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      CommentAuthorJack Crowder
    • CommentTimeMar 2nd 2014 edited
    @ twentythoughts, It's taken everything in me to not create a Kickstarter called 'Sad Pictures for Fans' this weekend spoofing the style of the original and using the premise of his rant as the illustrations.

    Such as:
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    If what he's posting is true, then apparently the people who gave him the MOST money actually never got anything at all. Hooboy. I wonder how the whole getting-a-refund process works when it comes to credit cards and failed Kickstarters
    Campbell's in pretty flagrant violation of the Kickstarter terms (he completed the project and has the backer rewards on hand, he's just refusing to send them, and destroying quite a few of them), so legal action on the part of the unrewarded backers is absolutely on the table.
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    @Steve Toase

    This is an immense resource for me. Thank you so much. I will trade you a drunken version of The Room by way of gratitude.

    Drunk Room
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    • CommentAuthorFlabyo
    • CommentTimeMar 3rd 2014
    There was this picture book I used to love as a kid called 'my cat likes to hide in boxes'.

    Here it is.
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    @Vornaskotti: I believe that will be the new wallpaper for the family computer.

    @Flabyo: I am so showing that to my mom.
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    @ Flabyo: My wife still has that book from when she was a kid somewhere.

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    Here's one where she goes from "ugly" to pretty.

    Meanwhile, here's a music video from 1974 Italy showing how US English sounds to people who can't understand it.

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    @taphead: Right in the feels (which is somewhere next to the liver, I think).