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    I just don't know how anyone can think that looks good.
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    It does have a kind of... "Animorphs cover" vibe.
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    Obviously they're after the most lucrative of markets: The Animorphs nostalgics.
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    We haven't talked about 12 Years A Slave yet...
    [eta: have we?]
    Anyone want to go before me?
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2014
    I'm trying to get into the right frame of mind before I go see it
    • CommentAuthorFlabyo
    • CommentTimeFeb 2nd 2014
    I don't think it's one I want to see at the cinema, because the whole cinema 'experience' here in Guildford is so ball-crushingly awful that it'll ruin it.
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    @Ben Gwalchmai Actually, I think I did say a few words about 12 Years A Slave shortly after I saw it last December. It struck me as a real-life horror film which pitilessly shows what happens when you build a society based on the idea that black people (or indeed anybody different from the folks with power) can be treated as subhuman or inferior.
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    @ Miranda - damn, shame I missed that because I too thought it used horror-tropes: the red of the steamboat wheel combined with the thrashing drums, the [early] Terence Malik like shots of life continuing around horror.

    What I think it did above and beyond any genre I've seen is paint the complexity of all that pain and horror. Perhaps it takes an artist to make a true documentary. E.g. even though Fassbender's character was an evil shit, he was also pathetic. Even though the woman that Patsey went to see every Sunday was black, partially free, and had a patient fury, I coldn't help disliking her.

    Complex, compelling, chilling.
    • CommentAuthorFlabyo
    • CommentTimeFeb 8th 2014
    You should all go and see 'The Lego Movie'.

    It's a genuine movie with a lot of heart and an interesting message.

    From a technical point of view the way they've got the CG to look as though they stop-motioned the whole thing is astounding.
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    I wanna see the Lego movie, but nnnnngh, they dubbed it in Norway. I mean, I get why they did it - it is a kids' movie - but I wanna hear the original voiceeeees.

    I MAY have to wait for the Bluray.
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    There used to be two life stages in Western society: youth and adulthood. With the advent of child labor laws, a new social stage began to be slowly developed--the teenager. Matt Wolf's collage documentary TEENAGE charts the decades-long struggle between alarmed adults determined to mold teens into model citizens (and potential cannon fodder) and teens' struggle to define their purpose in life. The film offers some amazing footage of such things as Sub-deb clubs, Britain's first celebrity junkie, and an inside look at life among the Hitler Youth. Wolf's documentary is still making the festival rounds, but given that Jena Malone is one of the actors heard on the soundtrack, I expect TEENAGE to eventually hit the theaters.
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    The Lego Movie was fantastic. I really want to talk about it but I also really want to not spoil anything. I had no idea about the plot bits that gave the movie its soul and would hate to spoil it for anyone. I did love that one of its main messages is that it's not only ok but honestly creative to remix someone else's creation into something you can call your own. Which is obviously where part of the movie is aiming in under 10 minutes, so it's not a spoiler.
    • CommentTimeFeb 13th 2014
    I am so fucking excited to see A Field in England I could just barf:

    Just for the fun of it, you can click here for all the excellent images associate with the film. The promo materials are the best I've seen outside of Poland.
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    I can recommend both:

    August: Osage County
    Dallas Buyer's Club.

    Damn fine work, all round.

    [For those of you with a taste for the B. Cumberbatch, he sings in the former. I was surprised to find he can sing well. MF is good at a lot of things.]
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    Dead Snow 2 is out... at least in Norway. Supposedly it has international distributors, but there's not a set international release date yet. Still, remember that movie with the Nazi zombies? It was slightly slapstick, but only slightly.

    The sequel takes the joke out to its fullest extent. A whole lotta schlocky fun. It's a little TOO stupid at some point, in that it overexplains some jokes, but I enjoyed the gory intestine-flapping heck out of it. Recommended, once it gets to wherever you all are.

    Hell, they're even clearly courting the non-Norwegian audience, given that three of the main characters are Americans... Meaning that about half the movie is in English anyway.

    • CommentTimeFeb 15th 2014 edited
    All right, finally managed to finish a small project. So, in a nutshell, during the turn of the millennium I started giving up on sci-fi flicks, since most of them were the big budget stuff that was just... well, fucking stupid is a term that springs to mind. Mindless CGI-romps, always on the scale of saving the fucking world, yadda yadda.

    About a year ago, when I got together with the Adventure Girl, I started properly watching films again. It turned out that I had missed a huge bunch of very interesting small(ish) budget sci-fi, that was jsut the kind of stuff I had been missing: lingering, smart, evocative, something that sparks ideas, not just explosions. Something I want from my sci-fi.

    Here's the list of films that made me like sci-fi movies again: The Interesting Indie Sci-fi Flicks That Restored My Hope for Sci-Fi Films as a Whole
    • CommentTimeFeb 15th 2014
    Watch more indie in general. That's how I've improved my movie intake vastly over the last few years.
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    A Field in England is a total mind fuck. Not sure what to make of it yet, it might require a second watch through. It leaves you with a creepy disturbed feeling similar to watching an Ingmar Bergman movie.
    Has anyone else seen it yet?
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    A-yup, hopping on that train also.