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    If anyone on Earth has earned the right to be bitter, it's Alan Moore.

    That's an interesting way of looking at things!

    Indeed, some people need to get some perspective, I'm speaking as someone who broadly sympathises with Alan on pretty much everything he's saying.
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    Except he took the From Hell and LXG money. It wasn't until LXG turned out to be a massive turd that he instituted his 'take my name off of it and give my share of the money to the artist' policy.

    Well those he co-owned. The rest of the movies were owned by DC, he doesn't like DC (or Marvel) using his name to make themselves money.

    And I don't think it was strictly the quality of the LXG that caused him the 'take my name off it' policy, I have a feeling it was the lawsuit that falsely accused him of plagiarizing the story from another screenplay, only for it to be settled out of court after he testified.

    I suspect Alan doesn't want to ever go through that again.