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    • CommentTimeMar 22nd 2014 edited
    @William: No, I do love it when he cooks shit with human body-parts. I feel glee when he presents it to his ignorant guests. It was just one episode that seemed a bit too gory for me, probably due to my state of mind at the time. Silly me - what do I expect watching a show where the central character is a cannibal! :}

    I'm in agreement with everyone on the latest episode of Person of Interest. Go on Root!
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    Avoid all possible spoilers for Hannibal. Not just for this week - there's some very very spoilery stuff about the next 2 episodes around. I especially note the first 2 paragraphs of AV Club's weekly talk with Bryan Fuller this week... really wish I hadn't read that.
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    Just finished True Detective and got to say I loved the series. I don't get what people are complaining about how it finished, for me it worked through and through.

    Then again, I didn't watch it primarily as a Cthulhu mythos show, but a detective show, where the duo is investigating an occult series of murders. If you were waiting for a "mythos finish", you might be disappointed, yeah...
    • CommentTimeMar 23rd 2014
    @Vorn: Agreed. The characters, the mood, that show just hit all my sweet spots.

    As for the mythos finish, I think anybody that read what the creator had to say knew it wasn't coming...and yet. This Tor Recap offers a plausible mythos reading of the series and its finale. While I don't necessarily agree with it, I do like that the ambiguous possibility is there.
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    In my fruitless attempt to find an edgy futuristic show, I watched the pilot of The 100. It's probably OK if you're a ten year old kid into sci-fi. I'm not ten. It's not OK. Ah, bugger!
    • CommentTimeMar 25th 2014
    If you want an edgy sci-fi show, watch Rick and Morty. It's by Dan Harmon of Community and is ruthlessly hilarious.
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    Real Humans is one of the best sci-fi shows on right now. It's a swedish show that just finished its second season a few months ago. It has elements of Bladerunner and BSG, I highly recommend it.
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    Just started Hannibal and so far massively underwhelmed. Three episodes in and I've got to ask, is this going to get any better? The writing is faintly ridiculous, kind of all over the place, and very few things feel like they actually make sense. Doesn't work for me at all, this one.

    Oh and please please give me one little spoiler, someone is going to eat that fucking journalist character pretty soonish, yes? Please?
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    @Vornaskotti- I believe it does get better. I can't really remember everything in the beginning of the first season, but things do start coming together toward the end. And the second season is really good. I think something bad does happen to that journalist but I can't remember what. I should revisit the first season
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    Hmh, maybe I'll give it a few moments more. It just feels that it's scriptwriting by "wouldn't it be cool if", and fuck making any kind of sense. My suspension of disbelief isn't easy to break but it's being dropkicked out of the rink every 15 minutes. For me it feels like the story and the focus is all over the place, and nobody gets proper amount of time. I was also delighted when I heard Mads Mikkelsen is playing Lecter, since there's some real potential for freakiness there, but now he came off as… derpy at the worst. The the windshield wiper crime-o-vision guy felt really derivative of Profiler.

    For me it feels a bit "teenage cool" overall. I really wanted to like this, but meh.

    About the SOD breaking moments, what the hell was that with the Shrike's daughter in the house. She killed a guy, then Lecter just knocks the other psychiatrist out, helps the girl clean up and hide the body SOMEHOW in five minutes with blood everywhere and police outside? Or did I get something wrong there? And the mushroom guy… jesus. Okay, those were some nice visuals but the "rationale" behind him, sheesh.
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    Oh and please please give me one little spoiler, someone is going to eat that fucking journalist character pretty soonish, yes? Please?

    Assuming that they're following the story in the books
    , she's not going to go anywhere until the Red Dragon storyline, figure season 3 or 4.
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    The the windshield wiper crime-o-vision guy felt really derivative of Profiler.
    This is kind of like saying John Carter is derivative of Star Wars. Will Graham, super-empath criminal profiler, pre-dates Profiler by a long long time.
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    All right, didn't do my research there. I never read Red Dragon (it's far along my to-read list), but I just got this "ugh, again someone's 'seeing through the eyes of the criminal' accompanied by nifty video tricks". I may be unduly harsh here, since just for me that had an air of being so done, but apart from Profiler and Hannibal I'm not sure where else it has been on screen.

    Yeah, I'm giving the series a chance, since almost every series is a bit all over the place for the first half a season, I was just somehow waiting a bit more here.
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    • CommentTimeMar 29th 2014
    @imaginary people:

    I'm trying to watch Real Humans, but I've only been able to find it with Dutch subtitles. I'll keep trying.
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    @flecky - yeah, it has become increasingly hard to find online. i have been unable to find the rest of the second season.
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    Flecky, a friend-of-a-friend suggests the English subtitles can be got separately.
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    I care very little for the plot and dialogue of Hannibal. I'm super into it just for the aesthetics, the food, the gore, the colours, the hallucinations. Also it's filmed in rural Ontario, so whenever they're traipsing through a field or forest my brain's all ...Home.

    Also if I could dreamcast Clarice Starling it'd be Emma Watson.
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    yes u sort of agree with you allana. the best parts in hannibal are the more visually artistic aspects of the show. the dialogue is pretty cheesy at times.
    • CommentTimeApr 3rd 2014
    I would like to revise my earlier statement, after watching this week's episode:
    Hannibal is god's gift to television. You just don't get this level of creative gore at this consistency anywhere else. There are just so many beautiful murders, every week, even if they're not always original.
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    • CommentTimeApr 5th 2014
    This season's Justified is nearly finished - damn! At least we got new Game of Thrones to look forward to.