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    Heh, oh dear - that sci-fi film blog post made it to the front page of Reddit. For a while. My web hosting decided 1,75 million page loads in a couple of hours was a tad bit much and shut it down :)
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    @taphead Yes I love indie films cause they don't treat the audience like morons. The best films are ones that you continue thinking about long after you have watched it.
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    Damnit, Vorn! Stop being popular! I want to read your thing!
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    The feature film ALMOST HUMAN is not related to the currently running TV series of the same name. Instead, it is a very low-budget horror film that brings on the gore, violence, and a few really nasty things in the shadows that you REALLY might not want to know about. If you liked John Carpenter horror films, you might get a kick out of this.

    Almost Human

    I can tell you that the alien scream still creeps me out.
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    Yeppers, the post is back up :)


    Also wrote a small attendum there to address some of the comments I got.
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    Just watched Monsters University. I'd kinda skipped the movie at first based on the premise, but it remains fun and entertaining through an otherwise predictable plot thanks to a lotta imagination and attention to detail. Man, but the designers had FUN with this one, and it shows.
    Plus, Pixar really are great at facial expressions. Figures that it'd show in a movie where one of the main characters is basically an eye and a mouth. There's this shot where said character is facing away from the camera, so you can't see his mouth or his eyes, but the way the SINGLE EYEBROW moves tells all you need to know about his expression.
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    • CommentTimeFeb 18th 2014
    @imaginarypeople: I want to watch Wheatley's Kill List (which is on Netflix streaming, conveniently for me) first, but A Field in England is on The List.
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    Kill List kicked my ass. I didn't know it was on streaming. Line up something fun and harmless to watch after it.
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    @Steerpike - just don't watch them together or it could drive you insane.

    I would say Kill List is more gory, but Field in England is more disturbing. Though both movies leave you with the feeling of 'what the fuck did I just watch' but in a good way
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    @sseloske Good advice. Watching Kill List on a double bill with A Serbian Film is a recipe for putting you off movie watching for at least a week.

    @imaginarypeople Finally watched A Field In England the other day and got what the late Steve Gerber would call a wonderfully mind-mangled feeling by the end. I loved this film more than Kill List partly because Amy Jump's dialogue managed to touch on such timeless subjects as the powerful using the weak as tools in their intrigues. Also, the film displayed an occasionally earthy sense of humor, as seen with one character being ribbed for his constipation. The hallucinogenic sequences made me wonder if this is what a good Alejandro Jodorowsky film is like.

    Now I need to ask if anybody plans to re-watch A Field In England with enhancements. Since psylocibin mushrooms are not easily available in my circles, would the same effect be achieved by downing a Long Island Iced Tea whenever a mushroom appears onscreen?
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    I saw the Robocop reboot yesterday. It wasn't horrible, but it was devoid of any humor which it kind of needed because parts of the movie were downright boring. Also, any time you have Samuel Jackson on the screen and the movie grinds to a halt, you have a problem.
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    If you're in the San Jose area of California sometime in the first two weeks of March, the Cinequest Film Festival will be happening between March 4th and March 16th. There are three reasons to go check out the festival:

    1. A documentary about the genesis of The Dark Knight Returns.

    2. A screening of the Japanese remake of Unforgiven.

    3. A found footage collage of a century of school sex-education films that seems less educational and more an exercise in unintentional comedy.
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    Watched this one yesterday. Good fun, actually pretty tense through the black comedy, and beautifully shot. Though some of the humor does base itself on Scandinavian conditions.

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    "Life After PI", the documentary that explains the demise of VFX house Rhythm and Hues is now on youTube:

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    Coming out soon theatrically in the US is Generation War. This is a German TV mini-series about a group of five 20-ish German friends who find themselves swept up in the madness of World War II in various ways. It drew some controversy for having its Polish Resistance fighters generally turn out to be anti-Semites. But after sitting through all 4 1/2 hours of the film, the impression I got was one of shallowness. It didn't offer any ideas or insights into why the Germans were quite happy to have the Nazis have such a strong influence over their lives. The battle scenes were slick enough to keep you awake, though.
    • CommentTimeMar 6th 2014
    It didn't offer any ideas or insights into why the Germans were quite happy to have the Nazis have such a strong influence over their lives.

    I don't think there's all that much too it aside from it's easier to go along to get along. If, after 9/11, George W Bush had declared that Arabic Muslims were enemies of the state and demanded that they be put into internment camps, would there really have been all that much protest? To his credit, he did not do that and instead specifically decried hate crimes being committed against Muslims.
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    "... If, after 9/11, George W Bush had declared that Arabic Muslims were enemies of the state and demanded that they be put into internment camps, would there really have been all that much protest?..."

    Uh...yeah there would. I know because Bush got elected twice, it's easy/fun to think that all of us are backward ass gun wielding racists, but there is still enough of this country that is sane.
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    Yeah. The internment of Japanese Americans during WWII is remembered and taught as one of the blackest marks in 20th century US history. The outrage would've been deafening if any senior government official had suggested internment camps for muslims. Racial profiling of muslims alone is something that's been continuously protested.
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    Let's remember that compared to today, those times could've as well been the middle ages when it came to an average mofo's ability to find out what's happening in their country and abroad. Especially somehow balanced information. Not to sound like an apologist, I can see how an average Josef could've been rather under- and misinformed, and frankly what could they do? Sure, there were people who were courageous and heroic enough to work against their government, but I'd guess most of the populace was fast concentrating on their own navel and livelihood in middle of a massive war.
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    Wrong thread but uh, Anyone seen Grand Budapest Hotel yet?