shit unless people are playing them, and people won't play them if no one is listening when I tell them about it. This isn't some sort of social media barrage, but I need to establish a baseline of interaction, and I need to turn it in to a habit. The angle I'm taking right now is to piggy-back on my existing habits of information consumption and turn that into information redistribution. I've already started spinning up my tumblr to that end, and soon I shall turn my attention to my blog and other avenues. Not a small amount of this is based on a piece that the Grand Space Poobah Himself put together a while back which has been banging around my skull for some time now.

    Just to be contrary (among other reasons) one thing I won't be resolving to do is lose weight. Maybe I'll resolve to take out 20 lbs of garbage, just so I don't feel left out.
    • CommentTimeJan 7th 2014
    This year my goal is to make art, because I've done very little of that since finishing school. I'm working on a comic that I sort of wanted to do years ago, but with new ideas added and my current abilities, now's the time. The main goal is to get it written and enough pages drawn that I could send it off to publishers by the end of the year. And if everyone rejects it, it'll be a webcomic.
    I also want to make a series of prints, and a few more prints that fit into series I've started already. I have some etchings in mind that I want to do while I'm living with my sister. It'll just be hard to start because I need to purchase copper and pay to use a press. So making some money, doing freelance or something, has got to fit in there somewhere.
    As long as my brother-in-law has a job, I'm welcome to stay here, and part of the reason for that is so I can get working on making my dreams happen. And if I don't do it this year, it's not going to happen. If it doesn't happen, I'm going to regret it for the rest of my life. It's so easy to be lazy when basic needs are met, but I'm disgusted with myself at this point.
    • CommentTimeJan 7th 2014
    Hi. I don't come on here much anymore (I ought to make a resolution to change that, but I have more pressing matters at the moment), but I figured I needed this. Three things, big things, I need to do this year. I've been in a rut for what feels like ages. I continuously feel like my life is coming apart at the seams. So, I feel like if I can't make any headway in these things, any at all... I don't know what I'm going to do. These'll get broken down into smaller goals, but:

    Get my weight under 200 lbs.- I checked the scale last night (like a dumbass, I did so when I was already depressed, good job me), and I weigh nearly 250 now. I've been in near-constant pain a couple years, mostly hip and lower-back. I have no doubt it's weight-related. And yet, I haven't done a godddamned thing about it. I did Weight Watchers for a few months, around the time I started having problems. I lost 10% of my total body weight, from 210, and just... lost the plot. I was down to 188. Then I just gained most of it back before quitting completely. I hate myself for it. HATE. I can't do this anymore. I can't afford much in the way of help, and I'm kind of in a bad way this moment so a solid plan isn't easy to come up w/ right now, but I'm gonna weigh less this time next year. I have to.

    Figure out how to stick to a budget- We (the fella and I) are bad w/ money. We don't spend tons of money willy-nilly, but it just seems to disappear and we often don't understand why. I got budget software that seems like it's easy to use and would keep my attention, but as w/ everything, I've already abandoned it so I can continue to not deal w/ anything. This is playing very neatly into...

    Start going to a therapist/psychiatrist/whatever- I am not in a good way. Haven't been for a while. Before the fella, maybe before the sociopath ex, probably from my childhood. Never done anything about it. If it's not clinical depression, then somewhere along the line I never learned how to deal w/ normal everyday emotions. Either way, I need help. I've needed help and been too afraid to get it. Nervous about seeing a doctor, scared of who I would be if I were to change, afraid of spending a bunch of time and money and nothing getting better. But I need help.
    • CommentTimeJan 10th 2014
    Hmm. I've been peeking in at you resolutioners with a bit of envy the past year. Better get to it, to preempt the regret. Let's see...

    Being involved in politics was surprisingly fun and easy, until anxiety and depression turned it into a chore which was grinding me to bits, just as a round of unbelieveable fuckery of which I was fortunately entirely innocent but still had to help deal with erupted. Much better now, but I still can't look at my calendar without shuddering a little. Going to have to watch myself very carfeully. That means keeping my involvement and commitments manageable, with clear limits and achievable goals.

    Doing stuff I can still fully enjoy, without burning them up, is kinda important to the big project of dealing with this. More art, more gaming. Less banging my head into things I'm not currently equipped to deal with.

    Finding new stuff I can enjoy just as much is also important. Exercise, meditation and yoga helps. I've lapsed over christmas, which is bad.

    Some sort of regular and reliable sense of achievement is apparently also important. I've been relearning my neglected French on and off ever since Magnulus plugged Duolingo back in the mists of time. Ramping the exercise up to semi-daily should result in some real results this year.

    I'm currently in danger of ending up as the Last of the Fanzinists - a bit more regular blogging and some active recruiting to the editorial group might change that. I'm not going to be able to continue the tradition of a printed issue for the Big Summer Gaming Festival on my own, but if I can get someone else to do a bit of the work, it might happen.

    Once that's working, I might be able to try to go back and unlock some of the activities that's currently causing my brain to go straight into crazy mode. The only one I'm not prepared to put off until next year is to apply for some jobs where I get to use my degree.
    • CommentAuthorArgos
    • CommentTimeJan 10th 2014
    Hmm, I went into lurker mode the last few months and ended up never posting my Oct-Dec updates. ANYWAY, 2014:

    1) Job. Again. I found a really nice job last year, but alas it was a contract job and I'm done at the end of this month. Last year I wanted a job that made me happy, this year I want a job that makes me happy but also offers some stability. So I'm hoping to find a long-term job this year so Edgar and I won't have to worry about the impending unemployment period.

    2) Health. I really need to start working out again. This is something I did amazingly well in 2011, started to fall off on in 2012, meant to pick up in 2013, but didn't. It's gotten to the point where I get tired doing things that didn't tire me before, and things generally feel heavier. I'm hoping to restart a consistent exercise/training program. Weight loss would be nice but I'm mostly focused on performance.

    3) Creative stuffs. I did so-so in 2013. I started drawing but not consistently enough to really make too much progress, but enough that I no longer think to myself "Fuck this I can't draw to save my life and never will be able to." Hopefully in 2014 I can make this more of a consistent habit and actually learn to draw some things I'm not embarrassed to show people, even if they're still basic.

    4) Read my backlog of books. I didn't read much last year, which is kind of sad. I have, however, made a nice collection of books that I've meant to read but never did. Let's start reading again and get rid of that backlog, shall we?

    5) Play my backlog of video games. Two words: steam sales. Same as the books, let's try and play through that backlog of books so that those purchases don't just become a waste of money.

    6) Find balance in life. It will be difficult to achieve 1-5 all at once. There's only so much time available and it'll be hard to suddenly fit a new job AND working out AND drawing more AND reading more AND playing more into my life. So I'll need to learn to prioritize and manage my life. Which is, you know, a good skill to have.
    • CommentTimeJan 13th 2014 edited
    I've added a "how to drink more water" to my LiveJournal, since most of us have a health/weight loss resolution, and drinking more water (for me, at least) is hard as fuck to do (it literally took me 3 hours to drink a pint glass, just now). And drinking WAY more water is a key to weight loss (and rocking the healthiness).

    Also, a good app for calorie counting is LOSEIT.
    • CommentTimeJan 15th 2014
    2013 was a failure. 2014 will not be.

    -Write novel. I started fresh last week, and am confident in my ability to do this.
    -Get paid for writing. Not necessarily "quit my job" paid, but a little scratch would be nice.
    -Read at least 52 books this year. Again, I started strong, but it fell apart on me.
    -Get back into my 36" jeans. Stress, depression, and the holidays made me eat like a cockaroach, and now I'm paying the price. Up from 225 last summer to probably 260 now.
    -Learn to get better with money. I can't hold onto money, man.
    • CommentTimeJan 15th 2014
    And actually, oddbill pointed out to me that the fitbit app and myfitnesspal app can work together so you can log your food through myfitnesspal's INCREDIBLY immense database and your fitbit will take that in to account. Likewise myfitness pal will adjust your calorie intake based on all the walking you've done. Super helpful!
    • CommentTimeJan 15th 2014
    diello: really?! That's so weird. I can literally down a pintglass of water in three seconds. And I often do it in less than ten just as a matter of course. That's probably the other extreme end of things. You shouldn't really down water like that, but I just love the feeling of the water rushing through my throat and into my belly.
    • CommentTimeJan 15th 2014
    oldhat: Yeah, My Fitness Pal is an amazing app, it's been incredibly useful for me when I've used it. The great thing is that you can set to a daily target that is adjusted for exercise, so if you walk a lot or go for a run or yoga one day, you can factor that in and have a steady "net intake" of calories of, let's say 1800 kcal, which is a much more sustainable weight loss goal than doing like 1200 a day for a month to shock your body down in weight. I did do 1200 (net) for a two weeks to get myself slightly svelter for a role, and it worked, but it's a really REALLY short term solution.
    • CommentTimeJan 15th 2014
    @Magnus, weirdly, I tend to keep within 1000 calories a day. A habit brought on back when I was at my heaviest and didn't do much exercise and my doctor suggested that I stay within that range. I mean, I eat when I'm hungry, but it doesn't take much to fill me up. And on days when I feel like I've binged and have discovered that I've only eaten 700 calories worth of food, it's...weird.

    But yeah, trying to be more healthy in my view for weightloss. Initially way back when I was about 270lbs I aimed for exactly 199lbs just to see that "1" there for the first time in ages. I made it to 207lbs, but decided any more wouldn't look great on me. And now looking back on things, I was probably at my most happiest and healthiest when I was 215-219lbs*. So that's what I'm aiming for. Currently starting at about 236lbs now, so that's doable.

    *keeping in mind that I'm 6"3. At that weight a medium sized anything would look comfortable to baggy on me. Even now I'm at a large.
    • CommentTimeJan 15th 2014
    I can't help but feel that there's something really wrong with eating that little. From everything (I think) I know, it seems that the low kcal count might actually be counteracting attempts to lose weight. The body responds to low amounts of food by storing the food that is ingested as fat rather than releasing it to be burned as energy. What KIND of food is it that you eat in those 1000?
    • CommentTimeJan 15th 2014
    various salads, roasted vegetables and various proteins (meat, eggs, tofu). I've been trying to climb it up lately though.
    • CommentAuthorArgos
    • CommentTimeJan 15th 2014
    I've heard the same - that for women, anything below 1200 kcal/day sends the body into a starvation mode where it just holds on to anything you give it. There are plenty of online calculators that will use your age, sex, height, and weight to give you a rough estimate of what your basal metabolic rate is, which is the number of kcal you need just to keep your body functioning (excludes energy needed to walk around and do stuff). I think for me it tends to be around 1450 kcals per day.

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