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    Remember the weirdass Russians who did those "Versus" cartoons? They've got a new series out, and it's awesome.

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    Bill Nye hits it out of the stadium for science:

    (Bonus drinking game - take a sip whenever Ken Ham commits one of the following logical fallacies: Appeal to authority; Begging the question; Strawman; False dichotomy; Appeal to ignorance; Circular reasoning. Chug a beer whenever he asks "Were you there?". Do a Jager shot when he dodges a direct question from Nye.)

    • CommentAuthorStefanJ
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    Those Bogaturs toons are hilarious. The little girl in the Snow Queen WINS.
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    I know y'all are ready for some tasty DIY cereal tea.
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    Patient was very unhappy with appearance and, after several sessions with our in-house counselors, opened up about longterm dissatisfaction with secondary sex characteristics and genitalia. Our therapists are some of the most highly accredited in the world and helped the patient transition to a more comfortable presentation of gender. Patient received regular injections of testosterone and also underwent gait training. After several months, a full SRS was performed by our visiting Swedish Internist and the patient reported full healing and mobility within just three weeks. He has expressed extreme satisfaction with his new penis which was created using excess labial skin.
    Patient had:
    ? Breast Reduction
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    Hello, childhood.
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    Apparently from the people who gave you the Shake Weight

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    Nah. It's gotta be a windup. That thing is WRONG.
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    Besides, if any of those exercises really worked, everyone here would have muscles like fucking Atlas.
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    I don't yank on mine like a stretch armstrong toy. Am I doing it wrong?
    • CommentAuthorSteve Toase
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    This project looks like it has the potential to be lush

    Comic set in Neolithic Orkney

    Artwork by John G Swagger
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    Oh. Yeah. Thanks Steve. That's just what I needed right now. So bookmark. Very anticipation. Much wow.
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    @Kay did you read ever Mezolith? Really interesting project.
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      CommentAuthorIan Mayor
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    @Kay did you read ever Mezolith? Really interesting project.

    +1 for Mezolith, beautiful too
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    @Kay did you read ever Mezolith? Really interesting project.

    No, but I have a bookshop voucher in my hot little hand and I think I'm about to! That looks awesome. Thanks guys! Happy me.
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    Apparently a blind deaf dude that taught his cat some rudimentary signs.

    EDIT: As was pointed out to me, I done goof'd!
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    I think you mean deaf not "blind". =)